sfaslkf;laaf UGH.

Dear Legend Pet,
you are mean and spiteful for not letting me buy you and just letting me use you later like most requirement pets (with the exception of PVP valor).

you make me very sad.

I hate this event so much. ._.

A lot of people disliked the Acquisitions Race, but honestly, that event was my favorite :/

But yes, just…really upset because of the stupid reputation cap and so no matter how much I do and even if I save up tons of reputation, I will never have enough to purchase that pet before it goes and who knows when the event will come back (yes, I know it’s recurring so it WILL come back, but we still don’t know WHEN).

As it is, I have to work next week so this is really the only week I have.

honestly, having a pet dangle over you that nobody can even get sucks and is frustrating.

and I’d rather not see this event ever again and I already have to deal with it for the reputation.

of course, I can’t decide whether these are the 18 pets in the Cartel Pack are worse. Or the fact that the boxes buried me in clothes.

regardless… I just really don’t feel like playing anymore right now. I just can’t deal with that kind of incompletion or seeing something like that RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and knowing I can’t do anything about it.

Buying it and then working towards legend to use it = good motivation
Seeing it and not being able to do ANYTHING that will enable you to get it in the first place = the complete opposite.


5 thoughts on “sfaslkf;laaf UGH.

    • I don’t really count strings of data the same as a pet I can see in a shop log that I can preview and stuff 🙁


  1. Yeah I was ganked by Imps and Republic players alike today.
    I’m sorry you can’t get your pet yet =(
    The event was fun on the PVE side, but the PVP made me sick =(
    And people like to gank you when your fighting a droid and you get to like 25% HP then some random Sith or jedi Jump to you and kill you out of nowhere.
    I’m not a hateful person really, but I really wouldn’t mind if half these jerks broke a arm or leg that put them in the hospital till this event was over.
    Though on that same note, there were some groups who didn’t steal your mods or try to kill you.
    And to them I salute you! Keep up the good gaming!
    I want the new Capital Ship flying pets so bad!
    And the Gree Lightsabers and Auto Cannon….
    I will be rep farming for this whole event, good luck out there everyone!


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