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Rumors + Other Servers

So, the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg search has continued, unsurprisingly. As usual, most people are just kind of trolling or mixing the eggs up…or pointing to things that lack proof to begin with.

A Reddit Page was recently made to try and figure out more about it. There are two answers that could end up being helpful, but of course, one already ended as soon as it started and the other is pretty iffy too.

For now, I did make a Republic character on Canderous Ordo and got her to level 7. Tempted to do the same on the Imperial side, but doing it on one side was annoying enough and…well, both Hutta and Korriban aren’t much fun 🙁 Upon asking, I did not receive any information and there is not one currently on the GTN so… for now, just will try and stay hopeful.

However, I will say…asking doesn’t mean someone is lazy. Theories and ideas can be thought up through questions and confirmations…well, the more people trying, the quicker a confirmation can happen and more confirmations are always welcomed, right? Just… never think because someone is asking, they’re not trying anything themselves. That is just silly.