TaunTaun Fawn achieved! …Just not usable yet.

Well, I managed to get a code for TaunTaun Fawn! 🙂 However, after waiting about an hour, I decided to send a message to support to see just how long it took to arrive so I knew I did it correctly (Even though according to the website, I did successfully enter a code for “A black and white colored tauntaun mini-pet”.).

To my surprise…they responded immediately–and not just that, but in a live chat! I never had a live chat experience with the game so it was quite surprising. They were very nice and kindly let me know that apparently TaunTaun Fawn will actually not be available until 1.2. I mean, you can get her now, but you will not actually receive her until 1.2 goes live.

I was a bit disappointed by this as I was really looking forward to her (and a bit confused as why they’d put a code out for a pet that can’t even be given to you yet), but was also grateful that she should arrive perfectly fine 🙂

But yes, so if you managed to score a code for TaunTaun Fawn and are wondering where it is…fear not! It’ll just be a while longer before you can roam around with her ^^; On the bright side, if you are on the test server, you can play with your new pet there!

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