Official SWTOR Livestream

It starts in a few minutes at 4PM EST 😀 It’ll be 30 minutes like the last one.

Shall use this post for my opinions, interesting tidbits, and highlights <3 Yay~ 4:09PM: ...I feel bad that none of this questions interest me >>

Sounds like lots of itemization adjustments will be happening when Makeb comes out though… I expect that to be the next big nerf and changes patch.

4:18PM: Cartel Market is to update more or less weekly with some items and price changes… They expect another update next week and a “very cool update” before the holidays. And a new Cartel Pack every month with all new super rare items for the next few months. Also plans for Life Day.

Some items: Czerka LD-1 Celebrator… Life Day Orb, Tinsel Ball, Life Day Robes… Life Day Cartel Pack… and Life Day Helm are some items.

Celebrator is described as red, festive, and you can ride it and “it’s amazing/awesome/super amazing”. It will “help with your celebratory and general merry-ment”.

4:26PM: Possible Legacy Revamp in the future.

…and that’s it 🙁 so few questions.

Anyway, a few other little tidbits:
-They are hoping to make match-making better in PVP.
-Makeb has no ETA yet 🙁
-Not much on the new space stuff yet. Just it’s being worked on.
-Will be able to copy to PTS before Makeb so that can be tested fully.
-On Minigames: “Makeb has some entirely new gameplay mechanics. I wouldn’t call them mini-games, but new ways to explore the world.”

3 thoughts on “Official SWTOR Livestream

  1. EAWare wants your $$$$$$. I really hope its just a single pack for Life Day personally. I dont want to be tempted to drop $20 or more in addition to my sub monthly to get the neat new toys in game.


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