Gold Spammers

If there’s one thing Free-to-Play has brought…it’s an increase in gold spammers. For those not familiar with them, they essentially post repeatedly in general chat about selling credits for real money which is illegal.

Normally, I’d just report them, ignore them, and move on, however, with the influx of people in the game, I was already having some issues… with the added amount of gold spammers constantly spamming, it makes it even worse and 90% of the time, my game will freeze about 5 minutes in when on the fleet.

Kind of hard to do anything. In fact, I’m hiding on my ship at the moment due to it. Sure, thanks to ship legacy stuff, I can avoid a lot of fleet stuff…but not everything. 🙁

Just hope more will be done about it soon.

7 thoughts on “Gold Spammers

  1. I don’t think your freezing is related to gold spammers … that said, they ARE super annoying. I use a chat tab with General turned off most of the time. It’s said how long it’s taking them to block the link (MMOWIN or whatever it is).


    • I have a few different tabs, but enjoy general sometimes so I do have it opened in one tab…

      And considering it only happens with this game when on the fleet on Mari (I played hours on my agent with no issues)…just too much of a coincidence 🙁


        • She was for flashpoints 😛 The thing is we’ve been having this many people and things have been fine so I can only guess it is the added surplus with the spam


          • Hehe. Still think it’s coincidental — the gold spammers popped up about the same time as the last patch, so I blame the patch.


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