If you are seeing this page, that means you are possibly interested in donating. So, let me just put a big THANK YOU out there for your interest!

I’m sure you’re wondering what the donations will go to, so let me explain. Any donations made will go to:
A. Keeping this website up
B. Keeping my subscription to SWTOR
C. A very special project relating to Pets~
D. Experimenting with Cartel Packs to lessen the chance of another Wonderous Egg incident.

Any other uses would just be to upgrade the site further (IE: Giving the site its own domain over being a sub-domain of my main website), but those would be much more minor.

So, if you would still like to donate, just click the image on the sidebar 🙂 And enter the amount. All amounts are welcome (just please keep in mind Paypal does take some of it away, unfortunately). If there is something specific you’d like the money to go towards, please just mention it in the comment box of the donation!

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