Hardcore vs. Casual

More often than not, I have been described as being at Point A and Point B at the same time. You could say I like to multitask so much, I may just have too many feelings.

I have been referred to both of the above and if you have been reading this (and why are, you guys confuse me, god :P), you may have seen aspects of both yourself.

In general, I am a determined person. I also hate starting things without finishing them. Part of why I hate when new content comes out when I haven’t finished something is that it makes my list even longer, stresses me out more, and then I feel even more behind. I still have 6 million I need to somehow earn not counting added things for alts, the increased prices for speeders since 1.2, and other issues. It sucks, honestly.

But because of that determination, if I start something–whether it be an operation or flashpoint, I would be with the worst group possible and I wouldn’t give up. I would do it all day, I’d stay up all night, and I’d keep doing it until it was done. I don’t like leaving things unfinished. Ever.

Despite that, I think repeating things over and over is stupid. I don’t understand how someone could do dailies more than once. The credits just isn’t worth it enough for me, as much as I need them.

In general, when it comes down to my priorities, Gear and Credits/Commendations are at the bottom of it. Unfortunately, those are the same things needed to actually get my goals. It’s a horrible Catch-22 and while I do work hard on my gear, I really can’t do much with dailies as then I just…don’t want to play. Even if I get like 1 million in just a few days, I would essentially not be playing for about a week because it ruins the game for me. Like, I can’t stress that enough. It just completely kills it for me and I can’t deal with it.

I can somewhat deal with flashpoints and operations (unless it’s EV), but even then it’s still somewhat iffy. It’s for that reason I’m a pretty “all or nothing” person in the fact that I don’t want to keep repeating the same things over and over to just get to where we ended up being stuck before. I just want to keep going and going until we have where we’re stuck down, finish it now, then try and get what we need so we never have to see it again.

I do like to help people though and more often than not, I won’t have an issue helping someone out. Even if I have everything I need~ However, I do not like being used and there are times I may want to do something for myself and I do not like or appreciate being guilt-tripped to go and do someone a favor (and then hear them criticize me).

And as most people know, I do a lot of these things to collect. Knowing there is a possible and actually confirmed pet at the end of TfB waiting for me to repeatedly kill that guy to get it and the cave mystery is driving me crazy that I just can’t experiment with it more is essentially making me nuts. The Orochick upsets me in the fact that it has been CONFIRMED to be ingame and the whole thing is just a mess and I would really appreciate if they could just give me a straight answer on the Orochick being bugged or not.

But regardless, I suppose my go go go go go go until it’s dead and crazy collectiony policy clashes a lot with my repetition sucks, gear is silly and shouldn’t be so important, DAILIES ARE THE DEVIL policy. It also confuses people how much I hate PVP but keep doing it due to Ranked-speederness and the fact that I need 100 Valor for codexes. And it makes me sad when everyone wants to stop πŸ™ (which is usually everyone but me but still).

Or even all the speeders when I think some of the colors are super ugly. I mean, I’m not like this in all games (and my boyfriend has pointed out that a “casual” collector would just be happy of a color of each and not care about getting every single one in every single color)–for example, in racing games with garages, I will usually just get one color per car unless there’s another color I REALLY like or something. But this game doesn’t have a crazy crowded garage–it just has an inventory thingy (though, wouldn’t it be cool if you had like…a speeder garage on your ship?).

In general, I’m just… a bit different I suppose. But I guess that just makes me… me.


So, a very awesome friend (even if he is evil sometimes) let me replace him for Nightmare Pilgrim again! T~T SO I GOT MY ARATECH CORAL! OMGYAY!

And on top of that… I won the boots! YES! So now I only need my gloves! (Though, I will have my 2-set bonus regardless of if I keep this ugly hat or get the gloves) It’ll give me the 4 set bonus then if I bother to care πŸ˜› Speaking of which, I wonder if there will be a transfer set bonus to mod thing in the Cartel Shop…

But yes, thank you guys sooooooo much T~T so happy~

To-do List for 1.4?

