New Header

Yep. I did say I’d be getting a new header up sometime soon and Sakonma finished the art I commissioned sooooo 😀

So pretty <3 I'll probably keep this header for a long time or maybe do a random header with various pieces of artwork if I ever get more. Actually, that idea could work especially if I get art of my other characters. Speaking of which, as to why I do not have any art of my other characters... I don't want to get any art of them until I'm sure of what they'll be in and what they will be keeping so it's going to take a while. Like I definitely want to keep the shirt style Amidaia is wearing, but I did see a redder one and if I can find an orange version of that, well… Looking through databases isn’t super easy as a lot of icons are wrong sadly 🙁 And while her shirt and skirt will be good, as will her lightsaber,–it’s still a matter of gloves, boots, bracers, and etc.

Most of the other characters, while I have their tops thought out…nothing else yet (with a few exceptions like Zoara’s pants). And heck, Zoara still needs 1.5 million to be made. I also can’t really get any good pictures yet since most of them aren’t high enough to wear what I want them in 😛 And I wouldn’t want to confuse an artist so I’d rather wait until it’s all ready.

…not to mention I don’t have the money to commission that many pictures in the first place (because I have no art talent at all).

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