HM EC Progress and Bunnies

So, the HM EC run tonight went well 🙂 We got to the tanks and got them to 52% and 59% on our second go, but then one person had to head to bed so we stopped there. Hoping to try again this weekend. I’m happy it went well–they were all so excited. And considering our tank was a random pick-up person with no experience… :3 He was really good.

Besides that, a friend has essentially noted me as Bunnies due to an answer he gave about their healer tonight. 😛

Also still watching some streams for more ideas on the Cave Mystery, but nothing yet 🙁

As for the Orochick Mystery, the bug report ticket was sent to developers/wherever bugs go, but whether it really is a bug and/or is being worked on is yet to be known and I’m hoping I’ll get an answer back on that soon.

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