Raghoul Plague ends next week! + Aratech Coral

If you missed the announcement on the forums, you can see it here 🙂 Essentially it will end the next patch/maintenance on the 24th.

I don’t expect there to be more than just the helmet and top left (You received the pants from the new daily today) so the rest will probably just be days to finish up. I’ll probably try the bosses again as apparently the title is working now. Hopefully I can get it.

My boyfriend thinks it may effect other planets and continue for a bit, but I think they may take a break from it. While I enjoyed the event, it kind of sucked to be infected when you don’t want to be…and if you do PVP and get killed, your antidote gets removed and you have to use another and they’re not exactly cheap (and you only get so many from quests).

On a different note, I just want to say I’m kind of disappointed with the Aratech Coral? Ignoring that you apparently have to kill each of the 4 bosses 3 times… (still need to figure out where you need to get the thingy for Nightmare Pilgrim) I guess because it’s called Coral I expected it to be…well, I don’t know…maybe Coral? So like Peach or Pink or actually

(or even coral pink which would’ve been amazing)

or maybe that’s just me.

but I guess since I really wanted a pink-ish color speeder and the design is so pretty and coral and white would be awesome, it just makes me sort of sad 🙁 (and purple isn’t even a shade of coral)

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