Terror from Beyond

So, a new development blog is out! And about the new operation no less ๐Ÿ™‚

Interesting Points and Speculation:
-Clearer picture of final boss and players on platforms. Curious how this will work. Feeling bad for Melee players though.
-Asation is the planet we shall be going to :3
-5 Bosses.
-I’m guessing the Puzzle is where you see players in various colors. Just seen too many things where people go into some kind of computer matrix thing and are a single color ๐Ÿ˜›
-I’m guessing one of the bosses (or maybe a mini-boss) is a boss from a previous instance due to the “In addition to strange creatures and agents of the Dread Masters, players will run into a familiar face on Asation. No spoilers, but hereโ€™s a hint: heโ€™s not going to be very happy to see you.” Would go with Kephess as he appears in the ending cutscene after EC. My only other idea with be Malgus (no real proof over if he died or not), but I do not see him working with the Dread Masters, honestly, so I’ll just stick with Kephess as it makes the most sense considering plot line and all ๐Ÿ˜›
-Gauntlet-Style on the final Boss. Not sure if it means you’ll have to run while being attacked until you are in position to fight or if you will be fighting mobs up until you get to where you fight the boss. Either way, should be interesting.
-Based a lot on execution of Mechanics.
-New set of PVE Gear
-“The hard difficulty mode for Terror From Beyond is balanced for players wearing a full set of Campaign gear, which can be acquired from Operation: Explosive Conflict. Augments will become increasingly more important the deeper you get into Terror from Beyond.” Hopefully the fact that I lack the hilt still won’t make a big deal ๐Ÿ™ …on the otherhand, I doubt I’ll get to do it much anyway ._.

Looking forward to maybe trying it with some people on the Test Server at least. I just hope they’ll let people download the Test Server a bit beforehand. My computer has it, but I have been playing on my Laptop more recently (as my computer needs new parts) and sadly, the Test Server went down before I got the chance to download it on here too ๐Ÿ™ But yeah, would like to download ahead of time so I can patch it and get on ASAP.

Edit: Story Mode confirmed to drop Rakata stuff. Kind of reminds me of how different Normal and HM Lost Island are.

To-do List for 1.4?

While whether 1.4 is a full thing or not, it has been more or less confirmed by various interviews that Terror From Beyond will be out in September. Which means if they do put it on the Public Test Server (I’d think so, but who knows), it’ll probably be sometime soon.

Considering I have yet to actually get any kind of To-Do List completed 100%, I expect this to also be a failure (which actually makes me incredibly upset), but I figured I’d at least try and make this get all set up along with an average of about how much each will cost…if anything.

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Feeling unlucky, Leveling, HK, + Roseria

So, my guild being awesome went and finished Karagga’s Palace normal. Unfortunately, still no pet drop. :/ Which sucks. While I know the pets aren’t common, it seems ridiculous how much we’ve run them… this, Lost Island, and killing Gargath and just nothing. It’s just super depressing. And when you see someone come out of their first run with their brand new pet… it hurts .__.

Anyway, I am hoping to get back to leveling Amidaia soon. Especially as apparently HK-51 may need multiple characters (I feel bad for people who really don’t level other characters much like me. It seems I got lucky for this at least) considering hints to having a level 50 character on one faction and at least mid level on another. I don’t know if I’ll want to get HK on anyone besides Marilea, but if I do, probably just Amidaia. I mean, maybe the rest eventually, but not priority at all other than my main on each faction.

For now, I re-made Roseria, my test character, on Corellian Run. I will be making her DPS, but I honestly can’t decide if I should make her a sage or a shadow. I am leaning towards Sage as while Shadows can, well, sneak, I really prefer ranged combat and Shadows are a bit more up close and person. I’ll probably dress her either in Consulars Exalted or Force Evangelist and with a green color crystal.