While whether 1.4 is a full thing or not, it has been more or less confirmed by various interviews that Terror From Beyond will be out in September. Which means if they do put it on the Public Test Server (I’d think so, but who knows), it’ll probably be sometime soon.

Considering I have yet to actually get any kind of To-Do List completed 100%, I expect this to also be a failure (which actually makes me incredibly upset), but I figured I’d at least try and make this get all set up along with an average of about how much each will cost…if anything.

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Speeder List Update

So, I decided to do a review of the speeders I still needed πŸ˜› Unfortunately, it is still huge.

Aratech Scythe – 225K at Fleet Vendor or Speeder Vendor on Voss
Aratech Lancer – 175K from Speeder Vendor on Voss
Aratech Dagger – 55K from Quesh Speeder Vendor
Czerka Invader – 25K from Quesh Speeder Vendor
Czerka Cruiser – 8K from Alderaan/Tatooine Speeder Vendor
Exchange Bandit – Security Vendor for 1.5 million
Gurian Shadow – From Blearg at Outlaw’s Den for 150K
Gurian Cyclone – From Jo’dath at Outlaw’s Den for 175K
Korrealis Prince – From Imperial PVP Vendor on Fleet. Technically, a friend got me one stupid bound-ness. *hopes for a bound remover in the Cartel Shop*
Lhosan Torch – Purchased from Speeder Vendor on Voss for 150K
Lhosan Stinger – 150K from Speeder Vendor on Voss
Lhosan Duster – 25K from Fleet Speeder Vendor
Lhosan Racer – Quesh Vehicle Vendor for 25K
Orlean Flurry – 25K from Hoth Social Vendor
Orlean Rebel – 8K from Alderaan/Tatooine
Paraxon Aero – From Light Sider Vendor on Fleet for 300K
Rendili Outrider – 25K from Quesh Speeder vendor
Rendili Protector – 8K from Alderaan/Tatooine
Ubrikkian Raider – 150K on Voss
Ubrikkian Hunter – 25K on Fleet
Ubrikkian Striker – 8K on Tatooine/Alderaan
Ubrikkian War-rider – 1,000 Ranked Warzone Commendations and Rank 2200 in Ranked Warzones
Tank Mount – NM EC
Shark Mount – NM EC Timed Run

Total: 3,204,000 Credits, 1,000 Ranked Warzone Commendations (and 2200 Rank Rating), get lucky, and need to do NM EC. Also need a bound remover πŸ™

darn it, so pricey.

Event begins! + Some Coverage

Looks like it started at midnight. Which means I’m 7 hours late. Well, I’m regretting going to bed early for once. In fact, it started 5 minutes after I finally managed to get to bed. I feel like an idiot. and really upset.

Anyway, my boyfriend told me to scope it out for now (I’ll probably just do it on Marilea–will do it with Amidaia with him) and call him at noon. I’m trying to concentrate on “EVENT”, but I just feel stupid for not at least waiting until midnight. I was just so tired (I didn’t sleep the night before…got some, though not much, sleep last night).

Anyway, I’ll update this with various event stuff. Trying to be excited, but so stressed πŸ™

Edit 1: Reasons why I don’t like to start events late: So much info to sift through to try and figure out what the heck you’re supposed to do.

Edit 2: LOBELOT. Called it. That also leaves one Lobel and one Akk Dog left (hmm…curious). Lobel costs 250 Tokens of Enrichment X__x Most expensive item. There is also a Speeder, the Hyrotii Scrapper, which costs 120 Tokens of Enrichment…and Red Sparkle Power for 1 Token of Enrichment. Of course, there’s other stuff too, but this is all I care about.

