Meant to post this yesterday but…

So, the raid happened last night. Unfortunately, we didn’t have 2 of our DPS regulars (one of them being our highest DPSer, the other being the one who has missed each one) and that kind of pulled us down a bit for a bit. When things did finally get together…DPS was just too short. We got Toth down though so improvement! …but yeah. It also didn’t help that I was exhausted from Apple Picking and the Renaissance Fair. I felt like a huge failure πŸ™ (and certain things happening in guild chat didn’t make me feel better) Of course, this is also why I didn’t post this last night–was exhausted and still had to take a bath so I did that and then passed out in bed.

My boyfriend hit the minimum this time too which was nice–he’s been getting better…but still low for a Sentinel which we both know. We just really need to get his gear in order. Even if the mods aren’t 26’s, we need to at least get the right ones fixed. Unfortunately, that power crystal is going to suck to get. I may try seeing if I can just switch a mod around to make up for it as that is much more manageable.

Speaking of mods, the Black Hole offhand is not going to be moddable which means I need to find another Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 and Advanced Adept Enhancement 26. I, thankfully, ended up already having an extra Advanced Aptitude Mod 26. I believe this will give me the same stats (or better) than the Black Hole which is Power + Surge related. I can hope anyway. Regardless, that has put me in quite a bind as, unsurprisingly, I can’t afford it. I could technically get an Adept from Black Hole stuff for 50 Black Hole Commendations, but I really want to save those for those overpriced new implants coming out in 1.4. Still hoping that price is a typo or something :/ otherwise if a nice Biochem may want to make me one >> πŸ˜›

And I was sucessfully able to just change one of my boyfriend’s mods so now he can keep his crit cyan. That makes things a bit easier πŸ˜›

Anyway, right now, I’ve just been debating on what to do. I really should work on getting more BH Commendations…too bad I hate every single way you can get them. I also just really want to look more into the Cave and Wonderous Egg. While the Cave is still a big mystery in itself (MYSTERY TWINS AWAY! …please ignore that I don’t have a twin), the Wonderous Egg may FINALLY be close to being solved and I am more than a bit antsy waiting for a response back.

Speaking of mysteries, however, I’m still not sure how people are finding this site in the first place~ Unless they know me ingame and cheat. *LOOKS AT PEOPLE IN STOIC AND ARJAC* XP But umm…thank you for putting up with my rambling? XD

I do wish I was better prepared for 1.4 though πŸ™ the constant failureness of preparing is really getting me down and I don’t think people realize just how much. I’ll just queue for everything for now and hope it doesn’t go horribly wrong as I really can’t afford repairs :/

5 thoughts on “Meant to post this yesterday but…

  1. I found the site way back when we were hunting for the Taunlet, I’ve been a fan and a daily visitor to the site since. Believe it or not, your ramblings are pretty amusing and sometimes very informative to read! πŸ˜›


    • Taunlet–the biggest mystery of them all for a while XD So much fun to get though.

      And awww πŸ˜€ I’m glad you enjoy them! πŸ˜› Especially since there are so many XD


  2. I can make lots of +41 crystals (just not the Oranges and Power Magenta, yet) if you need any.

    People probably find this through your forum profile, I think that’s how I did.

    As for guild problems, my guild (Lunchbox) would be more than happy to take in a good healer! Only thing is that we usually have about 12 people who want to raid each week, meaning not everyone gets to go, and officers have been fairly busy lately. Not ideal but we’re low on drama and everyone is helpful and nice πŸ˜‰


    • Awesome πŸ˜€ besides eventually needing magentas for every character I make πŸ˜› Main issue is he needed a +41 Power Cyan crystal πŸ™

      Not too likely–I only had (I removed it a while ago) my main domain there and my main website actually doesn’t indicate this website at all (haven’t updated it in a long time) @-@ So unless someone randomly typed swtor in front of it πŸ˜›

      I appreciate the offer :3 I’ve actually gotten a few guilds who asked, but if I do finally quit, I probably won’t join another right away. Partially because I don’t want them thinking I quit just to join another guild when that isn’t the reason and I want them to understand exactly why and partially because after 2 guilds that weren’t supposed to turn into drama have, I’m a bit scarred T__T on the brightside, I do know a lot of people on the server so at least I have plenty of people to bug πŸ˜›


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