Speeder Progress!

Finally got a Longspur Blaze 😀 Which means now the non-credit buying speeders are down to just the one from HM Kephess and the Ranked PVP one. Yaaaay.

…why must earning credits be so cruel

11 thoughts on “Speeder Progress!

      • Well it was sort of my own fault, but also a bug. I was busy at the time so I bought it and used the item, but didn’t think to accept the dialog, and was logged out as AFK a few minutes later … so the item was consumed but the speeder never granted.


        • …I never even realized there was something to accept. …of course, I use them so fast I probably don’t pay attention. At least the old speeder issue has been fixed.


          • OK, turns out I’m a complete and total idiot. Because I was distracted, I didn’t close the vendor window … so I sold the speeder back instead of “using” it. Ha! You’re right, there is no dialog.

            I just update my ticket and apologized profusely for being such a moron … lol.


          • On the bright side I just got my first Desler from HM EV! I have the other plus the one from EC … that might be it actually, I’ll have to consult my list once my other comp is fixed.


      • Ah, that would definitely suck, I passed that ages ago!

        Looks like I am also missing the ranked speeder (Ubrikkian War-rider) plus the old PvP ones of course. Pretty close still :D.

        For pets I need the PvP ones, the Taunling, M0-GUL, the Orochick (as do we all) and the Midnight Rakling. Not including the Lobelode and future 1.4 / F2P pets. Gotta do Gargath and LI more … been doing KP most weeks but no luck yet.


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