Wonderous Egg Possible Update

May have some information on it. Shall wait to see if any proof can be gotten. May actually be bugged.

18 thoughts on “Wonderous Egg Possible Update

    • yeeeeees. For now, going to see if they check like I asked and if so, we shall see. If not, then it is just…ridiculously rare and a really odd coincidence :/


    • I know how it feels 🙂 Why I am making sure not to get anyone’s hopes up first. Have had it happen to me too many times.


  1. i have been checking this website for updates you seem to be the only reliable source of info unlike the usual drops from Kephess HM


    • Aww T~T I appreciate that. It seems there may actually be some proof to that and the bug (if it really is a bug) may be part of why this blew up like so… of course, that would mean people were just being rude over spreading rumors and I’m not sure which is better 😐


    • It is possible. From what I can tell, any leads and information are always “about 3 months” ago or further back. Have you heard of seen anyone who said “oh yeah, found it last week”? No. Always “about a few months”.

      Kephess has had loot table issues before so there is actually a huge chance why it’s become this is that for some reason, the Egg stopped dropping and nobody noticed.


    • Not yet. I’ll post when I do get a result. But not too surprising ;/ Yesterday they were probably working on getting this set up and the game has still been down today.


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