In which I explain some frustrations

1. As everyone knows, I hate random boxes. I really do. So random boxes that you need to buy with real money suck and I fail miserably at earning credits. That is the plain and simple truth.

Which means with more than half the pets now out being in Cartel Packs, the fact that at least one more Cartel Pack is coming, and the fact that I am not made of money, I am ridiculously screwed. I’m still stuck catching up with some things from the last pack. Heck, I still need a bunch of stuff from this pack too–all this finishes are the pets.

2. After 3 bits of guild drama, just the idea of guilds has gotten me really really down. I’m not even a big fan of raiding to be honest. It stresses me out and I cry if I screw up and I hate letting people down.

I enjoy doing an operation once–for the story and that’s it. Gear is not SUPEROMGNEED priority for me. It never has been. And yet, I constantly feel the pressure of needing have to because people are so critical. What really bothers me though is I’m forced to do it repeatedly for:
1. Codexes/titles
2. Vanity Items

I REALLY wish it was just gear. Every difficulty was just gear and none of that other stuff was in it. I hate feeling forced to do it, let alone repeatedly. People raid for the best gear in the game. They get that best gear, they will be ahead, be able to clear things the best, so I wish all that other stuff wasn’t paired with it. Not to mention with raiding comes the drama of who cleared it first or when or how they cleared it or how many people they had and WHO CARES.

If they cleared the content, good for them. Getting picky on difficulty or the amount of people is stupid and judging people by what they have or don’t have is as well. It’s mean πŸ™ And everyone should just be happy for eachother’s accomplishments–not picking on someone or saying they did it the “easy way” or whatever.

This is kind of my issue with Ranked Rating. The point of Ranked Warzones was for people to have competition (aka the people who should’ve rolled on a PVP server to begin with πŸ™ ) and to see so many exclusive items is kind of heart breaking. I think if there’s ever a ranked warzone related pet, I will just quit right there because I’ll never get it. I’m awful at PVP, I hate PVP, and everytime someone kills me, I cry.

But yes, overall, #1 is probably bothering me the most to the point where logging in is making me sad over excited. I love the game, I love the story, I enjoy playing my characters. I don’t enjoy how it feels to want to enjoy the game through collecting and the story and be slapped in the face for that.

I’m not super-uber-hardcore raider. But I’m not super-casual-play as I go. And it seems because I’m not either one, I’m getting a huge slap in the face and it’s just really really depressing.

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  1. I hear ya on that. The Cartel boxes do suck, but it does keep the game going(for better or for worse) with them. As for raiding I hear ya, I’m annoyed that friends who just started playing are some how getting more done and I’ve been in the game since Beta. X.x

    If I could hug you I would, I HATE PVP with all of my being. I missed the big fancy PVP card back in the day, kinda annoyed at that fact, but was able to scrap together enough money to buy one of the cars before they were removed. But I am glad that they did not replace it with another fancy speeder or anything.

    Not sure if your into Space missions, but 200 space comms will net you a box of Grade 8 Mats(Not sure if it has been changed as the last 3 boxes haven’t given me any) but they give out molecular stabilizer(2 – 3 of them) and with enough of them you can have 27 Armorings and such made. And no you do not have to do the new Heroics(they just make it go faster) You can do the set of 3 old Space missions and that will net you 40 Fleet comms per day.


    • Yeah, I know… But I firmly believe they would still sell ieven if they sold the items you could get in thm but like at a higher price so the Cartel Packs offer a cheap alternative. Also if they stopped putting items from past packs you can still get. That would be lovely.

      Aww. Thanks T-T Yeah, I grinded up to 65 for that mount…but I can’t exactly grind for a 2200 rating when I am just not that good.

      As for space missions, I am TERRIBLE at them due to my horrible aim, My boyfriend had to do the last several for me and I still haven’t managed to complete the new space missions πŸ™

      Also I apologize for typos. On my phone x-x


      • Well then gear wise you can just do your Black Hole Comms every week and slowly get a full set of 26(61 Rating) gear and be set for everything but Hard Mode Terror from Beyond, and Nightmare Denova. Having a fully geared set of 61 rating armor isn’t bad. It’s around 250 Black Hole Comms, which is a few weeks worth of weekly quests.(around 600(900 for set bonus) for Itemized set)

        If for some reason you PVP you can always try to RE items for mats too. I hear that is useful for some crafters.

        And yeah, would be lovely to just buy what you wanted from the Cartel Market. But it probably will never happen. Hope the next Cartel pack is better then the Skip Tracer’s pack though. It’s odd on my Server the Green Longspur Pacer is less then 100k which I find odd. Guess no one liked that one. And no weapons in this pack either =(


        • I actually have all 26’s plus some 27’s @-@ my gear set is on Mr. Robot. Though, I can’t do dailies as they ruin the game for me πŸ™ why I am always so poor. I just can’t deal with the repetition.

          Not willingly :/ But I do have to hit 100 valor for codexes so I do pop in sometimes. I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed it though so lots of moderation.

          I know we’ll be getting quite a few stuff in the next one….but yeah, just lots of frustrations with these packs. And the pacer is pretty cheap on our server too. Just not considered rare.


