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Figured I’d try making a more condensed information drop XD If I missed something on the Tried or Not Tried List, let me know and feel free to continue to submit ideas. I’ll also add any I think of.

If you do not know about the Cave yet, well… It is a cave in Terror from Beyond, the new operation in 1.4. The cave is under a bridge on your way to the second boss and on 16-man HM (yes, this is 16-man HM only), gives the following message: “You feel a strange and chilling presence.”

For those of you who do not do 16-man HM, due to not having enough members or just preferring to run 8-man groups, it’s okay! 16-man is on the same lockout as 8-man so you can just switch the difficulty. However…if there really is some kind of boss, I’d recommend teaming up with another 8-man group.

Here is a video of said cave. The quickest way to get there is taking the speeder after having beaten the second boss in the operation. It’ll drop you off at the platform right before you’d jump down and you just need to turn around, go over to the bridge/on the bridge and jump down. If you only have the first boss down, once 2 hours have hit, all the mobs between the 1st and second boss will respawn and you will land from the speeder in a mob. If you have 3 or more down, the speeder will take you too far and you will be unable to get back there and thus, will need to walk to the area instead of taking the speeder.


Hints that have been given:
1. Oldschool
2. 10:30 Particulate: you want to know what’s in the cave?
10:30 Particulate: only what you bring with you.
10:31 Martin_smith: oh damn, troll and true at the same time

—–Script Excerpt of Scene
3. Martin_smith: I wouldn’t worry about it right now
Martin_smith: read the words

    Things that have been tried: (Note: These have ONLY been tried with less than 16 people unless otherwise noted. Please do try these with all 16 people as well)

  • Entering with everything unequipped and no items in inventory.
  • Entering with certain Vanity Pets: All tried except Orochick (for obvious reasons)
  • Going in with Shockfrozen Water
  • Going in with the Normal Water Buff
  • Going in with an Orobird Egg (I think this has been tried anyway? Feel free to correct me if not)
  • Going in with both the Egg and the Water Buff (I think this has been tried anyway? Feel free to correct me if not)
  • Going in with a Magenta Adegan Crystal
  • Going in with a Magenta Crystal
  • Going in with a Rough Magenta Shard
  • Going in with the Ice Scrabbler Jerky
  • Going in with the Ice Scrabbler Jerky Buff
  • Having everyone in there at much and having a Dance Party (okay, maybe not that last part)
  • Dragging monster’s into the cave and killing them.
  • Going in with the Nightmare Pilgrim Debuff only
  • Using the Galactic Party Bomb
  • Going in with the buffs from Outlaw’s Den
  • Going back after finishing the instance on HM 16-man for the first time. (EMPTY/Locked-out INSTANCE)
  • Entering with a Deep Wriggler Vanity pet.
  • Go in with the Red rhombus title
  • Typing “You feel a strange and chilling presence.” while in the cave
  • Checking it after completing the story quest.
  • Go in with your UI disabled – Ctrl U once
  • See if anything in on ceiling
  • Use /stuck in cave
  • Revive someone in cave.
  • Using the Rhythm Augmentation Droid
  • Try using an AoE all over the cave.
  • See if you can use a heroic moment in the cave (due to the “supposedly can be used in some situations as an exception with no companion)
  • Going in with a Pristine Adegan Crystal
  • Dueling in the cave.
  • Trying to go in with a specific mood.
  • Going in with a Rubat Crystal
  • Going in with a Bondar Crystal
  • Going in with both a Rubat Crystal and a Bondar Crystal.
  • Going in with a Rubat Crystal plus a Color Crystal
  • Going in with a Rubat Crystal plus an Adegan Crystal
  • Going in with a Bondar Crystal plus a Color Crystal
  • Going in with a Bondar Crystal plus an Adegan Crystal
  • Going in with a Rubat Crystal, a Bondar Crystal, and a Color Crystal
  • Going in with a Rubat Crystal, a Bondar Crystal, and a Adegan Crystal
  • Entering with both Mainhand and offhand unequipped.
  • Going in with Hydro Ice Thinner
  • Using the Party Instigator (Social 5)
  • Checking it after completing it on both story and hardmode.
  • Use some sort of Stealth Detection item/skill in cave.
  • Going in with Zero Buffs. I.E. Right Click everything on your bar to remove them.
  • Entering with only mainhand equipped.
  • Entering with starter gear
  • Using a specific action while in cave (I’d recommend going through all of them)
  • Dragging the Mini Boss into the cave.
  • Go into cave with Dread Guard Mask on
    Things that still need to be tried:

  • Going in with Womp Rat Fever
  • Going in with the Nightmare Pilgrim Buff
  • Checking it out the next time you do it (NOT locked-out/Empty instance) after finishing the instance on HM 16-man for the first time
  • Everyone (all 16 people) entering with a Deep Wriggler Vanity pet.
  • Entering with ONLY Mainhand unequipped.
  • Entering with ONLY Mainhand unequipped and a specific mood.
  • Entering with ONLY offhand unequipped.
  • Going in with Red Detonite
  • Using certain food item buffs (Specific items tried so far: N/A)
  • Going in with only a relic that requires Light V or Dark V equipped.
  • Using both the Party Instigator and Galactic Party Bomb in cave (Requires 2 people as they share a cooldown)
  • 16 people in Meditative Mood all using their Health Regen
  • From Yul, one of our commenters:

    ALSO, the RED and BLUE features and plants in the cave seem WAY too coinincidental to be in there set COMPLETELY away from each other. (Red obviously symbolizing the Empire and Blue for the Republic). Maybe either Empire Raid groups need to stand on the Red side and draw their weapons facing Blue or stand on Blue and draw their weapons. Visa versa for Republic raids.

