Got to go into TfB today surprisingly. I wasn’t supposed to but something came up so I was brought along.

Unfortunately, this will also be my last go. Not just because I will be busy tomorrow (not that I’d have been taken to go on 8-man anyway), but because 3 sages is just not…good to take on HM 16-man TfB. I’ll just glare about the nerf I guess and wish I was a better healer so that wouldn’t matter. But I suppose I won’t ever be good enough and thus, my Deep Wriggler dreams will be put off much much longer 🙁 (and my stress will grow and I shall probably get more sad)

On a happier note, Prongs is awesome and helped me get this beautiful legacy ship stuff and I wish I could be as happy as I should be (and I know I’ll be ecstatic later), but right now, I don’t think anyone would believe these tears are “happy”.


and why can’t sages be considered as awesome as scoundrels and commandos ._.


So, this nice person offered to make me 4 Advanced Adept Enhancements for just 300K! …of course that was my Consular’s Exalted fund but… I don’t think a deal like that will happen again.

Thus, I hurried off to Mr. Robot to see what I needed which was a stupid idea. They haven’t updated for 1.4, I should’ve known those were wrong…unfortunately, I always forget that Torhead lists recipe stuff too. So, I asked for the stuff from the guild bank, traded the guy…and then he told me I screwed up the Math.

What I thought it was:
Corusca Gem x2 (x8 for 4)
Molecular Stabilizer x2 (x8 for 4)
Primeval Artifact Fragment x4 (x16 for 4)
Upari Crystal x4 (x16 for 4)

What it ended up being:
Corusca Gem x4 (x16 for 4)
Molecular Stabilizer x4 (x16 for 4)
Primeval Artifact Fragment x6 (x24 for 4)
Upari Crystal x6 (x24 for 4)

And boy did I feel like a complete and utter moron. Thankfully, the person was really nice and patient with me, but I felt horrible. I didn’t want to ask the guild as I already asked for 8 which is a lot–if I asked for 8 more… I couldn’t even think of asking. They already helped me so much. And what can I do? Nothing. I can’t do anything for them. Unless they needed me to fill in for HM TfB, there is just…nothing I can do (Afterall, I do HM EC with some friends and I really wish they’d join and then we can do a bunch of stuff here but I understand why they don
t). Or if I got another Republic character to 50 (Miisha will probably be next or Roseria as it seems DPS may be more useful)….even if I don’t want to raid on anyone but Marilea, at least I’d be able to help.

Thankfully, I had some help with Corusca gems (THANK YOU TELANIS) and a guildmate even gave me a molecular stabilizer (THANK YOU AULDIN) and then my boyfriend gave me his only 7 Molecular Stabilizers and I just feel…horrible about that. I wish I could do something to make it up to him. I really do. ._.

Goals and Failure

Sometimes there are days where everything goes wrong…but on top of that, there are times where those days happen and there’s nothing you can really point a finger on as to say why. Whether it be being teased until your heart breaks or repeatedly wiping on something you should know or essentially being told something important to you doesn’t matter.

There are times things happen. Things that despite the fact you knew how they’d go (due to sucking in comparison) still hurt as you see dreams shatter around you. But is there anyone to blame on something expectant? No, not really. Because in the end, it’s just my fault.

Despite my continued issues with my own self, I’m not really upset or mad at anyone. I’m not sure why EC went so wrong or when I will get a Deep Wriggler but I hope we’ll be able to kick EC’s butt and Terror from Beyond’s butt and maybe I’ll get a Deep Wriggler soon and his name will be Wriggles. And yes, I know I could technically blame Bioware for making pets drop in operations in the first place or the fact that a fix may have made a fight worse but…that doesn’t make me feel better and issues do happen. And I am sure it will be fixed eventually.

…I really do wish pets would stop being put in operations though….

and maybe I can work on improving to the point where I wouldn’t be such a horrible person and can actually get my goals done right away. A lot of people say I stress a lot and I’ll be honest, it is true. When I make a goal, I want it completed essentially 5 minutes before I made the goal in the first place. I’m not really an impatient person, but I’m a paranoid person. The Wonderous Egg is probably a perfect example of why I could become more paranoid surrounding pets.

