So, while working on the codex list today…

…We stumbled upon a way to get the final location we needed in Nar Shadda–the Upper Industrial Sector. Essentially, you have to go through an Imperial area and stand by their taxi guy in their Industrial Sector to get it. There is a level 50 Champion Robot that blocks an elevator to start your way there, but it IS possible to take down. We did with me healing, my boyfriend DPSing, and then having Nadia and Scourge out. It wasn’t easy, but it’s entirely possible.

The other two (one on each end of the area you need to get to), well, the one exiting out the other side can be avoided…the other, however, you will aggro. Best thing to do is get your companions out and then run through to the other side so it loses interest after killing your companions. Then, just run back in past the robot you can get around without aggroing.

We’re sorry if we scared some of the imperial players there! But yes, we were just codex hunting ^^;

But yes, the codex page should be done by today. I can’t guarantee the final page though–if only because I’ll have to do a lot of back and forth on prices and lists and as it is, all speeder prices will be increasing once 1.2 hits 🙁 But yes, I’ll try and get it up ASAP! As for what it will include… various things that can be bought, stuff that can’t be bought, mods, enhancements, augments, speeders, and pretty much various other collectible things and info on items I really want to get.

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