Don’t worry, I’m still here :P

A few people have noticed I haven’t been on much…the reason for this is actually because I’ve been sick. I wasn’t feeling too well when the TfB run was happening and while we didn’t finish (we did start late), I was doing pretty miserable by the end of it and I ended up getting worse than I expected. Regardless, I am okay (allergies are just evil) and getting better! So I look forward to playing more soon~

However, despite not being on too much, things have been a bit crazy and I’m just wishing it’d stop. I seem to be cursed with these kinds of things and I’m pretty tempted to just… stop being in guilds altogether. It’s just depressing at this point.

stupid raids needing guilds and junk.

Hint: How to Make yourself not be a total butthole

Just because someone is flagged does NOT mean they are looking to fight you. Especially if it’s a PVE server.

more often than not, I heal people and they may be flagged and then I’m stuck dealing with the stupid glitchy flag.

There’s also a lot of people who may get flagged and may not realize it’s super glitched and just end up flagged forever when they don’t even want to be.

And for crying out loud, if you see someone having trouble, at least have the decentcy to help them. Seriously.

But really, if someone is just STANDING there peacefully and not doing anything to you and then tries to go away, doesn’t hurt you, and asks you to PLEASE STOP, how screwed up do you have to be to still kill them?



So, today was supposed to be fun and exciting and goal-getting, but it kind of hasn’t. Besides getting a bit of a late start (due to stressing), most people seemed to be upset with the expansion so my ideas of hopping on and happily talking away to guild mates about excitement over the expansion information was shot to heck in minutes as my heart shattered but people are still coming anyway

However, one nice thing happened today (plus, I finished my goal page!). Prongs surprised me with some mods 😀 And he even helped Mar-gon too! Yay! He’s supposed to help me figure out a bit with my healing and if it’d be better to switch down 5% Crit by switching my Magenta Crystal to a Power one and 3 Mettle Mods to Aptitude or to keep what I have now. Looking forward to what he says, although, I’d hate to have to change things again…

Sad night T~T

So today, a very awesome friend quit… I MISS YOU ALREADY, ANLORN.


Shall hopefully still get lots of chances to talk to you T~T <3 Thank you again for the lovely gift!

Disappointing day

Despite getting on immediately when the servers it up, due to repetitive failure, everything has felt kind of disappointing.

On the verge of tears for various reasons so I think maybe I’ll just go to bed and call it a day. I guess I’ll do more pet stalking tomorrow, but for now, it’s just making me more depressed than usual.

:( / Edit: T~T <3

There is always something awkward when you want to try and avoid your main character as to not run into someone :/

As it is, I will most likely be filling in for NM EC this upcoming Tuesday evening which just stresses me more EDIT: Looks like it’ll be HM EC! Still makes me nervous though 🙁 Note to self: need all 27 armorings except for legs.



YAY. …the skirt is kind of broken though. but still! yay!

but yes, speeders to go: Continue reading

Cartel Item notice

I’ve gotten a few mails and comments about this so I’d just like to point out that this is where you can find my Cartel Market trading list. As for getting there without a direct link, you should actually see it when hovering over the Contact Me Page!

The reason I’m bringing this up is I feel bad when people comment or ask about something that either:
A. Was never going to be for trade
B. Is no longer available anyway.

I listed everything I received–even stuff I planned to keep so…

Speaking of Cartel stuff, I’m guessing (again, it’s a guess! They may not update again for another week or 2, but they did say next week in the Q&A) they will be updating tomorrow. I will admit, as much as I hate the packs and stuff, a little part of me is excited. But I do love opening things, especially during the Holiday season 😀 (Christmas = my favorite holiday!)

And one of my special favoritest (totally a word, shut up) things about December besides snow and Christmas music and the lights and all the other wonderful things about this season because omgyay T~T is the Advent Calendar! I love those things 😀 (and they keep me going to Neopets every year)

I wonder what it’d be like if SWTOR did an Advent Calendar. A quest a day for December! …now I wish they did @-@ Even if it’d be hectic like the World Events!

Wriggles agrees:

(and yes, I know, no real life holiday stuff…but why can’t Life Day have Advent Calendars? :P)

Edit: Darn! Only one new thing…but I guess that mean the rest of it will be next week along with the fireworks.

Circlets and Sabers

Dear Double-bladed lightsaber:

(Benevolent Venerable Exemplar’s Lightsaberstaff)




(horrible edits by me)

…why can’t there be single bladed versions of double-bladed lightsabers T~T and vice versa. Whhhhhy. someone suggest this. please. please please please.

oh, and I drew up a horrible doodle from memory of that circlet hat I saw on a Sage that I still haven’t figured out what it was (ONE DAY I HOPE T~T)–the sides may have been more like chains over a band… but blah 🙁 :

edit: oh and note to self, get a K-313 Riot Needler for Miisha.

The Raiding Situation

People have said I’m trying to avoid raiding… which is kind of true. I know I need to do it due to gear-related things (and the whole thing about a pet dropping from NM EC…plus 2 mounts now :/ And the title).

however, ignoring my busy schedule (have to head out soon actually), the big thing is just not feeling good enough. As a perfectionist, if I don’t feel I can perform perfectly or manage to be the top (which I never do, I suck too much), that is already making me feel too depressed to bother.

Ignoring that part, the big thing is all the stupidity over firsts still. I don’t care about firsts–what I do care about is how people have to go and start making it personal, even to people not involved. Constantly insulting and berating–both publicly and privately and it’s not funny. It isn’t cute, you look stupid, but it’s not something I can just be all “haha, *ignores* they are so stupid”.

no, it actually makes me upset. Part of why I try so hard is I make everything very personal to me. This isn’t a front, I’m not just doing things for fun, everything is really important to me. So when people say they just want something because it’s rare, it pisses me off and I’d like to punch them in the face.

But I do not like being insulted. I do not like being criticized for something I’m not even apart of. It makes me upset and to be completely honest, has ruined raiding for me. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want anything to do with it and I just wish it didn’t exist.

If I wanted to continued being bullied, I wouldn’t have been home schooled in the first place.

in a less depressing note, yay for another Livestream Q&A tomorrow…even if it’s short and probably won’t have many questions 🙁 I shall try and keep my hopes up.

oh, and the other new EC speeder (for defeating within 2 hours) looks like a shark and is kind of cute.

…still nothing on a possible pet yet though. :/

Hoth is done~ + Boxes

So, I finished Hoth on Cellina last night. Looking forward to completing Chapter 2 today. I just want to get her story done and see the end @-@ I just wish I didn’t have to do so much other stuff besides the story quests to get there :/

In a different note, this article pretty much gets why I hate Cartel Packs so much and I recommend reading it! I do agree with the solution… I’ve said it many times myself I wouldn’t mind paying extra afterall. And for another idea, even making it so you can also get it ingame somehow (after a challenging quest of course) would be nice…but if they have to keep it pay to cash, just give people the option to buy the item, even if it’s a bit higher priced.

…but nope. :/

There’s just… no good reason for those kinds of things, to be honest. You can’t even honestly say to give people who like surprises something to have fun with as there’s no reason you can’t just do the “items are sold for this much but you can try your luck with this cheaper box if you’d like” if that was true.

And that makes me so sad. v-v At least they aren’t permanently bound though… why I’m still here.