Looks like I’m saving up at least 372 Tokens. (the extra one is to keep)

Edit 3: If there’s one thing I noticed, Republic guides are near non-existent which is kind of frustrating, so I decided to make some quick notes for when I show my boyfriend around:


Fossilized Krayt Dragon Pearl:
Red Light Sector. Head to the left at the first fork and you’ll see a giant crate. Head right at the next fork and then just continue along to the terminals. Once you have all 3 buffs, head back to the thingy and click the second to last one.

Vandrayk’s Tuning Apparatus:
Boxes. So many boxes. I find the best places to be the Nikto Sector and the Atrium’s with the Imperial warehouse and whanot.

Rakata Utensils:
1644,2976 – Network Security District. This crate thing. Can’t miss it. Then follow around (based off cutscenes) and click green thingys. Then kick his butt.

Anyway, heading to Coruscant now :3 Will continue to update.

Edit 4: You should’ve noticed you had a mail by now with an item. Use the item to get a quest that sends you to a Cantina you may remember some quests in. There will be a little holo terminal on a table for you to use.

It does guide you along so you are good to go.

One frustrating thing with Coruscant is only one group can go at a time for all of these quests.

Perserved Colicoid Queen Egg:
Heading down from the Cantina, you want to head towards X:2578, Y:1430 where there is a Broken Smuggler Crate. Clicking it will spawn waves of enemies. Once you kill the final guy, he will drop the egg.

Collected Writings of Tiethiagg:
You’ll be heading to the Black Sun Territory towards the apartment to get to the Silent Sun Cantina. You will see a dead guy with some lights behind him and a glowly datapad. Click the datapad to start the quest. If the datapad says your escort is waiting, someone else is doing the quest right now. If you successfully click it, you will be told to solve the Cantina puzzle. To your right are 5 terminals. You need to match them to the template–so the inner circle (smallest) is yellow, middle (medium) is pink, and outer (largest) is green. Make all the terminals for each circle those specific colors (So you start with the small–thus you want all the terminals to be yellow) to move on to the next round. Very simple. When finished, the Secure Crate unlocks and you can grab the Writings from it.

Shard of Harterra:
Head to Justicar Territory and go to X:844, Y: 4607. There is a Smuggler Crate and a turret gun. Click the crate, mobs are spawning and get on the gun and relive memories of Kaon and Colicoid War Games. When you kill everything and the crate becomes blue and shiny again–click it for the shard.

Now, heading to the Senate Tower to finish up the original quest mentioned (Dubious Motives). Anyway, there are markers so… When you get over there, click the Glowing Phone Booth in the distance, then plant the listening device where the 3 were. Then, head to talk to the SIS agent….or well, another secure holoterminal. He will send you back to Nar Shaddaa…of course, some people did Coruscant first.

Like before with this quest, it does direct you where to go. This causes a battle to start and I strongly recommend paying attention as it can take a lot of damage. You should definitely do this with someone (and if neither of are healers…have at least a healing companion out). Also around this time, you should’ve received another mail which will lead you back to Coruscant for the Akar Kesh Meditation Mask. We’ll get to that.

Anyway, head to the Casino. Once the step changes, go up the ramp to your right and around to where the quest marker is. You will see a switch. Click it and then jump on the grate and position yourself EXACTLY in the green circle. Then watch and enjoy the scene out of Sonic the Hedgehog. Be sure to click the Secure Access Panel to finish the quest and then hit the hatch to get back down πŸ™‚

Edit 4: Now, I said we’d get back to the mask, didn’t I? Unfortunately, at this point, you should have another mail sending you to the Lower Promenade about the Black-and-Orange Sphere and since we’re still on Nar Shaddaa, we will do that first!

Head over to where you saw the Droid talking to the Hutt. He had a quest marker long before, but now you can actually do the quest…but he still tells you to check back later. There is a high chance you can’t do this until tomorrow.

At around this time, you should’ve received another mail telling you to go to Shadow Town because of the Plasma-Sealed Jar. Anyway, like with the Hutt, you will be told the Droid is busy and not finished so to check back later.