          • Oh I gave up on the Codex a while back lol
            That is a pipe dream unless your good because they keep adding things. Heck I just found a Codex on Korriban I didn’t know about till the other day lol.

            Odd because I see more Hover Chairs then I see the Pacer on my server. and there are like 10 Chairs up but only like one or two Pacers for sale.

            And in all honesty ranked PVP is a scary thing to me. Bad enough I lose 94% of all my warzones, but some people just stomp you, and I mean I get some of why people play PVP and all ,but I’m on a PVE server, and I have seen some hard core PVPers… Why not play on a PVP server? My best guess is these are the people who come to PVE servers to stomp us PVE players, but on a ture PVP server they would what we are to them now. The line of “There is always a bigger fish.” thing. I really hate being in areas like Section X and Ilum where people you group with are flagged and you you flagged as well =(

            Back before they changed it, I would do Darkness on Ilum and there would always be some jerk Imp there stealthed and wait for me to use a AOE then stomp me into the ground and just wait to do it again. X.x Not the worst PVP related event I’ve had happen to me… But that’s a story for another day lol


          • I’d like to think I am pretty good πŸ˜› *points to the post where she wrote up all her codexes* I really love exploring so that is one of my favorite things.

            Yeah…pacer just isn’t too popular. πŸ™

            That is pretty much exactly how it goes here and my feelings on it. I’ve even gotten flagged accidentally because of someone in my group, stood still waiting for my flag to drop and had someone just attack me. Made me cry v-v


  2. I have one simple rule for when something sucks: Care less. It works! Just choose not to invest yourself as much into it. Less time as well if that’s what you need to do.


  3. Yeah I always yell at my Guildmate who seems to always be flagged when he groups with me and other in areas like Black Hole and what not.

    But hey, as long as they don’t stick pets in PVP(or new speeders) I’ll be ok with that. And if your lucky you can just have someone craft you the PVP chest or head piece you like and then you just need the valor rank for it =)

    I bought a Skip Tracer’s pack the other day and got jack all x.x A Republic Banner and a Emote I had on like every one of my Alts…. I really am just better off trying to build up credits to buy the items I want. And the Cyan/Blue crystals seem to be the hardest to get next to the white ones right now. I do hope we keep getting some neat and cool Color combo crystals though.


    • Yeeeeah… I just…hate when people have themselves flagged. I threaten not to heal them but then I feel bad and heal anyway.

      Well, there are already 2 PVP pets that require valor rank 70 πŸ˜› But at least that is possible to grind to…part of my motivation to 100 valor is a fear of more PVP pets at an even higher rank….but if anything also comes out that requires a ranked rating, I will be pissed off.

      Aww πŸ™ stupid boxes :._.


  4. Sorry to hear that you don’t enjoy PvP in this game… Like anything else in the game, you’ll have more fun in a group, especially on a voicechat program. Hit me up anytime on Viperis/Viperin/Viperon and let’s see if Physics can carry you for some easy wins for your Codexes πŸ˜€

    Unfortunately can’t do much about the rating thing… there just isn’t enough guilds doing ranked PvP anymore on this server.

    Re: the comment about why people roll on PvE servers, it’s not because we want to “stomp on PvE’ers”. I’ve always been a hardcore PvP guy on any games I played for the past 10 years. What I didn’t like about PvP servers is the ability to gank/get ganked randomly by some guy 10 levels above you while questing. True PvP happens in Warzones, which is 100% the same between a PvP and PvE server.


    • Aww πŸ™‚ Thanks. I mean, sometimes I do find a group x-x but especially on the Republic side, it’s pretty hard. But I’ll definitely keep that in mind for my Imperial character :3

      Yeah v-v A lot of people have been scared off with that… and regardless, while I’m not terrible, I’m not great either so I’m not usually considered for ranked teams. I know sometimes people try to get some together, but most of the time, people don’t bother as they know they’ll just be bulldozed. Kind of makes me wish the speeder wasn’t BoP πŸ˜›

      I suppose that’s true. I remember hearing about some people trying to get the Orokeet and being pushed off the nests while waiting and that is just awful. I’ve been attacked before when getting flagged by accident (in fact, the first time I got flagged, I was late level 20’s/early level 30’s and on Tatooine. I had buffed/healed/bubble’d someone as they buffed me and nearly had a heart attack) and it is one of the worst feelings ever πŸ™ Especially if you weren’t even doing anything (or standing there waiting for your flag to drop in the first place).

      I guess I just wish PVP wasn’t required in that sense between all the codexes and things. At least I was already over 70 valor when the pets came out–I probably would’ve cried if I wasn’t x__x But yeah, I guess I’m a bit sick of everything being so repetitive when it comes to collecting lately πŸ™

      But yes, thank you again for your nice comment πŸ™‚ I appreciate it.


      • No problem πŸ™‚

        The worst is when you get on the Tattoine balloon for the datacron… and a random ass sitting with you in the balloon pushes you off at the last second after a 30 min ride. -_-;


        • Yeah… I’ve seen that happen even on our server :/ It’s why I tend to just sit on the Sand Crawler and pull people up–or in the case of people on the other side, let them dual and leap to me. It at least helps a lot of people, even if I can’t help everyone. @-@ especially as I’ve seen way too many people miss the second one (or not even realize it’s there) and then have to ride again too πŸ™


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