Pet Progress

Okay, so I just need:
Gree Data Core – Gree Enclave Reputation
Miniature Gray Secant – Gree Enclave Reputation
Baby Drouk – Section X Reputation
Dwedtoof – 10 Stack Dreadtooth
Shadow Nekarr Cat – Space Pirate Cartel Pack
Model Terminus Destroyer – Space Pirate Cartel Pack
Model Thranta Corvette – Space Pirate Cartel Pack

L1-L Defender – Ancient Gree Destroyer
L1-L Scout – Gree Relay Quest

The Nekarr Cat seems to be selling for about a million while the models are at about 2 million :/ Are those good prices or should I wait?

Going to try and at least get the Gree Data Core and L1-L Scout.

Maybe I’ll stay up all night to work on the L1-L Defender too.

I don’t think I’ll ever get Dwedtoof though and that’s really depressing… :/ I guess I should do my Section X dailies too…but I hate asking for help ._.

12 thoughts on “Pet Progress

    • One drops from the bonus boss named that is in the PVP area. It’s rare and I’m testing more theories on it from an anonymous source, but only so much testing I can stand in the PVP area.

      The other starts from a quest you can get on the Grey Sacant so you need to be Newcomer.


  1. Oh and since you are the expert and no one has answered me ingame … do you know if there are any new lore objects besides the one in the old Republic PvP base and the one in the Northwestmost Tonvarr camp?


      • Yes there is.
        It’s right at the bottom of the stairs before you go up to either exit the Gray Secant or go to the instance area for the boss in there.(The room you throw the blue energy wave/discs at the droids for the quest)
        Also note I’ve heard that the 2 Cap. Ship pets work with other pets out as well.
        Not sure about that one though since I don’t have one and have not seen anyone running around with one and a normal pet as of yet.


  2. Hello, my gf told me that the pet L1-L Defender dropped for her yesterday. She observed that the spawned boss was a lil smaller than the boss which normally spawns from the quest. Sadly she hasn’t compare the names.


    • That is actually what I have heard and have been trying to test out 🙂

      I heard it’s much smaller (closer to the size of the character) and has the exact same name and spawns in the same place.

      Unfortunately, solo-ing as a sage sucks, it’s in a PVP zone, and it’s needed for a quest so…


      • I killed the destroyer (i assume because it only dropped the green rep thing) 4 times solo last night. Just have to go where there are no people 😛


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