So, let’s go to Coruscant now for the Mask as previously mentioned (though, I’m guessing this will also be a come back later thing)… Time to head to the Works. The cruel cruel Works πŸ™ Anyway, as expected, you are told to come back later.

And for now, that is all you can do. I’m going to go stalk for crates again on Nar Shaddaa now (at least until I get too tired to stay awake–not feeling well to begin with and the fire alarm at the hotel went off :/). I’m guessing they will either be able to be done tomorrow (or maybe even just one tomorrow to spread them out) or done this evening/at midnight.

I don’t see how any of these quests can be repeatable though so I’m not sure how earning so many tokens will work (especially as you need quite a lot more this event). Unless they need more of them I guess? But some of these *coughcrateonecough* are pretty annoying. And I don’t even know how there’d be multiples of some of these items. Not to mention the whole thing with the Bounty Hunter guy you have to kill. I do think it makes more sense if they’re not repeatable though–so maybe just the quests related to the SIS Agent (or whoever with the Imperial one) will give quite a large amount? Or something. I just don’t think making the item getting quests repeatable makes a whole lot of sense with a Scavenger Hunt like this.

Anyway, I haven’t decided yet who I will give the items to (and part of me thinks maybe it will be repeatable so you can get both titles…but it may just be a lightside/darkside thing) so I guess I’ll just have to see. Or maybe the titles won’t even be there…or at the very least, the titles aren’t considered event codexes. I wonder what the codexes are.

oh, and Dulfy has an Imperial Guide up so… (and apparently a Republic one now too). Not that this was really meant to be a guide anyway–just for me to keep track of it all…like everything else in this blog. πŸ˜›

oh, and if you’re on Corellian Run and don’t want your Tokens of Enrichment, think of me? >>

HM EC Cleared!

I didn’t get any more loot and the speeder didn’t drop (also, no need revelations on the Wonderous Egg), but I’m just so happy to say I’ve done it (on 16-man no less) and have new codexes! And the Aractech Nightscythe :3

I kind of wish I didn’t have to do HM EC anymore, but unfortunately, I still need gear (and the speeder) πŸ™ It’s just been so drama-filled, EC has been kind of ruined for me. And of course, the 4 items I need are from the last two bosses X-x

Also still need the boots from Nightmare Pilgrim…and have to defeat him 2 more times anyway. Let’s hope I get the boots in one of those two tries so I never have to see him again either.

Our GM found out–I’m not sure if he was in disbelief or not that I healed through or whatnot :/ But it makes me feel a little awkward. Regardless, I still don’t know if I’d do it if they asked me to…as much as I need gear, I’m still hurt.

At least nice words from the GM in the guild I was running with and one of the healers gave me some of my confidence back. But I still can’t help but feel paranoid πŸ™

What To Do

So, recently, it hit me exactly what day today is. It is Thursday which is our new EC Normal Day due to the HM run being on Tuesday (as Reaper can’t run Thursdays).

I…don’t really want to go. Of course, I still feel loyal to the guild, but I am just so frustrated. I don’t really care about having things on farm. We’re not helping anyone with this run (nobody needs anything). We’re just doing it. Why? To remember that we were kicked from the HM group? And considering last week we only managed to get 2/4 (due to several changes), I don’t want to go again. I just don’t.

One person already went Hiatus from Raiding. I can’t help but wonder if it is partially due to this.

But, to make things more difficult, as you know, I went and raided a HM 16-man EC run (And I have to say I love 16-man as it really helps me learn the positioning of a fight) and due to the glitch with Mine-guy, we could not finish…they did, however, fix the glitch and so I have been invited to finish it up and get my final two codexes–plus my Aratech Midnight.

I am inclined to go with that as:
1. I hate leaving things undone. Seriously.
2. It was a raid with a lot of people I knew from outside the guild who I happened to be friends with.
3. It was actually fun–sometime I haven’t felt since all the HM EC stuff in our guild.
4. It will finish off almost all my codexes. I’d only need Nightmare KP ones (the title included) and then the rest are just glitched.