New Pets and More Nests! + Other 1.3 stuff

Mini-pets have been added to the PvP items vendor.
So yes, more mini-pets. I’d be excited, but I haven’t even gotten all the ones in 1.2…and I still need one from 1.1 ๐Ÿ™ So I’m excited and stressing at the same time T__T Time to save up commendations… can I even hold that many? ๐Ÿ™ (Edit: Thanks to an awesome guild mate of mine, I found out you can have up to 4K Ranked and 2K Normal. And plus, you can trade Normal for Ranked (At 30 for 10) so currently trading Normal for Ranked as Ranked Warzones will probably be a pain. Once I have the 2K, I’ll just need to get the extra 2K normal Warzone ones after I buy the first pet)

The pets are, as follows:
Ganniffarl – ???
Lawgriffarl – Requires Rank 70 Valor. Costs 1,000 Ranked Commendations and 2,000 Warzone Commendations. Gotten from the PVP Items Vendor.
Hagnoffarl – ???
Lobelisk – Requires Rank 70 Valor. Costs 1,000 Ranked Commendations and 2,000 Warzone Commendations. Gotten from the PVP Items Vendor.
Lobelode – ???
Lobelot – ???

And for those who have yet to get an Orokeet/Unusual Egg: “Additional spawn locations for the Orokeet Mini-pet egg have been added to Alderaan. Eggs can now also be found on Balmorra (Imperial) and Taris (Republic).

So yay for more locations ๐Ÿ˜€ I know a lot of people really want one and while prices have dropped (25K-50K lately), I know people prefer finding some.

Also, for those who may have considered it a pet, you will be happy to hear: “The Party Instigator and Galactic Party Bomb now function correctly and are available on the appropriate Social vendors.” and “The Rhythm Augmentation Droid now lasts for 5 minutes (up from 30 seconds).

I’m definitely excited for both as I had only gotten to enjoy my Galactic Party Bomb for a few minutes before what happened. Not to mention hearing music for more than 30 seconds is always nice ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, onto some 1.3 stuff:
1. You can get up to 30% more experience with experience boosters.
2. Companion increasements (What I’d spend on first) can go up 15%
3. Crafting criting can go up 3% (Second.)
4. It costs 25K to add the best Augment Slot…so I’d need like 14… so 350K.
5. Quicker speeder sooner is an extra 250K…considering this is per character, I really don’t care enough to spend that much.

Anyway, all GTN’s are now neutral. However, they are still set so I’d still like to get the Ship one…but it’s not as high a priority so I’d probably get the mailbox first (after the Repair Droid, of course).

…I really need to earn more credits.

Anyway, I just hope ways are found out about the other 4 pets. v-v And I hope there aren’t more than that. I could do without more surprises. Shall have to check out the PTS on my computer when I get home on Friday. While doing PVP on this laptop to gain as many commendations as possible.

I wish the Group finder could find World Boss groups too. As it is, I’ll probably do Karagga and Lost Island I guess…and still hope people for Gargath. But yes, I need to get pets off my list ๐Ÿ™ To think…going from 4 (and people still don’t know how to get the Wondrous Egg v-v Of course, it’s possible it hasn’t dropped for anything yet too) to 10 sucks T__T At least I’ve already at 70 Valor… (71 I believe)

Finally, new Test Server titles: Strike Team Specialist and Strike Team Commander It will most likely not be sent until 1.3 is out on Live which kind of stinks are you won’t know when you earn it. I will probably use Roseria for Group Finding stuff (maybe get her leveled finally) if only because I’d rather not advance anywhere on Marilea (if she gets copied over) and rather just use Marilea to explore and browse for new pets.

And found out the specifics so, quoting the official website:
Strike Team Specialist โ€“ In order to get this title, a player will need to complete four pieces of content (meaning Flashpoints, Hard Mode Flashpoints Tier 1/Tier 2 or Story Mode Operations) using the Group Finder tool in its default search setting on a single day OR eight pieces of content (using the Group Finderโ€™s default setting) within seven days.
Strike Team Commander โ€“ In order to get this title, a player will need to complete four pieces of content in a single day AND eight pieces of content within seven days. Again, using the Group Finder toolโ€™s default search setting.

