Mixed day

Today has been kind of depressing. I got yelled at in General Chat and implied that I was being a jerk/bragging/gloating when I was just answering a question πŸ™ I didn’t mean to–but it’s what they asked… And then I got accused of not healing well at the raid tonight which made me even more depressed.

I mean, I can’t really heal if you’re behind trees and if you’re too far away…pretty sure if you’re greyed out and stuff in my icons are grey when I have you highlighted, it means you are too far away. It wasn’t our usual tank, but I still felt bad. I really feel awful if people think my healing is bad .__. I do the best I can.

Luckily, everyone else was still really nice. Speaking of which, if you are on Corellian Run (whether new or have been there), our guild is currently recruiting! So, if you’re interested… :3

I also got to do a Lost Island Normal Run today! Dear god, considering what you get for Lost Island HM, the gear for Lost Island Normal is surprising at how bad it is :/

Then tonight, I found a Gargath group and he wasn’t up πŸ™ Which kind of sucked. I’ve just been waiting here now (though, a few other people who were in the group are waiting too which is very nice of them!)… On the brighter side of things, I made a friend with a Sith Sorcerer who was also looking for Gargath. Thank you Kalezr for the wonderful chat :3 Unfortunately, it does seem Gargath really does only respawn every 4 ours :/ Have been waiting here over 2 hours since we got here and nothing.

Besides that, I’ve updated the Pet Guide a little bit so be sure to check that out and I’m updating some of the (few) pictures on the blog as well. And also thought of an idea which will hopefully get the screenshots over on the sidebar all set up. Hopefully. It’ll be random though…but I think that’s a bit more fun.


YES! πŸ˜€

“Thana Vesh –> Corellian Run
ICE Breaker –> Corellian Run
Colonel Tobin –> Corellian Run
Crevasse City –> Corellian Run
Mind Trick –> Corellian Run
Sith Wyrm –> Corellian Run
Darth Bandon –> Corellian Run
Tarro Blood –> Corellian Run
Anturi Reach –> Corellian Run
Firaxan Shark –> Corellian Run”


*PARTIES* Optimism continues!

…now back to slicing

Gargath still sucks and Server Stress continues

So, I managed to get a group for Gargath today! Big Thank you to some of my guildmates and a bunch of the people from Eternal for helping T~T Especially as the first two tries didn’t go great (First try someone was still in the red circle, second try my internet died server transfers. We still haven’t been mentioned yet and I actually sent a ticket last night asking them to please not make Corellian Run an origin server. It was mostly a standard response–though, some of the wording did show they at least took the time to read it which was nice. In the end though, they told me I should probably suggest it through the Suggestions forum… however, after the last time I suggested something, I’d rather not do so ever again. πŸ™

Week Highlights

Despite being away in Florida for work again, I did find some time to pop online while there and try out the game on my laptop. In general, it tends to work a lot better (definitely loads better and I’ve been getting new kinds of lag spikes on my computer which are incredibly annoying), but I definitely need to get used to the controls and bigger screen. As it is, it seems my interface is a bit glitchy on my computer lately as well which is all kinds of annoying.

Moving on, I got to raid with my guild a bit a few days ago. We did Normal EV to get rid of the daily, a complete HM Karagga (But still no Pet drop! At least I finally have all the HM codexes there) and then yesterday a complete run of Normal Explosive Conflict. We (as in the group I am in) may even do HM soon which I’m more than a little nervous about.

EC makes me very nervous. As it is, I almost screwed up the entire raid on the tanks due to:
1. Not realizing they wanted me on the inside of the lightning tank.
2. Not realizing I could run through the actual tank.

Once I realized though (and re-fixed my camera), we did it perfectly fine. But I’m still worried about positioning and stuff with the first boss when it comes to HM after what happened last time.

Also managed to go to Gargath with a random group which was nice… no pet there either but of course now he keeps dropping the Ice Scrabbler Schematic 😐 spite I tell you.

As for the PTS, I’ve done about 5 runs with Group Finder. Have gotten Hammer Station everytime though (using my lower level character as then it doesn’t matter if I get healing or DPS).

PVP also went okay today. Ups and downs but had a really good (and close match) earlier that ended with us winning while we had 2% left in Novare Coast. Was super suspenseful and action packed and just kind of awesome.

I just wish I could get the pets already. With 1.3 so close, I’m feeling more stressed out by the second. On the bright side, I officially have enough for one of the pets when 1.3 comes (and halfway to the other–will need to re-earn 2K normal Warzone commendations essentially). Now if I could just refer a friend who would actually get the game v-v And actually earn a good amount of credits. Out of stims and can’t afford to buy more. Most of my money is going to repairs (Though, usually I won’t have too much more than the Guild Funds I can use. I just sometimes forget to use the Guild Funds), stims, companion gifts, and random oter things. v-v

For now, back to the Test Server.