Of course, regardless of which I’ll pick, I will feel bad. As it is, my boyfriend isn’t feeling too well regardless (and is beyond pissed off with the whole situation) so he will most likely not be raiding tonight. I actually do have to bake cookies with my sister (once again I have been volunteered to make cookies for people 😐 ) so I may not even be on for the EC Normal raid which starts at 8. I should be on by 8:50 though, when the EC HM raid starts (and this is why I can’t just do both).

I also just…don’t feel wanted? I mean, when the person who you originally thought hated you (later learned he just has a kind of dry sarcasm) seems to be the only one who cares about you being there or staying, there is something wrong. Or you know, if you mention not being on due to being in a car accident and get only responded to by that same person while after a pause, the other people just go back to talking about some concert or show they saw. Thanks for the concern, guys.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting even more focused on gear. This is because I just want to get out of this outfit so badly (unfortunately, I only have like 400K so not sure if I can afford too as while other stuff was lowered to like 25K, Campaign/26 stuff is 30K :|) and I’m so pissed off with them right now and just want to show I don’t suck. And it wasn’t my fault. No, I don’t know or care how your other two healers are doing it, but apparently you’re just scraping by and it seems to be luck as it still takes several goes. I think the only operation boss I’ve always seen take several goes are the two tanks in EC just because of how much precision is needed. One single lag spike could kill everyone.

The Campaign chest and gloves drop from Mine-guy while the Main-hand and Helm drop from Kephess. At the very least, I really hope I can get the chest. Then I’d at least have the chest and pants and it wouldn’t be so horrible. I would say after that, I’d really want the gloves because giant pads on the gloves are just awkward. Of course, I’d love all 4, but I’d feel like a jerk unless nobody needed them. And I still need the boots from Nightmare Pilgrim, but I have to do him 2 more times anyway for the Aratech Coral. Still, hopefully then I will never see him again. He’s not so bad for a Healer though–just need to heal A LOT and avoid circles. It’s really mostly the DPS who need to make sure they listen so they don’t kill themselves.

Going back to more gear specific stuff, I actually saw 3 Advanced Mettle Mod 26 yesterday T__T They were about 500K each and thus, I couldn’t afford any of them. Not to mention 1.5 million is also how much I’d need to make Zoara (which I really want to–I hate having a slot just filled up for no reason. I want to get her made the way she is supposed to be) or I could get the two Ship Dummies with 500K to spare. And yes, Ship Legacy stuff is still super priority to me! But I’m no where close to ever having 5 million for a GTN πŸ™ let alone the 1 million for the Dummies (which are probably the lowest priority). Not to mention I still need like 200K-300K for Miisha’s exp. stuff :/ (and I still need to get Amidaia to 50 already! And get all her companions up ._.)

Getting back to my original subject… unfortunately, when I checked this afternoon (though, still can’t afford it), all 3 were gone πŸ™ I really should’ve seen if someone could loan me credits considering how rare it seems to be that a Mettle Mod 26 shows up in the first place (I’ve seen plenty of 25’s and many 26B’s and some 26A’s but just 26 is a foreign concept).

Overall though, I still need quite a bit–even though I have been prioritizing the mods. So, list time:
Hat: Campaign Headgear Armoring
Top: Campaign Vestments Armoring, Advanced Mettle Mod 26, Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26 (375K-500K. I could afford one right now, but it’d be all my money πŸ™ )
Gloves: Campaign Gloves Armoring
Bracers: Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 (None for sale right now, but usually 2 million v-v)
Belt: Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 (see above)
Skirt/Pants: Advanced Mettle Mod 26
Boots: Campaign Boots Armoring, Advanced Mettle Mod 26
Main Hand: Advanced Resolve Hilt 26 (Campaign Main Hand), Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26 (See Top.)

