Event Clean-up

So, it’s the last day… and thus, we are rushing through. Everything is officially done except killing Xenoanalyst II on Story and HM. Netto and Devil said they’d help with Xeno on HM this evening–so let’s just hope we can find a SM group now x-x

Depending on how things go, maybe we’ll do some alt stuff later… but I’m still a bit down when it comes to the game right now.

Edit: Story mode done! Now to just beat Xyno on HM later…

3 thoughts on “Event Clean-up

  1. Good luck on your HM Xenoanalyst II!
    And I hope you got through this event and all the crappy ganking I had to suffer through to get some of it done.
    Also if you don’t count the PVP side of it, this wasn’t a over all bad event.
    Still liked the Rakghoul event better(Other then the fleet of exploding people?!)
    Now the grind to get my own Bounty Hunter to Lv 50 so I can grab a few of the Sith Side Crystals(Purple and Black-Red) before they are removed in the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion!


    • Sadly, I didn’t get to.
      The problem with the event, regardless of the PVP, was there was nothing new. They were the same quests over and over with only a few new ones if you hit newcomer and then the same again. The Rakghoul event had repeats leading you on a trail of discovery and with a new quest on the end and was pumped full of story. The Acquisition’s Race were one-time quests of finding items and neat little gadgets.
      This was just repeating after repeating… and that just wasn’t fun.


      • True enough.
        Though on the plus side I walked away with a good bit of credits after it all.
        I was flat broke on most of my characters and now have a little money between them all again =)
        And have enough Gree rep tokens to last me the next 3 weeks at 12,000 weekly cap.(and that is with capping this week)
        World bosses are still around and still drop Blue Rep tokens by the way.
        Also haven’t gone out to look yet, but a guildy told me that the droids are still up out near the republic base.
        No idea if it’s ture, or if the Defender still spawns from time to time out there or not.
        Thought I’d at least, in case for some reason they are still up and you can still get the pet off the defender.


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