Right now, it seems the Deep Wriggler is a 100% drop. But what if that is an issue? What if it was supposed to be a 0.01% drop? Or a 1% drop or some other tiny cruel amount to taunt me for ages. Or what if another Wonderous Egg situation appears and really, who the heck knows what is going on with that. Glitches happen, codexes glitch, items glitch, I can’t really blame things for not being perfect and/or fixed. Things happen. I know I’m not perfect even if I desperately wish to be. Despite that, I will be on, I will be doing my usual research, and I will be rooting the heck out of them to get this over with because all this server first competition is silly. Yes, I said it, it is silly. World first is silly. It is all silly. To me, anyway. But–for those who care, I wish you the best of luck at completing your goals too.

“wait, didn’t you want the server first pet?” you may ask (okay, nobody is asking this but shush!)

Yes and no. It’s not actually about server first to me, but rather getting the goal done as quickly as possible. Sure, it’d be cool to actually have a server first, but it’s not actually my goal. I’m a supportive person, but I’m also competitive and can even be jealous sometimes. This is partially (or maybe even completely) due to the fact that I am a perfectionist. I need to have it done. The sooner, the better. And every single time I continue to see someone with something I still need, my heart breaks. If I am not doing the best, I just feel like a complete and utter failure who doesn’t deserve to play or be brought along anywhere. It’s a big flaw of mine. It’s also something that sometimes can come off as fishing for compliments–so I will say right here, it isn’t what I try to do. I won’t believe the person anyway and essentially, it is what it is. I’ve come to terms on it. And while there’s certain people who still worry ridiculously about me *waves to boyfriend*, it’s not something I necessarily can control.

On the bright side, this means I strive hard to succeed. But only to a certain point–when it gets to a point where I feel there’s nothing I can do, that all my goals are impossible, it’s not going to happen….I crash. Hard. Cheer and determination gets slapped with a giant pile of demotivation and then it is just a struggle to play until the point where I just won’t want to. So it’s one of those things that really throws people off because, afterall, “Wouldn’t you want to have a lot of goals to keep you playing?” Most people would, but that isn’t how I work. I want my goals done so I can work on just saving up for future ones and for every second my goals are incomplete or something gets added, my stress level goes up and I feel slightly more saddened over how behind I am.

“But why would you get on if you already finished all your goals?” I’m going to pretend you asked even though you didn’t and probably won’t read this because seriously, what do you care about any of this and why am I wasting your time…

Because, despite the fact that I can be a bit selfish sometimes and if someone rolls over me on a pet I need I will be glaring at you forever, I really do like to help people. I tend to bother people a lot. Whether it be to ask them to help me with something or credit help or asking a question or just bugging them to see how I can improve, I tend to put a lot of weight on people’s shoulders. I wouldn’t say I’m a completely dependent person, but I put a lot of trust in friends. A lot. Which is probably why I get hurt so much, especially if I consider someone a friend who may not feel the same way about me. So when it comes down to it, the least I can do is help someone back out. If I had all the credits in the world, sure, I’d probably get most of my goals done first (see stressing the longer each goal is incomplete), but after that, if a friend needed something, I’d probably just surprise them with it.

…and then I’d be poor again when my next set of goals come around but at least I made people happy! I don’t mind sitting on the sandcrawler for hours on end or explaining how to get every codex and pet in the game or even taking you along! You need a datacron guide? I’m at your call. Because in the end, I just want to know I was able to do something to say “thank you for putting up with me”. And regardless of whether I know you or not, I will always just want to help. Unless I hate you. And even then I may still help you because I feel bad easily.

Moving on to actual goals… Gear will take a while. As it is, I still do not know how many I will need for certain things for sure. However, apparently some people have already started reverse engineering things and someone was actually selling Advanced Adept Enhancement 27 on the fleet. If you bought 3, they were just 2 million each T__T I need at least 3, possibly 4…shall know for sure once Mr. Robot updates. Of course, I can’t afford that and even if I could…well, let’s be honest, I’d have to have my ship legacy stuff and all the speeders (6 million + about 3.3 million) before I’d spend the 6-8 million on the enhancement. …I probably should have still gotten their name though.

There are 4 reasons for that:
1. Gear is on a lower priority for me to begin with
2. I could get the gear a different way anyhow eventually (although…repetition. 😐 At least I’d be able to help people however!)
3. There is no other to get the speeders and Ship Legacy stuff.
4. When it comes down to it, those have been on my goal list a lot longer than some mods that only became available less than a week ago.

