Earpiece down!

So, I managed to find someone who could make the Black Hole Force-lord’s MK-2 Relay! Yay! 😀 I was able to get everything for it (Thank you Anlorn (who is super super super awesome) for the Mandalorian Iron 😛 <3 and the guild for the Grade 8 stuff :3) so just waiting for the person to respond back with it ^___^ They wanted 100K with the materials supplied and that's about the usual so :3 Also, according to Ask Mr. Robot's forum, 1.4 stuff should be up soon :3 so yay! Will be nice to get my stats all set. Right now, at the very least, it is a 5.6 Healing Bonus increase. Slight Crit drop (Still 34% though), but it's actually only 1 point less Crit (and 1 point less Willpower) and the boost to everything else seems better. I'm sure once I get more of the new gear, that'll be back up to where it should be. I think my Crit should be 35% once I get everything, but I suppose we'll see for sure when everything is updated and I can update my page correctly~ in the meantime, people are apparently posting this blog on the forums? (whhhhhy. *dies*) Umm... at least more people care about the cave? 😀 Yay for more cave research!

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