  • Using HK-51 Part Scanner in cave.
  • Using a Dreadful Amulet in cave.
  • Using a Dreadful Amulet in the cave with the Dead Guard Mask in your inventory.
  • Using a Dreadful Amulet in the cave with the Dead Guard Mask on.
  • Just having the Dreadful Amulet in your inventory with the Dead Guard Mask on.
  • Just having the Dreadful Amulet and Dead Guard Mask in your inventory.
  • Use Amulet on the mobs outside the cave to see if it chases them inside it.
  • Use the Dreadful Orb and Dreadful Amulet together.
  • Dreadful Orb, Dreadful Amulet, and Dread Guard Mask together.

My main ideas are that whatever you do, it either:
A. Summons a boss (My main instinct is a Force Ghost) that drops something special.
B. Gives a Pet
C. Gives a Color Crystal (Main instinct is black-cyan due to this)
D. Summons a Chest that has something special

52 thoughts on “Cave Info Compilation

      • You cannot go in with the outlaws den pvp buffs, afaik they clear upon zone transition. I tried going into a pvp match/my ship with them and they are gone after loading. Was there a link to where these people gave the hints? I am not familiar with either of them, and didn’t see much on official forums.


        • Darn, that stinks.

          And sadly, no. They were given through Cali Killed Nox’s Stream chat. And the chat clears out per refresh so… Jesse Sky is the lead operation person and Martin Sky actually works on several of the bosses.


  1. Er I had a thought lastnight, try dragging a certain mob into the cave with you? Hence only what you bring? Possibly wrong though.


    • Some people already tried drawing the mobs near the cave in. No luck. I would think most others would reset if dragged that close, but someone had similar ideas so I do have them up there.


      • not sure if its different on HM but on SM the only mobs that do respawn are the lizards.

        Has anyone tried walking in (not running) with weapons unequipped? and or with a random mood set? Maybe something similar to Luke and the dark side cave?


        • Yeah, Lizards are the only ones that seem to respawn and they are all over the place.

          Someone tried walking in with nothing equipped and inventory completely empty, but not just weapons.


  2. I’m pretty sure these won’t work but I wonder if the red detonite might work or the hydro ice thinner.

    I also wonder if there is a clue in the word troll from Martin’s response. Creature that looks like a troll? T-roll?

    Igniting a lightsaber in the cave?

    Long shot but what about the items that give you buffs sold by regular cantina vendors.

    I am thinking things that are hot/cold or things that produce a bright light might work.


    • Considering there is nothing to interact with in the cave, it doesn’t seem likely… but who knows, so I shall put both up there.

      It’s possible, although, I’m not sure.

      Hmm… I think I’ve done this, but I haven’t paid TOO much attention so shall mention that too.

      But yeah, lots of options.


      • I thought I saw that there was a fire outside or near the entrance of the cave that gives a stacking debuff. That’s what I thought you might interact with. Seems a long shot though. But maybe the hydro thinner you just activate and makes the cave cooler? But I thought maybe even just bringing in the crystals would be enough. I really want to solve this!


        • I don’t recall it being that close, but regardless, someone did try standing in it with the water buff and it just killed them and the debuff is gone as soon as you exit it.


  3. I also looked at KOTOR and the crystal cave there gives Rubat and Bondar crystals. So I wonder if you have to go with Rubat & Bondar plus a color crystal or even an Adegan crystal.


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  5. “Don’t worry about it right now” — something not implemented yet? Needed item not in game?

    I seem to recall Luke buckling on his belt with saber before going into the cave, not sure what I’d try about that though … since he was also wearing other clothes 😛


    • Another idea is just that it requires multiple people to have something so you wouldn’t be able to do it right away. Kind of furthers my wondering over the first high drop rate pet as you’d only be able to get 1 a week so it would be 16 weeks (4 months) of completing HM TfB before everyone would have one.

      …that’d be so cruel though.


        • Well, it’d still require time. Heck, nobody on our server has beaten HM completely yet on 8 man or 16 man.

          And regardless, it’s a matter of who wins. For 16-man, it’s 2 tanks, 4 Healers, and 10 DPS so if 4 tanks won and 8 healers won as an example…you can see the issue 😛 Even more so when people are picky on classes.


    • I think there is a clue in that first sentence. Maybe “worry”?

