A Lead on the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg

So, if the person who let me use their story mode wasn’t awesome enough, they gave me a lead on the Wonderous/Wondrous egg. They told me where to ask some people and that they saw it drop about 3 months ago from Kephess on 16-man HM.

It seems most of our leads are pretty dated as to when it was seen, but if I can find someone with it…that will be a miracle in itself. And if the egg has not been seen since that many months ago, maybe that is a bug issue in itself.

Regardless, I will be making a character on their server and asking around. Wish me luck!

Edit: Unfortunately, the people they told me to ask weren’t as helpful :/ Only one person responded to me (who had only joined the previous day) and the only thing they told that person to tell me is “Go to Hoth and talk to Chief Johnson at the second base.” …I feel like I shouldn’t believe that. Regardless, I’ll probably try it even if it is a load of crud.

I will say though this is probably the biggest soul kicker though. I think I got my hopes up a bit too much.

Edit 2: unsurprisingly, there is nobody with that name on any of the bases on Hoth. Also checked Ilum–same results.

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