Pets and Packs

So, with another Data Dump comes a bit of info.

Besides the mention of the Life Day Pack which I expect to be the next Cartel Pack, there is a new pet mention:

The Crested Orokeet is most likely an Orokeet with a special ornament of some kind and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the box.

It’d be the first alternate version of a pet though so that will be interesting.

Unfortunately, the Cartel Market is down on the test server 🙁 so no trying it out… BUT THAT MAKES IT ALL THE MORE SUSPICIOUS…

3 thoughts on “Pets and Packs

  1. Bad/good news on pets depending on how you look at it.

    From TORWars:

    In addition to the Cartel Coins, each of our retail partners will offer an exclusive mini-pet that will be added to your account when you redeem your Cartel Coins Card here on this website.
    The currently available pets are:

    – BestBuy: Arctic Manka Lynx – Renowned for its speed and grace, this Arctic Manka Lynx will loyally follow you on your adventures across the galaxy.
    – GameStop: Lobelode – The Lobelode is hardy and persistent, at home in even the most dangerous and exotic environments you could visit.


  2. Uuugh…. x_x shall have to keep an eye out on the stores. Thanks for the heads up 🙁

    At least this ends the Lobelodeness


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