Wardrobe Thoughts

I’ve been thinking very hard about what I’d want each of my characters to wear. While Marilea is all set in her Elegant Dress set and her Elder Seeker’s Headgear (though, I may want to find a hat that is more circlet-y/tiara-ish) along with her Righteous Harbinger’s Lightsaber, I’m still having an awful time finding Amidaia a nice shirt. She is pretty much fine with everything else though (however, I should probably try and learn to make the skirt so I can get an augment slot for it…at least those kits will be out in 1.3).

I have been checking on the awesomely helpful TOR Fashion site to try and get an idea for what I’d want to do for Miisha, my future smuggler, but it doesn’t seem there is too much up yet for Medium Armor. I did, however, find what I will probably want my future Trooper, who I finally have decided to name Zoara, to wear. I haven’t seen exactly what I want for my Imperial Agent (Cellina) or Bounty Hunter (Aurorra) yet, but I shall have to just keep checking back.

Tauntaun Ram + Frustration

My Tauntaun Ram came in the mail today! SO CUTE πŸ˜€ I love his little backpack. Was very excited to pick him up.

I had my boyfriend set up the program I use to connect to my computer from my laptop (As I am currently out of state due to working) so I could pick up my Tauntuan. Was super exciting.

However, to my surprise, I got a whisper inviting me to try and form a Gargath group! I explained how due to being out of state, I probably shouldn’t go as I wouldn’t be able to do anything, but they told me to come along anyway as they knew how much I wanted to get Taunling. So, I was slowly moving myself to my ship to go to Hoth when the internet here died.


I could not get it back (Currently using my phone) and I’m beyond upset right now. The chance doesn’t come up much to begin with and I just feel absolutely devastated right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Taunling finally dropped just to spite me :/

blah, I just want to cry.

Edit: They were nice enough to understand what happened T~T (And figured as much). Also, apparently nothing dropped…I still feel bad though.

Time, Random Event Rambles, and Characters

If there’s one thing that the game manages to have me think a lot about, it’s time. If you play both the Imperial and Republic storylines, you will get to a few instances where the planet you end up visiting takes place before or after the other faction has been there.

For example, you end up seeing Balmorra much earlier in the Imperial Storyline while you see Taris much later. It is reversed in the Republic Storyline. The effects of those earlier story lines end up being part of the later ones and the connection is very neat.

We had just finished Balmorra on the Imperial side so it was interesting to see the differences. Cessik, in particular, made me feel really bad about the Colicoids. I can’t help but wonder what happened to him.

But I remember watching my boyfriend go through the Jedi Knight Storyline during when he gets his last companion, the timing was very vague. It wasn’t stated just how long he was there–it could’ve been weeks, maybe months, and that is another aspect of just how time is.

There’s also instances where you may see companions of other classes featured while doing stuff with your companions on your character, for example in Qyzen’s story, there is actually a scene with him and Mako. I do wonder if you get Mako up, if you can find out why she owed Qyzen by any chance, as it’s not really detailed how she owed him a favor.

Similarly, for Jedi Knight’s, Doc ends up having Kaliyo in his storyline. Does Kaliyo ever vanish in the Imperial Agent Story line? Just all kinds of interesting questions.

Though, one that made me sad is that Vette never interacts with Risha. If you have seen Vette’s storyline, you will understand why this is pretty depressing.

I guess I’d love to get an idea on how the timing goes. I mean, when you’re doing the consular’s storyline and if all classes end up on Ilum at the same time, where are you while the Knight is being brainwashed? It’s just a lot to think about. Especially if you’re playing with each of the classes on your journey. For example, I totally ended up finishing off the Emperor when I was helping my boyfriend in his story. It’s not ever mentioned because technically there is no consular in the story–I was an unseen presence mixed in who totally replaced Kira.

I don’t expect them to make it recognizable–that’d be far too much work, but I think seeing some mixed things would be neat. I know there were occasional mentions of Player-Player romance and remember thinking that it’d be neat if each player had a few choices to pick from in those environments to kind of show what happened rather than just going into a family tree and setting spouse or something.

Speaking of family trees, I ended up remaking my Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter. I had yet to do anything on either of them (besides pick up my mail) and had wanted to remake them for a while. I’ll hopefully remake my Smuggler soon, but that’ll cost 1.5 million and I do not have that… (Similarly, my Trooper which I do not have yet will be 1.5 million as well)…and let’s be honest, if I had 1.5 million, it’d be going to ship stuff.

…I really want the ship stuff πŸ™ Why must dailies be the only way to get a nice amount of money T__T

Going back to the topic of family trees, I did end up making my Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent sisters. I’m not really a big RPer, but it’s sometimes fun to think of character’s backstories. (Similarly, my Sorcerer and Sage are cousins, as will my Smuggler and Trooper be). Especially intertwined with the class stories.

