The Test Server

If there’s one thing about the Test Server, it’s that despite all the people from all over the world on various servers, everyone is very nice. A lot of people are trying to figure things out and work together with others and it’s a nice feeling. The general chat on the Republic side of Corellian Run is usually quite nice…the Imperial side…not so much (though, I do know some very awesome people who’s main characters are Sith), so I was a bit worried about the Test Server, but it is quite nice.

Today, after finishing PVP dailies and hitting Valor level 55 (and working on my space missions! Just 4 to go), I decided to hop on and see if anyone had found out any information about the Tauntauns and Orobirds yet. I had set up the Pet Guide-Checklist page as it is, so I figured it’d be good timing too. Most people just told me the usual “Well, there’s Taunta in the Collector’s Edition vendor” which I already knew, but appreciated that people replied. So, I decided to take a deep breath, shrug off my shyness, and send some messages to people on Hoth (Where the Tauntauns are rumored) and Alderaan (where the Orobirds are rumored). To my surprise, each person I whispered responded. And even gave some info which helped and made me form some ideas myself.

I do hope to get my ship soon–and maybe even finish the first part of my story (so I’d unlock both titles) if anything on the Test Server, but I don’t know if I’ll have time. But yes, once my ship is gotten, I’ll probably do a bit of exploring.

It’s too bad we can’t make a topic on the forum to discuss the vanity pets that are upcoming. I tried to only to have the topic removed… so I’m guessing they just don’t want it discussed right now.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully have the other two pages up tomorrow 🙂 But for now, I should get some sleep so I can wake up early!

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