So umm…

It seems I have randomly been invited to an ops group for TfB…and at the final boss no less! Thus, I shall do some random streaming until I run out of credits from repairs.

Will update when it is over :3

Edit: For some reason, the stream started glitching out really badly so I’ve ended it for now until I can figure out the problem.

Edit 2: In the meantime, some things learned:
1. The final boss spawns adds which also look like the first boss. I’m guessing the Pet he drops is based off these similar to how Karagga’s pets is based off the minimech mines he spawns.

2. The second phase is amazing and I love how much the healing range increases.

3. The cave is meant to be 16-man HM only.

Edit 3: Going to start streaming again to show the ending 🙂 And then will turn it off again. Recording will appear on the page though!

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