Pictures and Rumors

So, I finally updated the trade page with pictures~ Yay :3

But now, onto rumors!

Current rumor is that if you beat NM EC within 2 hours, that is how you get the pet…and of course, rumors that it is the Wonderous Egg are still circulating. I kind of hope this isn’t true as I really am not fond of the rare pets… too many people who want them just to show off and boost their ego :/ But I guess we’ll have to see.

Moving on, I saw a nice gold tiara/circlet thingy… unfortunately, I couldn’t inspect them (every time I tried to, even though they were next to me, it kept showing my gear) and my screenshots were acting up after getting the pictures for the trade list… 🙁 Wish I could try and find it, but not much to go on.. and the person never responded to my whisper either 🙁

3 thoughts on “Pictures and Rumors

  1. I bought you the Golden-skinned Vrblet for 300k. If that’s too much let me know, I can sell it easily. Monkey-lizards are selling for a lot, looks like the Sablefur is not in-game.


  2. That’s fine :3 half my money but worth it!

    Eep…how much are the monkeys going for? And hopefully that means we have seen them all then…though someone was saying they may have seen a yellow gizka last night 🙁


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