Making our way on the test server + PVP Changes.

Maybe because I enjoy torturing myself, I decided to make things a bit more difficult (or really, I just miscalculated) and essentially try to more or less just rush through my class quest.

Of course, near the end of Taris (at level 14), that finally came to bite me in the butt. Despite finally deciding to ask for help (something I really dislike doing), nobody cared to bother. Eventually, I just ended up finding a way to defeat the Master on Taris as part of the Sage story quest and continue along to Nar Shaddaa.

Only I couldn’t do much of anything. So, once again, I tried asking for help…and after many ignores and even trying to PVP to earn experience…someone did eventually offer to help.

But before we get to that, I will talk about PVP briefly. Novare Coast is very nice and interesting. I enjoyed it. My main issue is that if you get less than 4 medals, you get absolutely nothing. 0. Fine, if you can’t get your max awards unless you get 8 now, I can deal with that, but no experience, no money, no valor because I got 3 or less medals? Seriously?

We got into many matches with imperials of much higher level (and thus, more skills) and while there were times I could hold my own, almost every Civil War map (which is partially due to nobody trying to really chat with one another) ended up being them getting all 3 turrets and then mercilessly killing us over and over. I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do to earn medals like that. And it’s stupid that, regardless of how hard we try, we get absolutely nothing if we don’t reach some standard. I think that’s really poor planning. And while I can usually make it to 4 medals, I definitely have trouble getting to 8–hopefully it’ll be easier on my main character.

Heading back to PVE and Class Story-ness, we began to make our way on Nar Shaddaa and then even one of their friends from their guild came to help too 🙂 And that friend continued to help even after the original person had to go. In the end, we got through a little of Tatooine before they had to go too and well, it’s fine as I probably need to rest anyway. I’m so sick of allergies this week 🙁 But yes, I am also level 17 now~

But yes, hopefully I can finish up Tatooine and even Alderaan soon and thus, hit legacy! I’m looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes 🙂 And seeing if a certain legacy name is allowed.

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