Test Server notes!

Just random stuff as I explore… Shall continue to update.

-New quest (most likely what starts Terror from Beyond) from Minister Sosa who is in the Supplies area. She gives a quest called Ancient Allies. As expected, the Gree are involved.

-New gear–Hazmat and Dread Guard. Dread Guard is from HM Terror from Beyond. Only Hazmat stuff listed are some implants. Dread Guard seems to have rating 63 modifications.

-Sage offhand IS officially now modifiable. Shall have to take a look at mine when I get a chance… Will possibly need to buy a mod, enhancement, and armoring for it depending on what it has. It should have a +41 crystal regardless…but I want a magenta one 😐 May just buy off the market (let’s pretend I have credits for a moment). I’d do some comparisons on my gear and the new stuff…but Mr. Robot seems to be down for me. Wish I could do actual comparisons, but well:

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer the ability to copy characters for this test nor will there be any rewards offered for testing. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

So depressing T__T I really wanted to try Terror from Beyond…

Edit 2: THE NEW HEAL. I can’t really get a perfect idea on how good it is with my armor on the test server… but hopefully it’s better than what I am doing. It seemed to do about 3.5K (with a few smaller heals of about 100 or so). Crit for about 6K. So it seems to be on par with Deliverance which is pretty awesome.

Edit 3: The next part of the first quest is in the North East Corner (next Doorway after EC). The Gree kind of scare me. Kephess is confirmed to be back even further. Definitely going to be the familiar face.

Edit 4: Instance for the quest is also in this same area…you just take a left turn instead of going straight.

Edit 5: Asation~ Very pretty loading splash screen. Going to check out the cutscene to head down to the operation itself.

Edit 6: Leads you right into a cutscene. Very pretty sky. There is a Speeder Bike right at the beginning. Says it’s not functioning right now. Land is pretty swampy–can’t explore much without hitting an exhaustion zone.

Edit 7: 3 Maps. The first map…you go in then back out and then in again and then outside… Looks interesting.

Edit 8: Lots of robots. …couldn’t get much further sadly 😛

Edit 9: It seems we may actually go through the hypergate. Interesting.

Edit 10: The Mood section is under “Action”. There is Neutral, Alarmed, Annoyed, Astounded, Awed, Cheery, Dejected, Depressed, Discomforted, Eager, Flattered, Frustrated, Hurt, Joyful, Meditate, Mournful, Saddened, Scowling, and Stunned. Some look a bit silly, but they are still a nice feature.

Edit 11: Heading back to gear, supposedly the Belt and Bracers are modable! Yay! That would mean I could get them from the gear instead of waiting for someone to make them. Really need to work on what I have to aim for next…

Test server + 1.4 Patch Notes are up!

For the patch notes 🙂 Currently patching on my computer and downloading on my laptop as we speak. Only disappointment is it looks like no character transfers…which is really depressing T__T (Also, looks like no new pets officially mentioned…however, that doesn’t mean much. I kind of hope not though as we have enough mysteries on our hands with the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg/Orochick and who knows what with the Lobelode)

Regardless, some highlights and things I found interesting from the patch notes:
-Obviously Terror from Beyond is out. The new gear is “Dread Guard” (it sounds silly)

-The ground targeting reticule is no longer cleared when a channeled ability completes channeling. (Very nice. This was always a bit frustrating/confusing in PVP)

-Players no longer receive the error message “You cannot cast while moving” when moving, stopping, and then immediately using a ground-targeted ability. (Yay!)

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There have been rumors that the test server may go up today. I’m kind of thinking that may be true now that the maintenance has been pushed back 5 hours later at this point.

Just have to wait and see, I suppose. But this can’t just be a normal bug fix O-o

Edit: It would go up when I finished writing this!

You can read the patch notes here. Some highlights for me:

—–The event outfits (the Rakghoul Containment outfit and Sand People Bloodguard outfit) now bind to Legacy instead of binding on pickup.

—Legacy names are no longer unique. New Legacies that are created are now able to use a name that is already in use on the server. All players will be able to rename their Legacies once, at no cost, in a future update.
^Okay… I can understand why they did this, but I can see a lot of people being annoyed about it. Not to mention people who may get confused over others with the same name. However, this also means that users who disliked their Legacy Name will officially have a chance to change it soon.

