Now that Mr. Robot is back up…

So, looking through Gear Changes..

Offhand stats of mine are Power and Surge. Dread ones are Power + Alacrity OR Crit and Surge.

I’m…going to have to do a lot of messing around with Mods again depending on how this goes which I won’t look forward to. :/

Both of my Implants are Power + Alacrity. Hazmat Forcehealer’s MK-4 System are as well:
-93 Endurance
-108 Willpower
-76 Power
-60 Alacrity

Stats on what I currently have:
+87 Endurance
+102 Willpower
+71 Power
+56 Alacrity

So, that is definitely an improvement which means I need 2 Hazmat Forcehealer’s MK-4 Systems which are 350 Black Hole Commendations each. Fun. >_>

Going back to the offhand, I could possibly switch to Crit & Surge and then switch a Crit Mod to Power if that matches up?

On the otherhand, since you can modify them now, I can probably just switch stuff around to begin with. Will probably need an Aptitude Mod and Adept Enhancement for it. So, I just want to get 27’s of everything and switch a few things in the Off-hand to make it the same stats as mine, but better. …So, I mostly just need to (besides save up for those armorings/mods/enhancements and/or do a lot of Campaign) worry about saving up Black Hole Commendations for the implants… or hope someone who has like a bazillion BH Commendations gets lucky and can make them.

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