Poll time.

Okay, as I continue to be indecisive about everything, another poll! But before you see that poll (actually, this entry isn’t that long so you will probably see it as you read this), let me explain. Recently, I was asked by another website on the forums if they could use my Pet Guide and put it with images and stuff. I gave them permission and realized that maybe I should link some images into the Pet Guide on the forums (and here, obviously). If so, I’d make the names of each pet clickable to a picture. Speaking of pictures, I still need to try and figure out which are better for some and maybe switch some out… 🙁 I suck at deciding things. Can you tell? …I actually should figure out a good place to take pictures to begin with. Maybe my ship? Hmm..

ANYWAY… onto the poll:

2 thoughts on “Poll time.

  1. I was actually thinking it would be nice if you added pictures 😉

    If I can stop being lazy I’m hoping to start my own SWTOR site … there’s a lot of good content the major sites are missing.


    • Noted 😀 Maybe I’ll make you help me find good lighting for photos 😛

      Yeah, definitely. @-@ Or areas that many sites haven’t bothered to keep updated :/


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