And heading back to the original subject of time, that brings up a good idea of the event. Just how long does it last? Was the crash really that Sunday (ignoring that the area showed up earlier than that) or did they just finally get out Sunday? If the latter, why wasn’t it inspected earlier? How long exactly was the Shaman looking for a cure? It sounded like a long time, but it didn’t happen that long ago. Was there another incident? Just how does a day in RL translate to the time going in the game? Or does the time depend on just how much you do in the game? (and yes, I know I’m probably overthinking it)

Regardless, there is a new daily today, following the format. I expect the top to be out tomorrow unless they do end up giving everything (bracers, belt, weapon, etc.), but something tells me they won’t. Also, for those who also did not get their title, you’ll be happy to know it’s “fixed” now. In order to get your title, you must re-defeat the Infected Bantha in Outlaw’s Den. While I am happy it’s fixed, I really wish it could’ve been ANY of the infected bosses and not the hardest one considering that needs the biggest group and for crying out loud, it’s the one in the PVP area πŸ™

Finally, to end this off, after talking to someone with the gold minimech today *ENVY*, it hit me the other big reason why I wanted to get it before 1.2. As with any big patch of new content…that’s what everyone wants to see. Thus why so many people on Tatooine (I hadn’t seen multiple instances of it in a very long time) and on the fleet trying to do the new flashpoint and operation. Ignoring who they will probably do the new content with….the old content is, well, old, and if you didn’t finish it before, it’s going to be even harder to find a group now πŸ™

Raghoul Plague ends next week! + Aratech Coral

If you missed the announcement on the forums, you can see it here πŸ™‚ Essentially it will end the next patch/maintenance on the 24th.

I don’t expect there to be more than just the helmet and top left (You received the pants from the new daily today) so the rest will probably just be days to finish up. I’ll probably try the bosses again as apparently the title is working now. Hopefully I can get it.

My boyfriend thinks it may effect other planets and continue for a bit, but I think they may take a break from it. While I enjoyed the event, it kind of sucked to be infected when you don’t want to be…and if you do PVP and get killed, your antidote gets removed and you have to use another and they’re not exactly cheap (and you only get so many from quests).

On a different note, I just want to say I’m kind of disappointed with the Aratech Coral? Ignoring that you apparently have to kill each of the 4 bosses 3 times… (still need to figure out where you need to get the thingy for Nightmare Pilgrim) I guess because it’s called Coral I expected it to be…well, I don’t know…maybe Coral? So like Peach or Pink or actually

(or even coral pink which would’ve been amazing)

or maybe that’s just me.

but I guess since I really wanted a pink-ish color speeder and the design is so pretty and coral and white would be awesome, it just makes me sort of sad πŸ™ (and purple isn’t even a shade of coral)

Tatooine Infection: World Boss Insanity

So, there is currently a crazy event going on in Tatooine. Raghoul infection. A few world bosses during it. A new daily. And heck, you get the Pale Rakling from here (see my below post for those details). Wouldn’t be surprised in one of them drops the Crimson one.

Unfortunately, one of the world bosses is in a PVP area so there has been an epic battle in there for a while. Unfortunately, the imperials won πŸ™ There are more on the server and most of them are heavy PVPers so we lost. It sucked. And is super depressing. (Especially as we were there first) I wish we could’ve just worked together :/

But yes, back to finishing the dailies now…but all the competition is just stressing me out T___T I know people like PVP…but I would’ve joined a PVP server if I wanted to mix it in with my PVE to this degree πŸ™

For those who want more details…more or less, at 11AM EST today, a bunch of Jawas and Sand people were replaced by raghouls and infected crew and stuff at the Crash of the Stardream area in the Dune Sea. You then got an area quest which brought you through various things (and can apparently be done daily).

Spaceports started talking about the epidemic as well so lots of people started showing up at Tatooine.

The quest is simple and then optionally, you can kill 3 world bosses–2 which are new:
1. Trapjaw – a New infected version. Summoned the same way.
2. Urtagh – Located in the PVP area.
3. Zama Brak – Summoned from an Escape Pod at the Sarlacc Pit.

Killing all 3 gets you a special title. This event puts a new section in your Codex for “Events” and there’s 9 total.

Worst thing about this is Tatooine is incredibly hard on my computer so all the people and crazy effects is killing it. Game has crashed 3 times now πŸ™

Edit: Woo, finished everything. For some reason, didn’t get the title or last part of the codex line (#5) though πŸ™ Also still need 34 more DNA thingys for the pet.

Edit 2: Okay, title is glitched πŸ™ Got my pale Rakling at least though~ Crimson Rakling is part of quest that also gives you the #5 Codex! Here are the coordinates and what you need to do in order to get the quest:
1. Click Screen by Anchorhead Space port. It’s right near the entrance.
2. Click Escape Pod in Wall (X:1768, Y:-3621)
3. Click a little crate by the Cantina (X: 2348, Y:-3667)
4. Head back over near the Speeder and near where the mission drop box is, click the little terminal thing. (X:1822, Y:-3263)

Then get that quest done! πŸ˜€ (Very good guide for finding the parts!)