So, thanks to some help, my level 19 Jedi Sage on the Public Test Server has finished Act 1 and gotten her legacy! I ended up picking “Royal”, which is what I probably would’ve picked for my main legacy if I thought about it instead of Naberrie, and was very happy it was still available. “The Royal Legacy”, indeed.

So, Legacy stuff!:
1. There is a new item that you receive upon completion of Act 1 (I’m sure it’s probably different for anyone besides Consulars and Knights though): A Jedi Academy Pass. It instantly takes you to the Jedi Temple on Tython. Unfortunately, it only has one use and is somewhat associated with your next quest for some odd reason–also, after use if you have it in your toolbar, it has a cooldown timer…despite the fact that you have no more you can use. You also receive (before this item, actually) your first Bound to Legacy Item: “Inheritance Mainhand Weapon Construction Kit” which “Can be used to create a piece of powerful Inheritance equipment.” I have no idea how it works 😀 Apparently it is used at the Legacy Vendors on Coruscant!

2. Moving on, as most people know, besides species unlocks when you get to level 50 with that species or buy them, there are also class unlocks (which, as far as I can tell, are not buyable). Each class, besides the companion affection buffs, will give you a special emote and their buff on completing Chapter 2 with that class and a special attack on completing Chapter 3.

3. All Species are 1.5 million except Human which is only 500K. As for the point of Human, it gives a +100 Presence Bonus. All Species require Legacy Level 5 to purchase (or just for you to hit level 50 to unlock them).

4. For Other Legacy Stuff… well….

  • While Neutral isn’t available yet, the Dark and Light side attacks are. They require you to be Dark V or Light V respectfully and level 50 OR if you rather just purchase them, it costs 250K and Legacy Level 10.
  • Ship Unlocks, sadly, are purchase and Legacy only. The Repair Droid requires Legacy level 7 and costs 1 million, The Mailbox requires Legacy Level 10 and costs 500K, Both Training Dummies also require Legacy Level 10 and cost 500K each, and finally, the Galactic Market Kiosk costs 5 million (still 🙁 ) but is down from 35 legacy to only 25 (which I’m only one away from) so yay for that! …now let’s pretend I could afford it in the first place.
  • For the Unarmed Attacks, they require Valor Rank or Legacy Level. Punch requires Valor 5 OR Legacy Level 5 and currently has no price. Jab requires Valor Rank 10 or 30,000 Credits and Legacy Level 8. Uppercut requires Valor Rank 15 or 30,000 Credits and Legacy Level 10, and finally, Bash requires Valor Rank 25 or 30,000 Credits and Legacy Level 15.
  • Convenience runs over the same reign as ship unlocks. Legacy Fleet Pass requires 100K + Legacy Level 5, 200K + Legacy Level 10, and 300K + Legacy Level 15 for each level. Legacy Travel requires, well, the same costs and levels as Legacy Fleet Pass. Rocket Boost, which seems to work somewhat like Force Speed, requires 2 million and Legacy Level 8 to unlock. You can then shorten the cooldown twice–once for 1 million + legacy level 10 and the other for 1.5 million and legacy level 12.
  • Finally, Social which works like Valor and Alignment features special stuff for your social level. Companion Dance requires Social Level 3 OR 25,000 Credits + Legacy Level 3, Tech Emotes requires Social 4 or 50K Credits + Legacy Level 8, Tool Emotes require Social 6 or 100K Credits and Legacy Level 12, and finally, Double Lasers Emote requires Social 10 or 150K and Legacy Level 15.

Besides that, there is a really cool Coming soon section which I haven’t seen spoken about much, so… SPOILERS:
At the moment, no prices are listed, so I’ll just be giving categories and names for keeping track. These are supposed to come in 1.3.


  • Flashpoint Experience Bonus (1-5) – Increases experience gains from killing major enemies in flashpoints.
  • Space Experience Bonus (1-5) – Increases experience gains from completing space missions.
  • Warzone Experience Bonus (1-5) – Increases experience gains from completing warzones.

  • Legacy of Altruism (1-3) – Increases affection gains from giving gifts to companions.
  • Legacy of Persuasion (1-3) – Increases affection gain from conversation options.
  • Legacy of Crafting (1-3) – Increases chance of critical success while crafting.
  • Legacy of Leadership (1-2) – Companions sell junk faster.

  • Celerity (1-2) – Increases sprint speed.
  • Legacy Speeder License – Grants the ability to use level 25 speeders at level 10.

  • Repair Droid (1-3) – Creates a Repair Droid that players and their allies may use to repair items in the field.
  • Priority Medvac (1-2) – Return at increased health after dying and respawning at a medical center.
  • Field Respec – Reset your skill tree in the field.
  • Portable Mailbox – Drop a mailbox in the field for you and your allies to use.

so excited <3

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