So, should I keep the Legacy name, Naberrie, or change it to the one I have on the test server–Royal?

—Made minor cosmetic changes to the Character Selection and Character Creation UI.
^Always nice to see things made clearer

…This still seems kind of small considering the delays though :/

Terror from Beyond

So, a new development blog is out! And about the new operation no less 🙂

Interesting Points and Speculation:
-Clearer picture of final boss and players on platforms. Curious how this will work. Feeling bad for Melee players though.
-Asation is the planet we shall be going to :3
-5 Bosses.
-I’m guessing the Puzzle is where you see players in various colors. Just seen too many things where people go into some kind of computer matrix thing and are a single color 😛
-I’m guessing one of the bosses (or maybe a mini-boss) is a boss from a previous instance due to the “In addition to strange creatures and agents of the Dread Masters, players will run into a familiar face on Asation. No spoilers, but here’s a hint: he’s not going to be very happy to see you.” Would go with Kephess as he appears in the ending cutscene after EC. My only other idea with be Malgus (no real proof over if he died or not), but I do not see him working with the Dread Masters, honestly, so I’ll just stick with Kephess as it makes the most sense considering plot line and all 😛
-Gauntlet-Style on the final Boss. Not sure if it means you’ll have to run while being attacked until you are in position to fight or if you will be fighting mobs up until you get to where you fight the boss. Either way, should be interesting.
-Based a lot on execution of Mechanics.
-New set of PVE Gear
-“The hard difficulty mode for Terror From Beyond is balanced for players wearing a full set of Campaign gear, which can be acquired from Operation: Explosive Conflict. Augments will become increasingly more important the deeper you get into Terror from Beyond.” Hopefully the fact that I lack the hilt still won’t make a big deal 🙁 …on the otherhand, I doubt I’ll get to do it much anyway ._.

Looking forward to maybe trying it with some people on the Test Server at least. I just hope they’ll let people download the Test Server a bit beforehand. My computer has it, but I have been playing on my Laptop more recently (as my computer needs new parts) and sadly, the Test Server went down before I got the chance to download it on here too 🙁 But yeah, would like to download ahead of time so I can patch it and get on ASAP.

Edit: Story Mode confirmed to drop Rakata stuff. Kind of reminds me of how different Normal and HM Lost Island are.

Rumors + Other Servers

So, the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg search has continued, unsurprisingly. As usual, most people are just kind of trolling or mixing the eggs up…or pointing to things that lack proof to begin with.

A Reddit Page was recently made to try and figure out more about it. There are two answers that could end up being helpful, but of course, one already ended as soon as it started and the other is pretty iffy too.

For now, I did make a Republic character on Canderous Ordo and got her to level 7. Tempted to do the same on the Imperial side, but doing it on one side was annoying enough and…well, both Hutta and Korriban aren’t much fun 🙁 Upon asking, I did not receive any information and there is not one currently on the GTN so… for now, just will try and stay hopeful.

However, I will say…asking doesn’t mean someone is lazy. Theories and ideas can be thought up through questions and confirmations…well, the more people trying, the quicker a confirmation can happen and more confirmations are always welcomed, right? Just… never think because someone is asking, they’re not trying anything themselves. That is just silly.

To-do List for 1.4?

While whether 1.4 is a full thing or not, it has been more or less confirmed by various interviews that Terror From Beyond will be out in September. Which means if they do put it on the Public Test Server (I’d think so, but who knows), it’ll probably be sometime soon.

Considering I have yet to actually get any kind of To-Do List completed 100%, I expect this to also be a failure (which actually makes me incredibly upset), but I figured I’d at least try and make this get all set up along with an average of about how much each will cost…if anything.

