Cartel Progress

So, I officially have all 4 Starfighters now! Unfortunately, I still need a Flamehair Kowakian Monkey-lizard. Though, that only will take care of pets @-@

I still need the following Skip Tracer items:
Ambassador’s Meditation Chair
Emote: Backflip
Emote: Flourish
Title: The Skip Tracer
Holo-Shrub Disguise
Mood: Angered
Mood: Enraged
Mood: Disdained
Mood: Ecstatic
Mood: Fearful

And the following from the Blockade Runner’s Pack:
Dominator’s Command Throne
Diplomat’s Meditation Chair

I also technically need a White Lightsaber Crystal and a Cyan-Blue (Crit or Power) as well, but not nearly as important as everything else x-x

I just hope I can get them all before the next pack, but considering I still have stuff left from the Blockade Runner’s, my hopes are pretty down 🙁

4 thoughts on “Cartel Progress

  1. I am down to holoshrub and hoverchair, plus a Revan’s Mask, white crystals, and completion of the Stylish Dancer set.


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