Hint: How to Make yourself not be a total butthole

Just because someone is flagged does NOT mean they are looking to fight you. Especially if it’s a PVE server.

more often than not, I heal people and they may be flagged and then I’m stuck dealing with the stupid glitchy flag.

There’s also a lot of people who may get flagged and may not realize it’s super glitched and just end up flagged forever when they don’t even want to be.

And for crying out loud, if you see someone having trouble, at least have the decentcy to help them. Seriously.

But really, if someone is just STANDING there peacefully and not doing anything to you and then tries to go away, doesn’t hurt you, and asks you to PLEASE STOP, how screwed up do you have to be to still kill them?



Sometimes, I wish there was a better handle on flagging. In general, I am a pretty helpful person. I like healing people when their health is down (even NPCs!) and buffing if I’m buffed and just helping people out.

This also tends to mean I accidentally get flagged a lot. In fact, I remember early on, my boyfriend and I were on Tatooine and suddenly I was buffed by someone! They had a green name and I actually thought they were an NPC. I was all “OMG an NPC buffed me! I didn’t know they could do that!” and without a second thought, buffed them and gave them a bubble. Imagine my surprise (and paranoia) when I suddenly heard a sound and learned I flagged myself for PVP.

Unfortunately, more often than not, I still respond mostly on reflex and thus, do not always notice (I also don’t always have nametags on so). What really upsets me, however, is how many times I’ve been killed on sight for being flagged.

I do not attempt to hurt these people. I do not try and attack them. In fact, there have been times where I just tried to have a nice conversation, somehow manage to accidentally get flagged, and am immediately killed. That sucks. I was trying to be nice and when I don’t even try to do anything and to just get attacked because somehow, my name became green. Or maybe a friend (I have so many friends who keep themselves flagged through Warzones or were on Ilum and then drag me along) was doing something with me or needed help with a quest and I get flagged and it is just miserable.

And what’s worse? When you tell them to leave you alone, you’re laughed at, insulted, ridiculed as they kill you or continue to try to… And honestly? When you do that, you just look like a complete and total butthead.

So, before you go and jump someone just because they’re flagged (obviously, PVP servers are different stories but…), maybe try seeing if they attack you first before making yourself look like a complete and total butt.