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The Grand Acquisitions Race Follow-up :)

With the event ended technically tonight when the game goes down for maintenance/patching, I figured I’d post some stuff about it 😀 Before I do, I will just say I ended up buying the Automatic Bowcaster for Cellina. I noticed it wasn’t actually shown on her post about the event so I looked it up and it is awesome and totally fits her so I bought it and yeah 😛 I also got my BH Commendations for my Hat so just 1 Advanced Mettle Mod 26, 2 Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26, 1 Advanced Resolve Hilt 26, and 2 Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 to go. (Which I can now afford–just need the stupid Grade 8 stuff — And thanks to a very nice friend, got the money to buy from Elidibs so yay T~T Thank you! So, stuff sent off. Gonna see if my boyfriend can lend me 100K-200K so I won’t be completely poor)

Overall, I liked it. I love events though and even enjoyed the Rakghoul event despite zombies and creepiness. However, I will say it felt like there was more effort put into the latter. With all the codexes telling the story, so much to do, and many more dialogue options (sure, you didn’t speak for this event and it made sense not to but…) and things, it felt a bit more fulfilling in that sense.

Regardless, this event was still interesting and while I can’t speak for other servers, at least on Corellian Run, most people were nice, polite, and helpful. I mean, we had organized lines on both factions. That isn’t to say there were no jerks–like I said, most people were nice, but not everyone. I did have one guy race ahead and take my box v-v;

I thought there were quite a bit of fun things as well which was nice. One thing I kind of wish they did was make it so during the event, players would have to go to another’s capital city for some of the items. It could’ve been a safe zone or something and I think that would’ve been a neat effect. I would probably say the biggest different between the Imperial and Republic side would be the puzzle for the Collected Writings of Tiethiagg. The Republic just had you match all 5 terminals (which you just clicked until it was the color you wanted) to the specific color for each circle according to the diagram on the floor. The Imperial’s had you turning mirrors and a laser gun to fire a laser to reflect off the mirrors to hit the crate to open it. It wasn’t hard (very limited moving needed to be done), but it actually took a bit more thought, in my opinion, to do. Of course, I was waiting almost 10 minutes for someone to finish to Republic Puzzle the first time I did it…

The only other big difference was the fight during the introduction quest. The Republic had you kill the droid first while the Imperial had you hit these glowy blue things in front of the guy to get their shields down. Besides the obvious change of locations, there was no difference in mechanics or what you needed to do. Well, maybe slightly with the Plasma-Sealed Jar–for the Republic you just went off those edge-platforms with no barrier (most usually have a taxi a little bit away from them–but there are a few that are empty) and for the Imperial you went up a ramp to get over the barrier. I found the Republic’s more surprising, but that’s just me.

My only real complaint about the event was how hard they made it to get everything. You could earn, at minimum, 105 Tokens if you did all the quests. That is it. Any other tokens would only be if you didn’t get all 6 parts for Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus on the first shot (which is rare, but happened–most people could at least get 4-5 easily and the 6th within about 20-30 boxes). The total for actually getting all the items sold by the Vendor is 811. Of course, if you did get lucky and got a pet from one of the crates, it’d only be 561…but that is still over 400 more than what you’d get from doing the quests. None are repeatable, the crates have a 10 minute spawn rate (and have a few difference places each crate can spawn so there’s no guarantee it’ll spawn in the same spot), and you have competition from:
1. People who need the Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus parts.
2. People who also want tokens.
3. People looking for the pet.
4. People who are looking to sell them.

That’s…just a huge pain and I feel incredibly sorry for anyone on a PVP server. At least you can open the boxes while being attacked or in-combat, but still. I mean, if you have all your character slots full, if you did the event on each, you’d have enough…but I had a hard enough time doing it on 2 😛

I know a lot of people also complained about the rewards, but I think pretty much all the complaints are silly. If there’s nothing you like, well, good for you? The prizes will probably always fit the event–simple as that. We had crystals for the last event (which, while all classes use, is not as big of a deal for non-Jedi/Sith classes) so… besides that, it was just infected skins (which I thought were horrifying and I hate every time I run into someone using one) for Companions and a pet (at a much more reasonable price). I believe the main issue there was with those said skins as:
1. They were Bound
2. It was random which you got (so you could get one for a class you don’t even expect to ever play)

