Progress list

Gear – No progress whatsoever and with TfB ruined for me and EC still making me feel iffy, I’m not sure how progress will ever be made. :/

Cartel Market – Down to 2 Mounts (Lhosan Manta, Throne) and 1 Pet (Monkey-lizard) but thanks to people, I should hopefully just have the throne left… Would also like the Rangehunter EE-1 Carbine Rifle. And semi-tempted to get pink lightsabers for all characters due to early pink lightsabers.

Codexes – NM EC and Dreadtooth. Stupid NM EC and stupid Dreadtooth ._.

General Mount List – …still a giant pile of failure. Still need EC HM mount…and EC NM mount… and Ranked PVP Mount 🙁

and pretty much everything on the collecting list ._.

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