As it is, I still have PVP Goals where I have made absolutely no progress, but more things have been added on. I technically have enough for the gloves and boots of the Consular’s Exalted set, but that would only leave me with about 250K and I don’t think that’d be good…

This, of course, will probably stem “why do you lump goal amounts altogether again? Why not just try and separate things? It’d be easier to get then”. This is most likely because I am a very all or nothing person. In a similar way to how I hate giving up, I don’t getting just half-way there. It’s also harder to keep track. And my goals are long enough without me spelling everything out.

Essentially, my top goals are still getting the 5 million for the Ship GTN, the 1 million for both Ship Dummies, and the money I need for all the speeders. There are only 2 speeders I can get that I can not buy:
–The HM Kephess mount. I…hope we can complete it soon 🙁
–The Ranked Warzone Mount (but…I don’t think anyone wants to bring me on ranked ._. Even if my expertise is slightly over 1,100 with all my gear now. I’m not really sure what to aim for here though 🙁 )

I still never managed to get Campaign Gloves, but considering the Dread Guard stuff, it isn’t really a big priority and it’s not like I ever use my 4-set piece bonus.

so, when it comes to goal priorities:

1. pets pets pets pets pets All current ones gotten
2. 6 Million 5 million for Ship Legacy stuff
3. ~3.2 Million for Speeders (+HM EC Speeder +Ranked Speeder)
4. Getting all the new Terror from Beyond Codexes I need
5. Czerka Crate-O-Matic
6. Consular’s Exalted Boots and Gloves

Total cost: ~3.5 million + lots of pain + 36 Corellia Commendations per horrible box try 🙁

1. PVE Gear
2. Hitting Legacy Level 50
3. Hitting Valor Rank 100
4. EMP Generator
5. Electronic Warfare Pod

Total cost: ~varies based on mod sellers and repairs. Also need 240 Fleet Commendations 🙁 Most of these will just be time consuming though.

1. Getting Amidaia all finished up (need to finish Corellia and Ilum and flashpoints :|)
2. Get Speederisk done so I can delete him already and get Speederisk2 started and done.
3. Get the following character perks for each alt: Legacy of Altruism, Legacy of Persuasion, Speeder Level 1, All Story Experience, All Exploration Experience (For a total of 645K). If flashpoints needed, add them for a new total of 920K
——-Cellina already has Speeder Level 1, 3/5 of Class Mission and 4/5 of Exploration lowering her total to 405K-680K.
——-Miisha already has Speeder level 1, 3/5 of Class Mission, 3/5 of Exploration, and 2/5 of Flashpoint lowering her total to 445K-495K
——-Speederisk already has Speeder level 1 lowering his total to 605K-880K.
——-Roseria already has Speeder level 1 lowering her total to 605K-880K.
4. Finishing all character’s stories and getting them all to 50. (Finishing planets + Flashpoints is an Amidaia only requirement)
5. PVP Gear
6. Legacy of Crafting (350K) for Marilea (if others get crafting up, possibly eventually for them as well or at least Amidaia (Cybertech))

Total Cost: 3,700,000-5,125,000 Credits (not counting removal of mods for PVP or Legacy of Crafting for anyone other than Marilea), Lots of Warzone Commendations + Pain

QUATERNARY GOALS: If Makeb/level increase is coming out, those that are *’d will become Priority or Secondary Level.
Legacy of Sacrifice – 250K
Legacy Fleet Pass – 600K
Legacy Quick Travel – 600K *
Improved Rocket Boost – 2.5 million
Warzone Experience – 275K * if Valor 100 hasn’t been hit yet by the time level increasement happens
Flashpoint Experience – 275K * if new Flashpoints are released with level increasement.
Space Mission Experience – 150K * when new Space missions come out.
Story Experience – 275K * (If Makeb really does start Chapter 4)
Exploration Experience – 150K *
Outlaw’s Den (50K), Vanguard Fleet (50K), and Black Hole Travel Passes (150K) – 250K

Total: 5,175,000 Credits

All Race Unlocks (6 million. 7.5 million if I get impatient with Aurorra even though she is a Cyborg and will be level 50 eventually…)
Legacy of Altruism – 90K
Legacy of Persuasion – 90K

Speeder Training – 465K
Field Respecialization – 200K
Legacy of Leadership – 60K
Fully Gearing Companions (In order: Nadia, Qyzen, Tharan, Zenith, Iresso)

Total: 6,525,000 – 8,225,000 Credits

and you see why I stress. For now, I shall just go back to thinking of the Pet thing I want to do to get my mind off it all ignoring that I have no idea where to even get started on something like that…

Eee :D

Doing Story Mode TfB again! We just beat Kephess! So excited. We downed it on our first shot once we got a better healer @-@ I think the first healer who volunteered was actually DPS…

ANYWAY, about to start the final boss! I hope we can get him down. I also hope that maybe there is a rare chance he drops the Deep Wriggler on Story mode… I can hope anyway T~T

Edit: WE DID IT. YAY! So happy <3 And I did my first 8K heal! even if it was on myself No pet though 🙁

Earpiece down!

