Rants and Raves, I suppose

So, I have a bit to talk about… I guess I’ll start with heading to the Tatooine event. I’m not really much of a PVPer, nor do I care to, so instead, I found somewhere to hide and spectated. Surprisingly, most people didn’t even notice me–I think I was only noticed once and the person kind of just looked at me and then left. Despite just spectating inside somewhere, there was still quite a bit to see. Do kind of wish I could have seen stuff outside as well, however.

No idea why my name was blue and whatnot–same thing happens when I queue for warzones. I’ve reported it and people can still hit me (if they try to) so it’s not like I’m immune–just a weird glitch.

After about an hour, I headed to the fleet for the raid. We finished Karagga Normal and then started HM…unfortunately, lots of issues with Bonethrasher. A few people just…weren’t listening. I also lagged once though and got smacked into the green stuff so bleh. :/ After him though, we did pretty well and got to the enemies before Fabricator. We stopped there as some people needed to sleep soon.

So, I went to check on Gargath and he wasn’t up, so I kind of just signed off shortly after and I don’t think anyone would have helped me with him anyway even if he was up. Not because they’re being rude, but because all week it’s just been so much Gargath that they’re sick of him. Just like KP. I can’t blame them–even I’m kind of sick of them (Though, I do find Fabricator and Karagga fun, but I hate everything before it at this point), but like when I grinded up PVP to 65, I’m determined.

I’m a shy person, I hate asking for help (Part of why I am so upset I can’t do these things alone) as it makes me feel bad, and I also hate giving up. On the flipside, if I get excited about something, I can be quite loud. I can also be abrasive, pushy, stubborn, and can some on a bit strong with my goals.

The thing is, and even when I’m saying what I still need, I’m not trying to ask for favors. I’m not trying to guilt people to help. I am honestly just stating them (thus why I made this to write in). As an example, 90% of my friends can draw really well. I can’t stand how I draw so I often complain about it. And then at least 80% of them ask if I want something drawn and it’s not even what I was trying to imply. I state a lot of things for myself and sometimes, maybe, I just want someone to listen for once.

I guess the best way to explain how I think of things is an old phrase: “It’s more fun planning the party than the actual party is.”

This doesn’t work for me. My favorite part is after the party when we clean up and prepare for whenever another party may happen so as soon as it does happen, everything is ready to go. So, in short, I like to have my lists done. Completely empty. Then work on saving credits and materials and etc. for the next patch so as soon as it comes up, I’m good to go. I have gear, I have credits, I have all the current pets, and I am completely ready to dedicate to this new update. In fact, My OCPD is why I have these blogs because despite the fact I have a very good memory, it helps relieve some stress for me to write it all down.

The thing is, if I still have stuff to do, I can’t do that. I can’t just focus on what is in the update because I still have things to catch up on. Thus, I stress and I practically have an anxiety attack. And the thing that people don’t seem to understand is for every second that I am feeling like I am behind, the more stressed I feel and the more I push. I will not ask for help or freebies–in fact, if you offer, my answer will always be something like “If you want to” or “If you feel like” or “If you’d like to” and similar. I will not ask because I will feel bad and guilty if I do even if you obviously have no issue doing so. If I do receive a sudden mail, expect a bazillion OMGTHANKYOU as I will feel forever in your debt.

I am someone who would put aside everything to finish things. I have everything at that high priority and put my passion into every single thing.

I’m not trying to be annoying. Or use anyone. Or bother people.

But I am trying to make sure I can maybe get myself some actual sleep. And maybe not want to curl into a ball and cry out of stress.

And if I could, I’d try and complete the goals all by myself.

but I can’t.

I can’t either 2.5 million (or 16 million) by Tuesday.

I can’t hit valor 100 by Tuesday. And I’m sure when I try to PVP to get the commendations I need for the other pet (as warzone commendations max at 2K and I need a total of 4K for both) once 1.3 hits, I’m also going to be reminded just how much I suck and what a burden I am to whatever team gets me.

I can’t do Lost Island HM by myself. I can’t do Karagga HM by msyelf. I can’t beat Gargath by myself.

I’m useless.

And I’m sorry if it seems I’m bugging or being a bit too abrasive. I don’t expect you to do things just for me. I don’t expect any of you to do things for me.

but I don’t know what to do anymore.

and honestly, the thing that makes me no longer want to play things most of all (even more than repeating) is feeling like I’ve gotten too far left behind.

and I don’t want that to happen to this game too.

The stress has gotten to the point where I don’t even know if I’ll log in again before 1.3 and if I do, maybe to just find a HM Karagga group that wouldn’t mind just doing Fabricator and Karagga.

but I just feel like I’m done. like there’s nothing else I can do. I feel empty and like a failure and just the biggest pile of useless crud out of all the level 50’s on the entire game.

1.3 this Tuesday (the 26th)

So, I am having a heart attack. And of course, now I don’t even have enough money for the Augment Kits because I went and spent some on the top and bottom of the Consular’s Exalted outfit (and pulling mods out) for my PVP set. I still need the rest, but since the top and bottom are most noticeable, those were my focus.

On top of that, my belt still isn’t ready. I still need the armoring and mod so hopefully not everyone will need anything (As I don’t want to take Rakata gear away from someone who needs it just to take the mod out). Not to mention I really pray the Advanced Resolve Armoring 25 drops as I can’t get it otherwise :/ (Yes, you can pull it from mods, but Armoring is bound to the type of equip and I don’t believe you can remove from the belt even if it drops)

We will be trying 16 man tonight–KP HM and normal! I really hope it goes well. This will be my second time doing 16-man (first time was with Vanquished in Denova, though, we didn’t do much).