So doing 8 in a day should get both…though, I may do 12 (4 on day and 8 another day) just to make sure. ..or possibly 2 days of 8 for 16 total.

As it is, you only have until the 16th :/ and I do not get home until the 8th v-v; so that’s kind of sucky. Still, close cut-off date. Guess 1.3 really isn’t far off.

Wardrobe Thoughts

I’ve been thinking very hard about what I’d want each of my characters to wear. While Marilea is all set in her Elegant Dress set and her Elder Seeker’s Headgear (though, I may want to find a hat that is more circlet-y/tiara-ish) along with her Righteous Harbinger’s Lightsaber, I’m still having an awful time finding Amidaia a nice shirt. She is pretty much fine with everything else though (however, I should probably try and learn to make the skirt so I can get an augment slot for it…at least those kits will be out in 1.3).

I have been checking on the awesomely helpful TOR Fashion site to try and get an idea for what I’d want to do for Miisha, my future smuggler, but it doesn’t seem there is too much up yet for Medium Armor. I did, however, find what I will probably want my future Trooper, who I finally have decided to name Zoara, to wear. I haven’t seen exactly what I want for my Imperial Agent (Cellina) or Bounty Hunter (Aurorra) yet, but I shall have to just keep checking back.


So, thanks to some help, my level 19 Jedi Sage on the Public Test Server has finished Act 1 and gotten her legacy! I ended up picking “Royal”, which is what I probably would’ve picked for my main legacy if I thought about it instead of Naberrie, and was very happy it was still available. “The Royal Legacy”, indeed.

So, Legacy stuff!:
1. There is a new item that you receive upon completion of Act 1 (I’m sure it’s probably different for anyone besides Consulars and Knights though): A Jedi Academy Pass. It instantly takes you to the Jedi Temple on Tython. Unfortunately, it only has one use and is somewhat associated with your next quest for some odd reason–also, after use if you have it in your toolbar, it has a cooldown timer…despite the fact that you have no more you can use. You also receive (before this item, actually) your first Bound to Legacy Item: “Inheritance Mainhand Weapon Construction Kit” which “Can be used to create a piece of powerful Inheritance equipment.” I have no idea how it works ๐Ÿ˜€ Apparently it is used at the Legacy Vendors on Coruscant!

2. Moving on, as most people know, besides species unlocks when you get to level 50 with that species or buy them, there are also class unlocks (which, as far as I can tell, are not buyable). Each class, besides the companion affection buffs, will give you a special emote and their buff on completing Chapter 2 with that class and a special attack on completing Chapter 3.

3. All Species are 1.5 million except Human which is only 500K. As for the point of Human, it gives a +100 Presence Bonus. All Species require Legacy Level 5 to purchase (or just for you to hit level 50 to unlock them).

4. For Other Legacy Stuff… well….

  • While Neutral isn’t available yet, the Dark and Light side attacks are. They require you to be Dark V or Light V respectfully and level 50 OR if you rather just purchase them, it costs 250K and Legacy Level 10.
  • Ship Unlocks, sadly, are purchase and Legacy only. The Repair Droid requires Legacy level 7 and costs 1 million, The Mailbox requires Legacy Level 10 and costs 500K, Both Training Dummies also require Legacy Level 10 and cost 500K each, and finally, the Galactic Market Kiosk costs 5 million (still ๐Ÿ™ ) but is down from 35 legacy to only 25 (which I’m only one away from) so yay for that! …now let’s pretend I could afford it in the first place.
  • For the Unarmed Attacks, they require Valor Rank or Legacy Level. Punch requires Valor 5 OR Legacy Level 5 and currently has no price. Jab requires Valor Rank 10 or 30,000 Credits and Legacy Level 8. Uppercut requires Valor Rank 15 or 30,000 Credits and Legacy Level 10, and finally, Bash requires Valor Rank 25 or 30,000 Credits and Legacy Level 15.
  • Convenience runs over the same reign as ship unlocks. Legacy Fleet Pass requires 100K + Legacy Level 5, 200K + Legacy Level 10, and 300K + Legacy Level 15 for each level. Legacy Travel requires, well, the same costs and levels as Legacy Fleet Pass. Rocket Boost, which seems to work somewhat like Force Speed, requires 2 million and Legacy Level 8 to unlock. You can then shorten the cooldown twice–once for 1 million + legacy level 10 and the other for 1.5 million and legacy level 12.
  • Finally, Social which works like Valor and Alignment features special stuff for your social level. Companion Dance requires Social Level 3 OR 25,000 Credits + Legacy Level 3, Tech Emotes requires Social 4 or 50K Credits + Legacy Level 8, Tool Emotes require Social 6 or 100K Credits and Legacy Level 12, and finally, Double Lasers Emote requires Social 10 or 150K and Legacy Level 15.