So, I managed to find someone who could make the Black Hole Force-lord’s MK-2 Relay! Yay! 😀 I was able to get everything for it (Thank you Anlorn (who is super super super awesome) for the Mandalorian Iron 😛 <3 and the guild for the Grade 8 stuff :3) so just waiting for the person to respond back with it ^___^ They wanted 100K with the materials supplied and that's about the usual so :3 Also, according to Ask Mr. Robot's forum, 1.4 stuff should be up soon :3 so yay! Will be nice to get my stats all set. Right now, at the very least, it is a 5.6 Healing Bonus increase. Slight Crit drop (Still 34% though), but it's actually only 1 point less Crit (and 1 point less Willpower) and the boost to everything else seems better. I'm sure once I get more of the new gear, that'll be back up to where it should be. I think my Crit should be 35% once I get everything, but I suppose we'll see for sure when everything is updated and I can update my page correctly~ in the meantime, people are apparently posting this blog on the forums? (whhhhhy. *dies*) Umm... at least more people care about the cave? 😀 Yay for more cave research!

Offhand Things

With the update possibly coming soon, I decided to re-check some offhand stuff. With the update, those who can usually not modify their offhands will now be able to. However, you will not be able to modify the Black Hole one (which is the best for me) so I have been working hard to figure out what to do.

Each offhand that can be modded can have:
1. An Armoring
2. A Mod
3. An Enhancement
4. A Color Crystal

And of course, an Augment can be added.

So, I decided to calculate and see if what I am planning to put in mine would be better. Right, now, my Black Hole offhand (with an Advanced Resolve 22 Augment) has the following stats:
+99 Endurance
+120 Willpower
+102 Power
+649 Force Power
+57 Surge Rating

Without the Augment:

+87 Endurance
+102 Willpower
+102 Power
+649 Force Power
+57 Surge

What I am planning for mine:
-Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 (still need – 10 Durasteel, 6 Mandalorian Iron, 4 Molecular Stablizers, 2 Synthetic Energy Matrix, and 10 Zal Alloy)
-Advanced Aptitude Mod 26
-Advanced Adept Enhancement 26 (still need – 2 Corusca Gem, 2 Molecular Stabilizer, 4 Primeval Artifact Fragment, and 4 Upari Crystal)
-Advanced Magenta Hawkeye Crystal (Still need. Will probably just buy from the GTN–about 300K)
-Advanced Resolve Augment 22

That would give my offhand (without augment):
+108 Endurance
+162 Willpower
+123 Power
+57 Surge

With Augment:
+120 Endurance
+180 Willpower
+123 Power
+57 Surge

So…That is going to be amazing. And just looking at that, you can imagine the kind of stuff currently in my BH Off-hand then in comparison to what I will have come 1.4 (if I can get everything in time!). That’s really going to be…a huge improvement for a lot of classes if they use it right. (and maybe the Willpower increase will get me back to 35% Crit!)

I expect Force Power to be higher…but I don’t know how to calculate that so.

Corellian Run Yesterday, The Shadowlands today

I get what “The Shadowlands” are in Star Wars lore (and my boyfriend is constantly reminding me)–unfortunately, I can not see that and think of that. Seriously, just call it the Tree Canopy or something then 😐

Moving on, I shall be watching carefully for the servers going back up. If your names are taken (which, thankfully, they should be going by whoever made them first…), whoever is on first obviously gets first shot at getting the change they want. So yes, you do have to be fast and yes, this means any names you tried to reserve yesterday will mean nothing. Also, all Legacy names will be reset (even if nobody has taken your name) due to the new system of them no longer being unique. This is your free reset so if you want to change your legacy name, THIS IS WHEN YOU WILL DO SO. Speaking of which, let’s bring up those poll results and… …seriously guys? 50/50? XP Okay, well, I guess since it is a tie, it’ll just have to go to the original name. ~*ORIGINAL NABERRIE AWAY*~

I already know Aurorra and Cellina are gone due to the High Population Server test. Here are some spellings I thought up… Vote on which you think is best? (and hopefully we won’t have a tie again):

(Obviously, no guarantee these names will not be taken but…)

Moving onto some of the brighter things… a lot of us will be playing together! YAY! Please do join the Pets Chat Channel, while an excellent source of your daily pet information, we also supply mystery solving, theory speculation, and completionist discussion.

