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Pets and Packs

So, with another Data Dump comes a bit of info.

Besides the mention of the Life Day Pack which I expect to be the next Cartel Pack, there is a new pet mention:

The Crested Orokeet is most likely an Orokeet with a special ornament of some kind and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the box.

It’d be the first alternate version of a pet though so that will be interesting.

Unfortunately, the Cartel Market is down on the test server 🙁 so no trying it out… BUT THAT MAKES IT ALL THE MORE SUSPICIOUS…

Data Dump 1.5.2

So, another data dump has been posted up. Lots of pets (Most which have been mentioned before) and before I get to them, also something that looks like a Christmas event:

And stuff for Makeb too 😀

Anyway TO THE PETS…I will skip the ones we’ve seen before and just put the new ones:

1. Imperial Interceptor Elite
2. Imperial Interceptor
3. Republic Fighter Elite
4. Republic Fighter

So possibly mini pet starships? I guess we shall see. In the meantime, I’ve made a Trading page for the Cartel Market in advance.

For the specific dump selection (including old pets)… Continue reading

1.5 Data Dump – More pets may be coming? + Story Mode Ops

Or being updated. A LOT of these match current pets so… of course, this could also mean new colors for some but… ANYWAY, quick list:

1. Acklay/Lylek x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4
2. Battle Droid x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4
3. Orobird x6 – 3 were added in 1.2, although, one is still missing.
4. Blurrg x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4
5. Akk Dog x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4 and 3 released in 1.3
6. Horranth x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4
7. Dragonbat x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4
8. Flutterplume x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4
9. Gizka x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4
10. Gree Larva x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4 and the Deep Wriggler did come out at the least.
11. Manka Cat x14 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4
12. Monkey Lizard x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4 and still one confirmed to be for the Cartel Shop.
13. Mouse Droid x2 – There is a chance this could refer to the TOR-CE from Beta or the normal Mouse Droid that has been available since live.
14. Mouse Droid/Minimech Collector’s Edition x2 – Could be the Minimech CE (since live) or TOR-CE from Beta (which was rumored to be the original CE pet)
15. “Karagga’s Mouse Droid” x2 – Most likely referring to the M0-GUL Thrall Droid which was added in 1.1. I really don’t think (and hope not) that there’d be another which makes me continue these are just updates to make them look better over new pets (or at least overall)
16. Mouse Droid/Sandcrawler x3 – Probably referring to either the Mouse Droid and/or Little Sandcrawler which have both been out since live.
17. Probes x12 – Most likely referring to the probes mentioned in Data Dump 1.4 and the Interrogation Droid that has been out since live.
18. Rakghoul x6 – Added in 1.2. All 3 were released so this could possibly be more colors or, well, like I said…updated graphics.
19. Tauntaun x10 – Added in 1.2. All 5 were released–although, Smelly from Beta has technically not been (however, people say Tauntaun Ram is just Smelly renamed)
20. Vrblthr x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4
21. Womprat x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4
22. Wraid/Lobel x6 – Mentioned in Data Dump 1.4. Also Lobels were released in 1.3–2/3 have been able to be gotten with the Lobelode still not released yet.

As usual, I won’t really list anything until I see a more…understandable list on some of the databases, but as much as I love pets…that is a lot. Just…so much. And if the majority aren’t upcoming for the Cartel Shop… I’m not sure how they will be gotten. For reference, here is the 1.4 Data Dump. Due to the fact that there really isn’t anything new (of course, more colors are an option), I do feel this may just be a graphic update over brand new pets.

Going to the latter subject real quick, I was dragged into a random story mode operation for commendations…after dealing with lots of glitches, we managed to get KP. However, rather than Bonethrasher 1-shotting the Band, they came down and actually began to help us fight. It was kind of awesome. I made sure to heal them too (which was harder than it sounds when you’re the only healer to begin with). If only my screenshots worked 🙁

Also helping people with the +10 datacron now <3

If you’d like the specific data dump lines from this place, here are the pet ones: Continue reading

1.4 Data Dump

So, I was recently linked to this and am now proceeding to freak the heck out.

There are a lot of Pets mentioned. I do not expect most of them to be actually obtainable come 1.4 due to the fact that the data dump is FILLED with a lot of stuff that is obviously for Free to Play or contains things that were confirmed on being sold in the Cartel Shop. The most confusing part is some are 2 different species that are mentioned has a pet. Maybe some kind of combination? Or just due to their similarity, it doesn’t matter?

Anyway, pet specifics:
1. Acklay/Lylek
2. Battle Droid – There are… a lot of Battle Droids. However, part of me wonders if it could be referring to L2-P2.
3. Blurrg
4. Akk Dog (We already have 3, so I guess a 4th (or more) is coming?)
5. Horranth
6. Dragonbat
7. Flutterplume
8. Gizka
9. Gree Larva? I would think this would be like a Gree Baby… If anything, I would guess it may be from the new operation…although, I really hope not :/
10. Manka Cat
11. Monkey Lizard. While there are other types of Monkey Lizards, there is a good chance they are referring to the one from the Cartel Market.
12. Interrogation Probe – Once again…there are many different kinds. However, part of me wonders if they could be referring to Lil’ Probey.
13. Vrblthr
14. Womprat
15. Wraid/Lobel – These are quite a bit different than the Acklay/Lylek (who don’t look too similar), but I could see them sharing a similar model due to walking the same way. Like Akk Dogs, there are already 3 Lobel (although, only 2 have been confirmed to be obtainable..even if one of those two is now retired), so this would bea 4th one if it is a Lobel–but it is possible just some combination of the two or because of the similar model, it is mentioned.

I’ll be keeping my eye out on the PTS. If you’re on it, feel free to join in :3 And do some research too! Like I said, I’d be really surprised if any will be out with the operation, but regardless, I won’t let my guard down.

Click the read more for the raw data dump specifics of the pets mentioned~

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