New page~ + 1.4 tomorrow

So, if you hover over the pets section a lot, you may notice the new Fake Pets page. These are just…items or summonable things that some people consider pets that aren’t actually pets either through their behavior or the fact that they are not permanent. I have seen people get confused, especially as some guides actually list some of these as pets despite not being pets.

Also, 1.4 is out tomorrow. There will be a maintenance tonight/early tomorrow morning and will last about 6 hours. Let’s hope it goes well. While I am excited… I’m also mixed about it 🙁 So much I still have to do… and who knows when I’ll get to do HM and experiment T~T

…though, I wonder if we can do Story mode TfB tomorrow then.

3 thoughts on “New page~ + 1.4 tomorrow

    • Aww :3 It’s more of a matter that I’m not sure if they’ll want to and both the ranged DPS will be doing 16-man HM progression so we’ll be 2 people short unless the people we were supposed to have actually show up 🙁


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