A mix of confidence

Well, I went on the Raid with Stoic today. Unfortunately, some people weren’t available so others were picked up and a few just…didn’t have very good DPS and so we fell short on the DPS-amount and yeah 🙁 On the bright side, my healing was fine (Could’ve been better, but he already knew I was getting used to positioning so).

There was one time it was my fault when I somehow immediately died. We’re still not sure what caused it.

Regardless, it’s too bad we couldn’t get further. We got to enrage each time (it didn’t help that the same one or two people kept dying during red circles) due to lack of DPS, but I had fun. Everything was organized and done well and this strategy worked a lot better.

However, Sage nerfs still suck and ruined the necessity of the healing class which was further confirmed with some discussion about how when 1.2 started, nobody wanted to take sages. Kind of like how a lot of people take Sentinels due to the buffs they could give, Sages have a fancy circle.

I wish they’d just reverse the nerfs. And stop making things that hate Melee 🙁

I’m just going to say I hate difficulty levels and I wish there weren’t codexes attached to them. I don’t mind a challenge, but I hate repeating content and I hate the Elitism it brings.

and I want to find the Wonderous Egg already. Bleh.

But I think, if there is anything I’ve learned, I don’t like raiding. I wish whatever stupid stuff they could get could be sold or something and there were no extra codexes because I just want to see the story and never see it again because it’s not worth crying over.

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