So, I’ve noticed a lot of new sign ups recently… and this may partially be due to cave-related things. Thus, I will take a moment to go over some things :3

I am a girl, I love the color pink, and I pretty much only play healers. My favorite two things in games are collecting things and exploring. I am also quite fond of puzzles.

Thus, 90% of this blog will be about pets, collecting other stuff, lore, exploration, and puzzles. The rest will be me ranting about repetition, credits/money, and raiding :3

This is not a traditional SWTOR blog. I don’t write about things just to let people know unless it’s because I’m personally excited about it. More often than not, I’ll put in my own commentary or thoughts.

The original purpose of this blog was to keep track of things for my own sake, but then people started finding it somehow and it’s gotten some attention for pets and puzzle solving.

Onto the cave matters, it’s still a huge mystery. I know an Orb was mentioned recently (not actually ingame, but in the data) which has spouted a lot of new theories. And with Dreadtooth going down on 5 stacks, it seems 7 stacks may need to be what we’ve been waiting to see. Of course, unless it’s a 100% drop in the first place, it doesn’t mean much. …really, I’ll just be sad I won’t get to test it out whenever someone finally gets those items 🙁 I’ve been keeping track of theories, but haven’t put the orb up yet as I want to look into that more first. I don’t remember seeing it when the Amulet was first added and if it was an item added later, it may actually be for later content.

Regardless, with Makeb coming in Spring and the 5 level increasement, I’m sure Dreadtooth will be down then, if not sooner. At the very least, it’s always nice to try and work together for the sake of puzzle solving :3

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  1. Nah, the Orb has been there since the beginning. The people who “found it recently” simply weren’t paying attention till now 😛


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