Nightmare Denova confirmed to have new pet

Bolded important parts 🙂

12:38 Mizunosakura: I was actually hoping that during the Acquisition’s Race, we’d be able to go to the starter planet of the other faction
» if only for more datacrons
» Well, will more bosses be dropping pets in the future?
12:39 Martin_smith: yep
12:39 Mod Bloodguts: i want a gree larva pet! :3
12:39 Martin_smith: omg
» nightmare denova
» pet

12:39 Mod Bloodguts: YES
12:39 Mizunosakura: A new pet? T~T
12:39 Scorpiux: Schweet.
12:39 Mod Bloodguts: a tank pet
12:39 Martin_smith: take your guess what would drop from nightmare denova
12:39 Mod Bloodguts: FIREBRAND PET
12:39 Mizunosakura: hmm
12:40 Scorpiux: Yeahhh a droid tankw ould be awesome.
12:40 Mizunosakura: Bomb droid pet? XD
12:40 Scorpiux: Orrr a drouk
12:40 Mizunosakura: Or a battle droid? Since Kephess summons a few of them
12:40 Mod Bloodguts: miniature Droug?
12:40 Mizunosakura: Mini Drouk would be interesting
» Are you going to tell us if we guess right? XD
12:40 Martin_smith: nope

12:41 Mizunosakura: darn it!

2 thoughts on “Nightmare Denova confirmed to have new pet

    • Yeah, but excited regardless. XD

      I tried asking before but sadly he didn’t know! 🙁 He mostly does boss stuff, but I don’t believe he worked on EC Kephess (although, he did the tanks).


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