Things I’ve learned today:

I completely suck T___T

*goes to box of failure*

4 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned today:

  1. Noooo you rule! Besides the awesome guides and such, I’ve PvP’d with you and done bosses and stuff, you’re a good player. What happened?


    • Thanks 🙁 just last on the healing ranks. And healing bonus is low compared to others and yet higher than some people who do better and I apparently just fail. v-v


      • Eh, it happens. Probably the new tweaks need some getting used to. For example I was doing 500k in warzones last week and I think this week I had one around 80k where I wasn’t even stuck guarding a node, I just got murdered all to hell 😛 I can’t deal with the longer time to build resolve no (assuming overlapping stuns).


        • Not PVP T___T PVE. PVP is always all over depending on where people have me, how desperate the people I’m with (IE: Putting a circle down RIGHT before people go out so they have some heals going on everyone for extra healness), and etc.

          I just fail 🙁 nothing to get used to


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