Sad news regarding EA cross-game pets

Quoting Eric Musco:

I have the answer to these two questions which I think is what most people are looking for (especially B)

A. In order to get the pet you will have to have received the email mentioning the pet promotion. Then you would need to create a new SWTOR account with that email address. That account will then, at a later date, receive the pet.

B. At this moment subscribers cannot get the items, no. This was intended as a cross-promotion to other EA free-2-play games. However, I can tell you that subscribers will have access to these items in the future. We are still working out both the when and the how. I will share any details as I get them.

Hope that answers your questions!


So, who knows when we will be able to get them…

…I think I officially just want to give up ._.

3 thoughts on “Sad news regarding EA cross-game pets

  1. While this is certainly a slap in the face of current subscribers who can’t, at the moment, get a complete pet collection, at least we don’t have to farm those games…..


  2. Somehow I guess those pets are included in one of the next cartel market packages, damn BW slapping subscribers in the face.


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