(Note: We do have it on the Imperial side too! …I just don’t play that as much 🙁 )

(edit: and for those who have send some worried messages, yes, I am honestly still upset 🙁 this has essentially been me since the announcement. I’m doing my best to look on the positive side, but if you couldn’t tell…change and I don’t get along and Corellian Run meant a lot to me)

Meant to post this yesterday but…

So, the raid happened last night. Unfortunately, we didn’t have 2 of our DPS regulars (one of them being our highest DPSer, the other being the one who has missed each one) and that kind of pulled us down a bit for a bit. When things did finally get together…DPS was just too short. We got Toth down though so improvement! …but yeah. It also didn’t help that I was exhausted from Apple Picking and the Renaissance Fair. I felt like a huge failure 🙁 (and certain things happening in guild chat didn’t make me feel better) Of course, this is also why I didn’t post this last night–was exhausted and still had to take a bath so I did that and then passed out in bed.

My boyfriend hit the minimum this time too which was nice–he’s been getting better…but still low for a Sentinel which we both know. We just really need to get his gear in order. Even if the mods aren’t 26’s, we need to at least get the right ones fixed. Unfortunately, that power crystal is going to suck to get. I may try seeing if I can just switch a mod around to make up for it as that is much more manageable.

Speaking of mods, the Black Hole offhand is not going to be moddable which means I need to find another Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 and Advanced Adept Enhancement 26. I, thankfully, ended up already having an extra Advanced Aptitude Mod 26. I believe this will give me the same stats (or better) than the Black Hole which is Power + Surge related. I can hope anyway. Regardless, that has put me in quite a bind as, unsurprisingly, I can’t afford it. I could technically get an Adept from Black Hole stuff for 50 Black Hole Commendations, but I really want to save those for those overpriced new implants coming out in 1.4. Still hoping that price is a typo or something :/ otherwise if a nice Biochem may want to make me one >> 😛

And I was sucessfully able to just change one of my boyfriend’s mods so now he can keep his crit cyan. That makes things a bit easier 😛

Anyway, right now, I’ve just been debating on what to do. I really should work on getting more BH Commendations…too bad I hate every single way you can get them. I also just really want to look more into the Cave and Wonderous Egg. While the Cave is still a big mystery in itself (MYSTERY TWINS AWAY! …please ignore that I don’t have a twin), the Wonderous Egg may FINALLY be close to being solved and I am more than a bit antsy waiting for a response back.

Speaking of mysteries, however, I’m still not sure how people are finding this site in the first place~ Unless they know me ingame and cheat. *LOOKS AT PEOPLE IN STOIC AND ARJAC* XP But umm…thank you for putting up with my rambling? XD

I do wish I was better prepared for 1.4 though 🙁 the constant failureness of preparing is really getting me down and I don’t think people realize just how much. I’ll just queue for everything for now and hope it doesn’t go horribly wrong as I really can’t afford repairs :/

Now that Mr. Robot is back up…

So, looking through Gear Changes..

Offhand stats of mine are Power and Surge. Dread ones are Power + Alacrity OR Crit and Surge.

I’m…going to have to do a lot of messing around with Mods again depending on how this goes which I won’t look forward to. :/

Both of my Implants are Power + Alacrity. Hazmat Forcehealer’s MK-4 System are as well:
-93 Endurance
-108 Willpower
-76 Power
-60 Alacrity

Stats on what I currently have:
+87 Endurance
+102 Willpower
+71 Power
+56 Alacrity

So, that is definitely an improvement which means I need 2 Hazmat Forcehealer’s MK-4 Systems which are 350 Black Hole Commendations each. Fun. >_>

Going back to the offhand, I could possibly switch to Crit & Surge and then switch a Crit Mod to Power if that matches up?

