Recordings, Updates, and Helping @-@

So, firstly, nothing I really planned to record happened…but I did get further with Cellina and recorded most of that. Also helped out a friend with the last 3 quests for the event :3

Besides that, there was recently an interview that is stressing me out. Besides needing to hurry and gear up in general, I may need ot hurry up with PVP as well. Ignoring mods and stuff, I still need the Consular’s Exalted Gloves and Boots.

So, tidbits that caught my eyes:
-The new warzone is crazy. And involves both lots of killing (T___T) and objectives.
-New content won’t be available immediately for Free-to-Play users.
-No pay-to-win stuff.
-Nightmare Denova won’t be out until sometime after the new operation. The latter will be the next update.
-January is where they are aiming to have the next World Event. What they are hoping to do is a “anniversary” to Ilum’s open-world PVP. Apparently aliens may crash in and stuff may happen and it’ll give you a reason to go to Ilum besides dailies…if you do dailies (unlike me).
-New content every 6 weeks.
-New flashpoint in the works.
-Makeb is still bringing level increases.

So, it seems it’ll be the new operation… then HK-51/Belsavis-related then the new warzone and then probably the new space combat. I kind of expect Cathar not to come out until Free to Play–same with Makeb. And of course Nightmare Denova will be somewhere…

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