So, I need 2 Advanced Resolve Armoring 26, 5 Campaign Drops for Armorings, 3 Advanced Mettle Mod 26, and 2 Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26 for a grand total of lots of emotional pain from EC HM and roughly 6.5 million credits. Lovely.

can I just have a pile of credits? please? ._. then I’d be able to finish all this junk and help my boyfriend get geared too and work on our alts so he can have more to go raid and just earning credits sucks. And while some people in our guild are starting to get these high mods, the whole making people pay for materials that everyone in the guild worked together to get really rubs me the wrong way :/ it may be cheaper (in some cases–though, I don’t believe they can make any of the ones I need ATM anyhow), but the principal of it bothers me too much.

Imperial Progress

Played a little of our Imperial characters today. Level 44 now and finished Chapter 2. Talos is pretty cool. Considering I’m a healer, I won’t be able to use him much, but I’d like to take him as he may be the only companion who doesn’t completely hate me (Ashara technically doesn’t hate me, but she killed her emotions other than her blood lust so yeah).

Besides that, made sure to stop by the Imperial Fleet and pick up a Gurian Scorpion for Marilea. It’s only sold on the Imperial Fleet, but can be traded so… :3 Had to make sure to pick one up. (The Republic version, for anyone curious, is the Gurian Hammer)

Anyway, later is the raid so I better get some sleep… still not sure what to do about the gear thing though ._.

Mounts and Implants

So, first of all, I got my implant πŸ™‚ Managed to finally get picked up for a group finder group for a random operation–Eternity Vault (and considering I was locked out for KP, no surprise) to get the last 3 Black Hole Commendations I needed for it. I also managed to get the Tirsa Elite so yay! I no longer have any reason to do Eternity Vault ever again.

Besides that, all my mods are done! Yay. My boyfriend bought me the last Aptitude, I bought my last Mettle, and thanks to various awesome people (well, except for one who only did due to essentially being told to), I got the rest. Thank you guys so much T~T

However, my Surge is now too low. I’m not sure what to switch (Most likely a Crit + Alacrity), but this is a bit of an issue.

At the moment, I probably just need:
1. An Advanced Resolve Hilt 26–will need to take from the Campaign Force-Mystic’s Lightsaber
2. Advanced Battle Enhancement 26 – There is one for like 650K on the Market. It can be gotten from the Black Hole Striker’s MK-1 Boots. However, they cost 50 Black Hole Commendations so it’ll be… a long while before I can afford them.
3. Advanced Adept Enhancement 26 – I need at least one of these to upgrade a 25 one. There are currently none listed on the market right now though. Not to mention if my Crit gets too high (See #5), I may need to switch some Crit + Surge (not many) to Power and Surge.
4. Similarly, if the above happens, I may also need more Advanced Quick Savant. As it is, both I have are 25 so I could probably use two 26 versions of each…and more if my Crit gets too high (I have mostly Crit and Alacrity)
5. Most of the Mettle mods are 25 while all the Aptitude are 26. I actually need 3 Advanced Mettle Mod 26. At the moment, my Crit is at 35.92%. It really can’t be higher. As for why I don’t switch Mettle to Aptitude then–not only are Aptitude more expensive, but the amount of crit the 26 will add isn’t that high–but I do need the Willpower. This can just be modified more in Enhancements. There’s currently no Mettle Mod 26’s up for sale right now πŸ™
6. Finally, I still need 6 more Advanced Resolve Armoring 26.

Moving on, set bonuses are attached to the Armoring right? Some of the Campaign Force Mystic armoring is not Resolve and just…sucks. So I will probably end up having the 2 and 2 bonus which isn’t so bad–it’s what I’m used to and the extra 50 force really isn’t a big deal.

but yes, I just…I’m so close. Seriously, credits, stop being so hard to get.

anyway, I’m really not looking forward to Tuesday. I…really don’t want to switch my mods out to a outfit for a set bonus that is useless.