      Also does read the words apply to the red text or the clues? If the text, “strange, chilling, presence” are the key words. Makes me think there is something you can do to detect the presence. How does that overlap with only what you bring with you… Maybe presence applies to the presence stat in some way or a companion…

      Other thoughts were using stealth detection or something hot to combat the cold. Not sure what that is though. The cold weather gear and the buff for the force ghost on Ilum seemed like the best shots to me.

      Are there any emotes that might work? What about typing the red text in chat?

      Last idea, using some of the social gear to throw a party in the cave. Old School the movie features quite the rager, so maybe that would work.


      • I think the text, but I’m not sure. Wasn’t specified, but it’s just what I figured.

        All my companions are maxed so it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with that.

        I’ll update the post though with these things 🙂 I did use the Galactic Party Bomb in it and nothing.


          • It depends. If it is a boss or adds…definitely yes. If it isn’t, it depends if they have a mechanism to see just how many people are there.


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  7. I think maybe they do have a 16 man check, but not sure.

    What about going in with Black Bisector title on?


  8. Tried going in with the following all together:

    Advanced Cyan Eviscerating Crystal
    Precision Bowcaster (Chevin Weapon, unequipped)
    Pristine Adegan Crystal
    Rubat Crystals
    Bondar Crystals
    Corellian Museum Crystal
    Perfect Upari Crystal
    Upari Crystal
    and few other random color crystals. Nothing so far.

    Tried it on my BH, has cleared HM TFB on previously last week. Has all datacrons and the Deep Wriggler pet.


    • Just tried going in with the Cold Weather equipment, nothing. Tried using it for the buff and tried again, nothing.


        • Update:

          Both weapons unequipped, Hydro Thinner, Party Instigator, Stealth Scanned used and completing both story and hard mode tested. (Cleared 16 man hardmode, 8 man story) More to take off the list.


  9. You cannot duel in this area. Drove into the cave on the Chevin event broken speeder. Walked in with only a legacy weapon equipped. Walked in with nothing equipped.


  10. Tried walking in ungeared(nothing on). no effect.
    Tried walking in with only main hand attached. no effect.
    Tried walking in with the starter gear. no effect.
    Tried walking in with with pet(deep Wriggler) out. no effect.
    Tried all of the moods. no effect.

    This was all after a full clear.


    • I’m really beginning to think you need a party of 16 for it.

      I tried almost all the emotes last night, I had held out hope for /observe, /look, /warmup, /shiver and /cold. Tried the disco wall with a friend, tried /e feels a strange and mysterious presence. Also tried the cold weather equipment.

      Brought a yellow creature in, brought a red creature in. Rode in on my aratech fire (didn’t try my ice but seems like a long shot). I did notice some skulls outside though. I also noticed that if I go to the back of the visible cave and then click on my map it shows me only about half way through the mountain so it’s possible there is a false door. Also if you go back out of the cave and back towards the first boss there is a loop in the path. If you go East there you will see a clearing behind the wall with a path going up into the mountains. Seems like there wouldn’t be a path there if there wasn’t a way to get there (maybe through the cave).

      Also started wondering if the devs might have been giving another clue which is that when looking at the words we should also think about the green elliptical area and harmonius habitat.


  11. Considering that this cave is HIGHLY mirrored to the one in the movie, has anyone tried to RECREATE this scene as best as possible? Have your raid’s Jugg/ Guardian go into the cave ALONE and ACTIVATE their lightsaber? (Default to draw weapon is Z). At the simplest level something to this effect should be recreated, at the most complex level maybe they need to have a Green saber (Or Blue, I forget what color his saber ws at this point in the movie), equip Imperial/ Republic Fighter Social Armor (the set obtained from doing Space Missions). Just my 2 cents.


    • I don’t think they’d do something class specific as not everyone may have one of those in their raid group. @-@

      But yeah, the main thing is the cave could also just be a reference to it without it actually being similar.

      I should see if I can find a clip of the movie.


  12. ALSO, the RED and BLUE features and plants in the cave seem WAY too coinincidental to be in there set COMPLETELY away from each other. (Red obviously symbolizing the Empire and Blue for the Republic). Maybe either Empire Raid groups need to stand on the Red side and draw their weapons facing Blue or stand on Blue and draw their weapons. Visa versa for Republic raids.


  13. Someone tried dragging the miniboss in there and that didn’t work. This was on HM 16 man

    There are some rumors that the music only plays when people are unequipped so having everyone unequipped on 16 man HM might be needed.


    • Already moved that to the “didn’t work” :3

      But yeah, I made a note about people trying to do things in 16-man too… unfortunately, that’s easier said than done in a lot of cases 🙁


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  15. We solved the CAVE we gained an item from Dreadtooth Nightmarish 10 stacks that spawned a Dreadful entity which our guild has killed and he dropped a mysterious dreadful orb.

    Can find more info at




    • Yes, I know 🙂 *points to link and the link at that link and her second most recent post* as I said there, Congrats~ I was talking to Netto about it the entire time (and watching too~)

      And people said the amulet didn’t exist~ 😛 but yay for my assumption turning out correct.


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