Going back to the Grand Acquisitions Event, let us go over the prizes:
1. The Bowcasters – We’re doing an event on Nar Shaddaa with things like Smuggler’s Crates and shootouts. I’m sorry, but weapons that are gun-related just make sense. I think my only issue is how few companions use Sniper Rifles (and few specs in general) and I think those are some of the nicer ones. Some of the Blaster Rifle ones are okay too, but not as many there.
2. The Sand People Outfit – Nobody actually really had an issue with this one too much. Not too badly priced and will be Bind to Legacy sometime soon. To be honest though, this seemed more fitting for the Rakghoul Event in my opinion, but it was a nice item to see and a lot of people I’ve seen picked up at least parts of it.
3. Sparkle Powder – I’m guessing this is more of a “if you want to spend your tokens but have nothing else you want” thing, but it’s still cute and people do enjoy having fun with Sparkle Powder. They did mention Sparkle Powder coming out in various colors so it was nice to see it…I just hope it comes in a more permanent way.
4. Hyrotii Scrapper – This probably has a bigger hate than the Bowcasters do. This is because it is 90% like most Rank 1 Speeders over the 110% that Rank 3 Speeders have. People said this wasn’t fair to those who were 50 and no longer leveling to have to get a “low level” speeder. The stupidity in this is that the point of the speeder is for it’s look and effects. It is a broken down, crooked speeder. It sounds like it has fireworks going off, there’s sparks from the motor, electricity sparking under it, a light that is out and smoking which thus, leaves a smoke trail as you drive around. It makes sense that it only goes 90%. It has a neat effect and looks cool and if you enjoyed the speeder from the Jar item quest, well, this is the same one (just 40% faster). I could see this being more popular with RP servers, but I’ve seen a few people (My boyfriend included) who really want this speeder for certain characters as they’d find it fitting. (Unfortunately, my boyfriend will most likely not get one as it is bound and there is no way I can get 1.5 million to make my trooper and get both her and his smuggler to their ships to go to Nar Shaddaa for the Event. Which I feel quite bad about, honestly.
5. Lobelot – I will say it is way overpriced. I am guessing the price is due to the fact that it is possible to get it from boxes, but it is still kind of ridiculous. Most people say it is ugly which fine, whatever, your taste and all ( find all pets cute though) but saying it doesn’t fit is kind of silly. I will just link to this for more information. Also stuff on the Akk Dogs. However, the #1 argument, once people realize or remember there is also a Lobel pet (The Lobelisk) sold by the PVP Items Vendor is that the pet is “just a recolor” in which I kind of just…want to slap them. Most of the pets are recolors. While some of the newer pets (1.2 onward) have individual sounds, what they do is the same per species. There are very few that do anything different or are unique. So, I’m just going to go over it real quick:
—-1. Raklings: All 3 are just recolors. They roar, pace back and forth, and jump twice. They all run with their arms and feet.
—-2. Akk Dogs: All 3 are just recolors. They scratch their face with their left paw, look side to side, roar, and put their head down to the floor (almost as if they were going to eat). However, each one makes a different sound.
—-3. Hutt Observer – The only completely unique pet. The middle of it constantly spins and it looks from left to right. Also hovers up and down.
—-4. Interrogation Droid and The Czerka Eye – Two of the semi-unique pets. They share the same round body with a few changes. They both hover up and Down and look left to right. Interrogation Droid pulls in and sticks back out its long stick…thing that is at the bottom of it and spins it when out. The Czerka Eye Spins it’s long antenna like-thing at the back of it’s head that sticks up.
—-5. Little Sandcrawler and Mouse Droid – Two of the semi-unique pets. Both Little Sandcrawler and Mouse Droid have the same form in a sense, but the top decorations are different (and of course, they are different colors). Bot have the 3 little thingys at the back, but Little Sandcrawler has 3 tall thingys in front of those and then in the little top circle, a block with two sticks coming out of it. Mouse Droid, however, has a blank indented space where Little Sandcrawler’s 3 Tall thingys are and in the circle, a round thing that kind of looks like a camera. It also has a thing that looks kind of like one of those Wind Energy thingys that spins to the left of the circle. Both spin.
—-6. Lobels – All 3 are recolors (though, only 2 can be gotten right now). They lean forward and look back and forth. However, each one makes a different sound.
—-7. Minimechs – Both are recolors. They both spin and the thingys on the top of them go up and down.
—-8. Orobirds – All 3 are recolors (Though, Wonderous Egg/Orochick is still a mystery). They look side to side and open their mouth. Each one makes a different sound.
—-9. Tauntauns – 4 of them are just recolors. The only one not just a recolor is Tauntaun Ram who has two large horns and a backpack. It is the same model otherwise though. They slide their foot across the ground, open their mouth, and look side to side. Each one makes a different sound.

