Plans for the Day + Christmas-ness

Today, I will probably mostly be stalking the GTN as items should start showing up at about 6:30PM EST. You may have noticed I did not properly update my trade page yet–this is due to certain items being BoP and I just want to see if those are being fixed and yeah… @-@ so for now, just leaving them rather than doing parts is easier for me to keep track. Regardless, I did edit this post where I mention all the items with details on if I am keeping them or not so :3 …not that I really got anything people want ._.

Also, I am willing to sell them so if you’d rather offer credits over items on my list, that is fine.

Besides that, I STILL need to win a match of Ancient Hypergate so I will most likely be queuing up for PVP when I’m not stalking the GTN. Of course, I don’t know why I will stalk the GTN considering I never have credits in the first place 🙁

which makes me sad. I’d love to just like…go around the fleet and hand out random gifts and things to people if I could afford to :/ But I seem to be a failure in that whole sense of area ._.

Regardless, some people have been asking me what I want for Christmas… and well, for me, I just want to finish goals. The more goals I finish, the happier I get @-@

So, essentially, stuff I dream of:
Cartel Market Items I need (I will also take boxes themselves :3)
-Spaceship Parts! I bought the two you could get for 150 Daily Commendations, but I still need the rest of the parts. Speaking of which, I just noticed there’s no grade 7 Torpedo thingy O-o That’s…odd. But yeah…these can be bought in the Cartel Market. One part is available from a fleet vendor for 300K @-@ And the rest are fleet commendations… though, 3 need to be made–2 schematics are fleet commendations and 1 schematic is daily commendations 🙁
-Czerka Crate-o-Matic Eeee! Someone had it on the GTN for 1 million and Mar-gon lent me money and I got it T~T …now I have no money though 🙁
Speeders I need (Cartel Market ones not listed here)
-More storage space 🙁 (Costs 1 million or Cartel Coins X__x)
-Credits! Would be used for the above and various legacy stuff for Mari and other characters.

One day, game. One day I will be complete and I can save up for the future T~T

4 thoughts on “Plans for the Day + Christmas-ness


    OK not really at all. But I have been stalking the GTN for the crate-o-matic and nothing! You are so freakin lucky!!!! Never ever ever allowed to complain again!!!!!!


    • But but but… T~T

      I SHALL STALK FOR YOU AND LET YOU KNOW IF I SEE ANOTHER ONE. but I totally am because let’s be honest, my luck sucks and you have more money than me 98% of the time XXD But yeah, Cerulean was selling it so maybe they have another one? @-@


      • Pftt I say! PFFFT! I have more money cos I grind dailies at the expense of my soul. You’ve gotten all the pets and speeders that can’t be bought and now this! 😛 However I appreciate the extra stalking.


        • My soul would be gone to Heaven if I grinded dailies so 😛 And I don’t have ALL the pets and speeders! There’s still lots I need T~T 😛 But yes, shall keep watching for yooou! <3


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