Besides that, there is a really cool Coming soon section which I haven’t seen spoken about much, so… SPOILERS: Continue reading

Patch 1.2, tomorrow or next week? + Plans

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t stressed or worried. While there has been mixed things about tomorrow (Said in the video then said that wasn’t true on the forum then apparently told it was true at PAX East?), it’s also been said that if it’s not tomorrow, we should expect 1.2 next week. (Edit: Apparently we may even expect it Wednesday, Thursday, or even Friday…or well, any day this week)

While I’m sure most people are excited, I’m just worried because I still have so much to do and despite all those numbers and things, that is actually the short version and already prioritized.

For example, some things I’d like to do are get all the codexes from bosses and flash points and hard modes. I’d like to get Battle of Ilum done (on both difficulties) along with Esseles and Directive 7’s hard modes plus False Emperor on Normal. Not to mention the vehicles that drop from certain bosses and the daily commendation ones (unfortunately, I do not have enough time to get 400 daily commendations for them :/)

I’d also have loved to get full Rakata gear. While gear isn’t my focus at all, I do like getting everything done before something big is to happen. Think of it as an expansion in a game–I’d like to get all goals and things out of the way so I can focus on the new content, rather than constantly feel like I’m backtracking.

As it is, other than money earning and codexes you can get from the planets, the only real goal I’ve had that fits into those kinds of things is trying to get the M0GUL-Thrall Droid, which is the gold Minimech that drops from Karagga. Considering you can only do it twice a week (and I’m lucky if I ever get to go at all. Another big thank you to Bad Motivator Units for letting me go with you guys T~T), it’s definitely not likely…but I really do want it. However, I’m sure Karagga’s will be canceled completely as our guild will probably just focus on the new Operation coming.

But I suppose I’ve spoken a lot about what I want to do before 1.2…what about after though? Beyond all the Legacy stuff I want to buy, of course ๐Ÿ˜›

Well, I do plan on essentially putting myself in Alderaan to grab that Orobird egg. Then, I’ll go and buy the NVSCCS from that one vendor in the mountains and head to the fleet and buy Taunta. After that, I’ll probably either:
A. Head to Corellia for the new quests and to Voss for the open world Voss Heroic. Plus pick up the special Vehicle quests.
B. Check out the new flash point–I’m so tired of having the quest for it and not being able to do anything since it’s not our yet ๐Ÿ˜›
C. Try and fight some mobs on Hoth to find out more about the Tauntaun mystery and/or find the jerky that people are guessing may have something to do with it. Not to mention the incubator for the Orobird egg.
D. Work on Synthweaving and getting new gear and pulling out mods to put in my Elegant outfit.
E. Stalk the Market for things like the Cybertech Speeders and some other stuff…maybe find someone who wouldn’t mind if I stalked their neutral ship GTN thing.

Most likely I’ll be doing a mix of these things. Regardless, I expect the Corellia and Voss quests to be first after pet stuff (IE: If the incubator and/or other egg locations are found before then, I’ll probably be doing those things first). I’ll probably also keep my eye out for the other Orobird eggs that supposedly exist too. While the special vehicle quests are high up there, considering their requirements, it’ll probably be a while before I earn them, unfortunately.