Sure, some of the sounds are similar and/or use some parts from others, but all are unique overall. I went and recorded them here. So, yes, out of the 23 confirmed pets (not counting the Lobelode since it has not been confirmed to be out), 17 of them are just recolors. And personally, I love them all the same~

Besides that, there are rumors going around about something special happening tomorrow for those who completed the event. Good thing I am still on Nar Shaddaa…unless it’ll be on Coruscant. Not I’m panicking. I remember seeing this on Tumblr, but I never got one on Amidaia…and I never got a Republic version. Regardless, I hope that’s not an issue and I’m not sure how to feel just yet.

Still no Luck

I managed to get another group last night… well, sort of. I actually went to get water and apparently the queue popped while I was away. When I got back, it had just closed. Thankfully, the tank knew me and is a friend of mine and I explained what happened and he said he’d do it with me after. It was an…interesting experience as the first three times, we got people who kept declining…. two more times, we got people who set their role incorrectly… then finally, we got another person and in the end, we had 2 Sentinels.

I was a bit nervous, but it actually went incredibly well. I find constantly moving better as I can use my AOE heal to not just heal everyone–but also keep it on me to help keep my force up. We also got the boss down within one rotation of the room. (We actually wiped the first time, but that is because one of our sentinels disconnected. When he got back, however, it was easily done and over with.

Everything went well, honestly. Unfortunately, the pet still didn’t drop. I probably won’t have time to get a group today (or at least, not until late tonight) as it’s just..a busy day for me.

In a different note, I really wish there was a good list of Area Quests. Mostly because I have this fear that I somehow missed one after stumbling upon one while Taunlet questing. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one :/

Also, for those on the Ebon Hawk server, this sounds totally awesome and I hope maybe our server will do something like that one day too.

A Cheerful Message

So, I logged back in this morning (and my sleeping seems to be fixed so yay) and Gargath is still here! Woo 😀 …unfortunately, nobody else is really online yet 🙁 So I’m just following him around right now. I could probably PVP or something while I wait, but since he’s up, anyone could take him and I need to keep an eye out.

However, I noticed I had 2 mail notifications. I had one last night and was going to check after defeating Gargath, but…we didn’t so that didn’t really happen. Thus, I just logged off. So, this morning I decided while watching Gargath, I’d pause real quick and run to the speeder point to check my mail (This is why I want that Mailbox Droid in 1.3 for the record–that notification drives me crazy with curiousity) as I figured they were GTN sales stuff. Well, one was, however the other was from this nice person I helped onto the Sandcrawler last night:

(they sent me 20,000 Credits, for those curious T~T Third time ever)

And it was just such a nice surprise to wake up to. Made me feel a lot better (as I’m more than a little stressed between 1.3 being this upcoming Tuesday and collecting stuff).

I will never really understand when people try to charge others to pull them or help them with something. I mean, if you’re busy, just see if you can help later? Why make them pay? Having seen people charge 50K-100K+ just to pull someone or help them with a quest just floors me because it’s something so simple.

Part of why I don’t mind repeating things when helping someone is because it’s usually something I can just quickly run through and help with. While I’m patient (why I can just sit somewhere for hours), I don’t like spending a lot of time doing something I’ve done before. Despite that, I don’t mind running through, Force Quaking some stuff, and helping someone out. I’ve helped two groups do Search and Rescue, I’ve helped pull people to several datacorns, I answer every question that anyone has about pets or something I know. I just like helping.

