More testing

So, I’m testing in the PVP area again to see if there is a difference in size, how different the size is, and probability. So far, it’s all been the same size robot and it drops reputation.

If anyone would like to come help, let me know. I do have my flag glitch again though (why does this glitch constantly hit me–I mean, it’s not a bad glitch, but I don’t want people reporting me when I don’t even know what causes it and I’ve reported it myself X__X)

Also, thank you to the nice people in Carnage Gaming, Republic Guards, BYOB, and Remnants of the Jedi who helped me out without being complete jerks as I test things and defending me. And to the people who invited me to their group and let me rant out lots of feelings 🙁 Sorry for the…awkward greeting.

But finally, if I hit it first and then you start hitting it and tell me “not to do that again” …well, guess what, I can solo it anyway and it’s not like I stole it from you–I hit it first to begin with.

and thank you to those who offer me guild invites, but I just…don’t think I’m ready for a guild anytime soon ._.

3 thoughts on “More testing

  1. Yeah people get pissy about that bot because the first one to touch it gets the loot — if you die, don’t release till it dies so you can come back and loot it 🙂


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