But yes, I’m definitely excited and have a lot I want to do. And out of stuff I listed, if I did want to go all the way with getting things done before 1.2, getting all the Rakata stuff would be last, of course.

I just hope I can get most of it done and save up a good amount of money. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if any will be ๐Ÿ™

Making our way on the test server + PVP Changes.

Maybe because I enjoy torturing myself, I decided to make things a bit more difficult (or really, I just miscalculated) and essentially try to more or less just rush through my class quest.

Of course, near the end of Taris (at level 14), that finally came to bite me in the butt. Despite finally deciding to ask for help (something I really dislike doing), nobody cared to bother. Eventually, I just ended up finding a way to defeat the Master on Taris as part of the Sage story quest and continue along to Nar Shaddaa.

Only I couldn’t do much of anything. So, once again, I tried asking for help…and after many ignores and even trying to PVP to earn experience…someone did eventually offer to help.

But before we get to that, I will talk about PVP briefly. Novare Coast is very nice and interesting. I enjoyed it. My main issue is that if you get less than 4 medals, you get absolutely nothing. 0. Fine, if you can’t get your max awards unless you get 8 now, I can deal with that, but no experience, no money, no valor because I got 3 or less medals? Seriously?

We got into many matches with imperials of much higher level (and thus, more skills) and while there were times I could hold my own, almost every Civil War map (which is partially due to nobody trying to really chat with one another) ended up being them getting all 3 turrets and then mercilessly killing us over and over. I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do to earn medals like that. And it’s stupid that, regardless of how hard we try, we get absolutely nothing if we don’t reach some standard. I think that’s really poor planning. And while I can usually make it to 4 medals, I definitely have trouble getting to 8–hopefully it’ll be easier on my main character.

Heading back to PVE and Class Story-ness, we began to make our way on Nar Shaddaa and then even one of their friends from their guild came to help too ๐Ÿ™‚ And that friend continued to help even after the original person had to go. In the end, we got through a little of Tatooine before they had to go too and well, it’s fine as I probably need to rest anyway. I’m so sick of allergies this week ๐Ÿ™ But yes, I am also level 17 now~

But yes, hopefully I can finish up Tatooine and even Alderaan soon and thus, hit legacy! I’m looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes ๐Ÿ™‚ And seeing if a certain legacy name is allowed.

The Test Server

If there’s one thing about the Test Server, it’s that despite all the people from all over the world on various servers, everyone is very nice. A lot of people are trying to figure things out and work together with others and it’s a nice feeling. The general chat on the Republic side of Corellian Run is usually quite nice…the Imperial side…not so much (though, I do know some very awesome people who’s main characters are Sith), so I was a bit worried about the Test Server, but it is quite nice.

Today, after finishing PVP dailies and hitting Valor level 55 (and working on my space missions! Just 4 to go), I decided to hop on and see if anyone had found out any information about the Tauntauns and Orobirds yet. I had set up the Pet Guide-Checklist page as it is, so I figured it’d be good timing too. Most people just told me the usual “Well, there’s Taunta in the Collector’s Edition vendor” which I already knew, but appreciated that people replied. So, I decided to take a deep breath, shrug off my shyness, and send some messages to people on Hoth (Where the Tauntauns are rumored) and Alderaan (where the Orobirds are rumored). To my surprise, each person I whispered responded. And even gave some info which helped and made me form some ideas myself.

I do hope to get my ship soon–and maybe even finish the first part of my story (so I’d unlock both titles) if anything on the Test Server, but I don’t know if I’ll have time. But yes, once my ship is gotten, I’ll probably do a bit of exploring.

It’s too bad we can’t make a topic on the forum to discuss the vanity pets that are upcoming. I tried to only to have the topic removed… so I’m guessing they just don’t want it discussed right now.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully have the other two pages up tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ But for now, I should get some sleep so I can wake up early!