On the otherhand, since you can modify them now, I can probably just switch stuff around to begin with. Will probably need an Aptitude Mod and Adept Enhancement for it. So, I just want to get 27’s of everything and switch a few things in the Off-hand to make it the same stats as mine, but better. …So, I mostly just need to (besides save up for those armorings/mods/enhancements and/or do a lot of Campaign) worry about saving up Black Hole Commendations for the implants… or hope someone who has like a bazillion BH Commendations gets lucky and can make them.

Final thoughts on Inquisitor/Warrior Storyline + Semi-final on Imperial Story as a whole

So after finishing the Inquisitor Storyline and seeing the full Warrior storyline as my boyfriend played next to me, some final thoughts… I shall start with the Warrior Storyline as my thoughts on that are a bit shorter.

One of my favorite things with it was the fact that the Knight and Warrior Storyline connected in the latter part of it. I thought that was pretty awesome. I would say the Warrior ends a bit more abrupt. After your final battle…that is it while the Sorcerer actually has a couple more scenes. One thing I noticed is that people fight you A LOT. There are several fights where you fight the person 2-3+ times before they finally admit defeat (or you have the option to kill them) which kind of reminded me of how much you get backstabbed in the Jedi Knight storyline.

Backstabbings happen quite a bit on the Imperial side though and if there’s one big thing with the Inquisitor and Warrior storylines…it is pretty obvious. I would say the only thing that came a bit surprising on the Imperial side was Quinn’s betrayal–especially if you romance him. I think a lot of people would’ve killed him though if getting rid of certain companions was still an option. (You know what would be a cool Legacy feature? Choosing the companions you want to have with you out of all the ones you get to 10K.) But yes, even if you may have thought Zash was being really nice, you were constantly being told how she’d betray you. A good twist would’ve been more if she didn’t…but she did and she ended up looking like a creepy zombie and got put into your DaShade.

Then Thanaton doesn’t even give you a chance, taking you to a tomb obviously feels like a trap, and it’s kind of obvious he wants to kill you. Ghosts turning on you, despite being nice to them, is also not too surprising. I would say the Jedi Consular storyline had a bit more shock value–with the first villain being someone you didn’t even know and the next, while I actually guessed it originally (“he always knows who has been hit! and he can get to each of them!”) it was Syo who was the ultimate bad, I was still a bit surprised when it turned out I was right.

Regardless, while the Consular’s ceremony at the end was nice, I thought the end sequences with the Inquisitor were really well done–especially when/if you help the ghosts find peace to go on to Heaven (or whatever you believe is after death!). It’s incredibly interesting and really feels like there is a lot more to come. Also, the Darth title being customized to your alignment is pretty cool too (Amidaia is Darth Imperius).

However, the Thanaton fight was pathetic. While having a zoo attack was awesome (if only I could’ve healed them T__T), Thanaton is a huge coward. He ran away. The fact that he wasn’t killed on sight at the Council… seriously. You challenge and you run? Are you kidding me?

Despite that, I did have fun and I really enjoyed the end.

Now, onto the Imperial Storyline itself. Obviously, I still have to finish up Corellia and Ilum (not to mention see the operation storylines), but I figured I’d at least mention some of my feelings. In general, there is a lot of “why can’t you choose to accept that offer”. There’s many things in that sense that pop up. Other ones are where the choice isn’t very clear–like with the Gormak–setting him free =/= letting him go with the Voss…but according to the choice, it does.

However, the really good thing about the storyline is how much it opens your eyes on just the full story of the game. I’d recommend playing an opposite faction character just for that. Voss is amazing on both sides as they have so much information. Even the stuff with the Colicoids is very interesting. Just lots of neat tidbits you really get to learn by seeing both story lines. Similarly, you see a lot of these connections between the different class storylines that also have a bunch of different things in them–not to mention even contain the answers to some holes.

…however, I will say, those connections still make me sad that the Kira thing was not connected with the Consular storyline somehow–but maybe one of the story lines will help explain exactly where it is that these take place anyway. Could be one just takes place later/after… kind of like how the Inquisitor end is obviously after the Warriors.

Anyway, in short, I enjoyed the Inquisitor storyline, despite how obvious some parts were. Warrior storyline was also pretty interesting. And my only issue with some of the Imperial Storyline stuff is still just some of the options you have 😛

Also, Khem’s ending is adorable. It’s nice how he slowly gains respect for you. Obviously, if you let Zash win (what happens if you help her), the end cutscene is different. I’m happy I let Khem win though. Not helping that backstabbing jerk. And I know Khem cares deep down <3 (And the ending cutscenes with him and his last conversation proved that enough!)