On Reputation and Achievements

In short: I just wish they were a from now on thing instead of so much back-track. And that you can buy stuff even if you can’t use them yet :/

I don’t really feel like going into detail, but right now, it’s just some of the reasons I feel really really mixed.

anyway, back to feeling like a failure now v-v

10 thoughts on “On Reputation and Achievements

  1. Your not a failure!
    It’s like this in a lot of MMOs these days so it’s not like moving from TOR will help at least from a gaming stand point.
    I’m still trying to get a Revan’s mask, but that has shot up in price to about 4Mil to 5.2Mil =(
    I did finally save up enough for a Black Purple Hawkeye crystal.
    Though right now it’s sitting in my bank because I don’t know why I want to use it on.
    Though I think it looks better as a Light Saber then a Blaster Color.

    As for the Achievements I’m hoping they will take into account some of what the character has already done.
    But some I know we will start from 0 on.
    At least there will be a lot of people in the same boat and hopefully not be mean about it and maybe lend a hand here and there to help others.(Unheard of I know, but there might be one or two on your server!)
    And in the end hopefully this will be some of the last “1 step forward 2 steps back” update we get for a while.


  2. The only thing I see having to do over are things like “kill x” achievements. All of the possession ones should be able to be “backwards compatible” as it were because they can just scan your codex’s. Oh and Warzone total kills are back-filled as well b/c they already track that 😛 Basically everything that is tracked currently you shouldn’t have to do again.


    • Ugh T_T October is busy enough… I am guessing it’ll be during NYCC, but unless it is actually part of NYCC, I probably will be unable to go… and I doubt it will be as they wouldn’t want to force people to have NYCC tickets… regardless, unless it is at the convention or after “NYCC (and not the same day as the new Pokemon game), I probably won’t be able to go…


  3. Have fun with getting the following titles:

    The Sarlacc Stomper
    You received this title by defeating the sarlacc creature on Tatooine.

    Worm Food
    You received this title after being devoured by the sarlacc creature on Tatooine.

    The Contraband Collector
    You received this title from a Contraband Pack.

    You received this title from a Regulator’s Contraband Pack.

    You received this title from an Enforcer’s Contraband Pack.

    Vice Commandant
    You received this title from a Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack.

    You received this title from an Archon’s Contraband Pack.

    You received this title from a Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack.

    There are also 4 additional new titles in 2.0, at least 2 of those 4 are story related and therefore I won’t post them due to spoiler alerts.

    The other two are “The Dreadseed” and “Star Forager”.


  4. No, they are not. I didn’t list those two as they were already public.
    According to the both titles (one Rep and one Imp) they are story driven.


  5. As Marilea approved the spoilers above, here are they:

    Galactic City Savior
    You earned this title for stopping the Shroud’s plan to destroy Galactic City.

    Kaas City Savior
    You earned this title for stopping the Shroud’s plan to destroy Kaas City.


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