And how many times have I been given something as a thank you for these things? 3 times ever. And do I mind? No. Because as long as they say Thank you and I see they’re happy, that’s something in itself. So, if you’re on Corellian Run and you ever need help, just ask me and if I can help out, I’ll be there in a heart beat.

Credits and things

For those people who are for some reason reading this, the downtime was due to my domain hosting server whatever the terms really are doing a hardware upgrade to the server my site happens to be on. There’s…really not much else to say about it.

Anyway, I recently hit 1 million credits. It has been a long time since I’ve had that amount and I probably still wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the fact that I was told I could buy the Tionese Sentinel off-hand (Mercy) for all those ridiculous piles of Tionese Crystals and Tionese Commendations I happened to have. Each one sells for about 13K and I had a ridiculous amount of them so yeah 😛

I’m not really sure what to do with the money yet. I don’t want to just spend it (I feel saving would be better right now), but it’d be nice to get some stuff out of the way too. If I had to pick what I’d like to do, it’d probably be getting, at the very least, the Legacy Top and Bottom I want and putting the PVP mods in them so I can stop feeling like I look like a hobo. Of course, even just the top and bottom are 400K and removing mods would be about 200K more. Not to mention mods will be much cheaper to remove in 1.3 so it seems better to wait for now.

Besides that, anything else I’d really like to buy is much more expensive or not available until 1.3 (Like the almost 500K 600K (They increased the price to 30K per highest Augment kit) I’d need for Augment Kits…not to mention to do slicing missions). Only other thing I may be close to affording is the Twi’lek Race for my Smuggler. I would prefer to play the Smuggler over the Agent when I finish my Sorcerer–not because I prefer one over the other, but I think it’d be better for me to go back and forth than to continously play the same faction. As it is, after Marilea and Amidaia, any further characters will be a lot harder to play due to repetition aka why I can’t do dailies. *continues to try and slice for money*

I’ve calculated the total for everything I’d want (and some credits to feel “safe” money-wise) would be about 16 million total. That sucks. I mean, I know people who have that much (or several million at the least), but it’s still a lot. On the bright side, I can finally make purple augments of Advanced Might 22 and Advanced Resolve 22! Yay! Now if I could just get lucky with the Advanced Neural Augmentor items I need (4 per augment). I also still need to make 2 more for myself to have enough.

Moving on, it turns out I need to try and get my surge back up a bit. Unfortunately, it looks like I don’t have the enhancements I thought I did 🙁 I do have plenty of Columni Commendations, but I’d rather not remove mods right now because they are so pricey x-x Hopefully I won’t have to replace too many of my Crit and Alacrity ones though. Should just try and get to like 72% or so Surge-wise however. Speaking of Enhancements, I still need a Advanced Resolve Mod 25. Have not seen one drop recently (of course), but did find one on the GTN for 750K. Obviously, I didn’t buy it as that was ridiculous. However, when I looked later, it was gone :/ I don’t know if someone bought it or if they removed it, but bleh. I also still need an Advanced Mettle Mod 25A, but that can only be gotten from removing from Rakata Gear and I have not been very lucky to get some at the moment (not that I’d want to take away from someone who needs it of course!).

But yes, overall, I’m stressing, need to save up credits and essentially want to do the following:
1. Stalk and defeat Gargath repeatedly until I have Taunling.
2. Do Lost Island repeatedly until Midnight Rakling drops (Possibly just resetting after robot guy as it seems to drop off Robot or the final boss the most…even if I hate the Robot)
3. Do Karagga twice a week as I can’t do it more than that 🙁
4. While waiting for above, PVP constantly to hit Valor 100.

Yes, that last one is rather strange, isn’t it? Well, since the PVP pets are valor level 70, I can’t help but feel paranoid and just want to hit 100 ASAP.

…however, I’d really like to manage to get out of the hobo robes before I do so.

In a different note, and to end this off, I think this sounds awesome and I’d like the guild I am in to participate, but I’m not really sure how to bring it up. While I don’t care much for Open World PVP (which seems to be the first event), I think the idea of Server Events could be a lot of fun and I hope maybe it’ll be looked into.

…and despite all the people, finding a group for Gargath is really hard. Even bribing gets no responses ._.