Well, I never thought I’d have to say this (on the otherhand, I never expected anyone to read this, let alone comment!), but do remember to try and be nice to one another :3 Arguing doesn’t help anyone and you can always say your points (and even disagree and explain why you do) without insulting someone! So umm…be nice and healthy debates are better than name-calling :3

I appreciate everyone trying to help however with my boyfriend’s stats :3 I know he really wants to get those all up and set.

Anyway, I haven’t done much SWTOR-y today due to not really sleeping well and then a long day at the parks. Regardless, I did make sure to log in and check my mail. I try to do that every day…even though nobody really sends me mail but you never know.

Regardless, in the midst of event worries (I really wish I knew when it’d start) and continuing to wonder about the Wonderous Egg (It has been confirmed at least someone has gotten one by Customer Service, but any time someone comes forth with any rumors or saying they know someone who has one, they just disappear. This is more than a little infuriating), I just…still keep wishing there were better ways to earn credits 🙁

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