Anyway, I’m just…beyond stressed. I still have 4 pets to go! I mean, I don’t expect to get the Wondrous Egg with no confirmation yet, but Taunling, M0-GUL Thrall Droid, and Midnight Rakling? And I will only be able to get 2 tries for M0-GUL Thrall Droid before Tuesday πŸ™ I’ve been camping Gargath like crazy–heck, we defeated him twice today with no luck, and we will be trying him again tonight after the raid. Lost Island I guess I’ll have to try to do inbetween those 4 hours, but I’m just SO STRESSED. I do not have anywhere close to the money I wanted to have (about 2-2.5 million to go into 1.3 with), still need ship legacy stuff (6 million), have barely done any PVP (at least I have the commendations I needed ready to go)… darn it. T___T I’m so not looking forward to this. And I really wanted to get my PVP outfit done πŸ™ or at least all the parts (as I’d wait to remove the mods until after 1.3) but that’s still 300K :/

Though, as long as I can at least get about 300K-400K more (a total of 700K-800K) (however, I’d prefer to get to 2.5 million. Or maybe at least 1.5-2 million), I should be okay with Augment Kits and have some money for supplies/crafting and repairs (which I will also need to pay during this raid and thus, thus my credit amount will become even smaller and I am so stressed T__T) which will hopefully help…. for now, I better go back to slicing :/ I’m going to need those stupid rare things to make that last Augment I need. >< Even if I won't be able to get any of the new Legacy stuff really πŸ™ also, if someone asks a question, people shouldn't assume the details and give a snappy/obnoxious response back. I don't know, maybe I just like answering questions, but it always bothers me when people respond so annoyed. :/ I mean, seriously. (and maybe now I feel pretty down/depressed so thanks for the mood killer)


Thanks to a lovely donation from a guildmate, I finally have some ship unlocks! T~T I bought the mailbox and Repair Droid and just SO HAPPY. Eeeeee πŸ˜€ I’m not going to buy any of the things the Repair Droid is selling right now (will probably buy the Synthweaving one though) as I only have about 250K and it’s 100K for one.

So, now, I just need 5 million for the ship GTN and then 1 million for both dummies. But still, having 1.5 million off that is SO NICE. It’s nice to be able to say just 6 million to go even though that’s such a huge number.

I still need the 3 million for races though and I may, at the very least, use the next 1.5 million to make my Smuggler. Then I’ll probably work towards the 6 million. After that, depending on how far along I am with characters, I’ll either go for 2 million for Rocket Boots or work up the 1.5 million for my Trooper.

However, I’m going to try and have about 500K on reserve for 1.3–350K for Augment Kits and about 150K just as a general expenses thing like repairs. While that won’t really leave much room for buying 1.3 Legacy unlocks, I don’t expect to get them anytime soon anyway due to their prices. Not to mention it seems it may be more beneficial to just buy companion gifts than try for the small boost you’d get from the legacy unlock. I would, at the very least though, like to get the 500K for all 3 stages of the Repair Droid and at least the first stage of the Mail one (However, if it’s just 60K, why not get them all?). I’m not in a rush to get the Field Respec droid though so I don’t expect to get that very quickly. But yeah, regardless, I doubt I’ll have 1 million to 1.5 million πŸ˜› I think 500K will be hard enough for me.

New Pets and More Nests! + Other 1.3 stuff

Mini-pets have been added to the PvP items vendor.
So yes, more mini-pets. I’d be excited, but I haven’t even gotten all the ones in 1.2…and I still need one from 1.1 πŸ™ So I’m excited and stressing at the same time T__T Time to save up commendations… can I even hold that many? πŸ™ (Edit: Thanks to an awesome guild mate of mine, I found out you can have up to 4K Ranked and 2K Normal. And plus, you can trade Normal for Ranked (At 30 for 10) so currently trading Normal for Ranked as Ranked Warzones will probably be a pain. Once I have the 2K, I’ll just need to get the extra 2K normal Warzone ones after I buy the first pet)

The pets are, as follows:
Ganniffarl – ???
Lawgriffarl – Requires Rank 70 Valor. Costs 1,000 Ranked Commendations and 2,000 Warzone Commendations. Gotten from the PVP Items Vendor.
Hagnoffarl – ???
Lobelisk – Requires Rank 70 Valor. Costs 1,000 Ranked Commendations and 2,000 Warzone Commendations. Gotten from the PVP Items Vendor.
Lobelode – ???
Lobelot – ???

And for those who have yet to get an Orokeet/Unusual Egg: “Additional spawn locations for the Orokeet Mini-pet egg have been added to Alderaan. Eggs can now also be found on Balmorra (Imperial) and Taris (Republic).

So yay for more locations πŸ˜€ I know a lot of people really want one and while prices have dropped (25K-50K lately), I know people prefer finding some.

Also, for those who may have considered it a pet, you will be happy to hear: “The Party Instigator and Galactic Party Bomb now function correctly and are available on the appropriate Social vendors.” and “The Rhythm Augmentation Droid now lasts for 5 minutes (up from 30 seconds).

I’m definitely excited for both as I had only gotten to enjoy my Galactic Party Bomb for a few minutes before what happened. Not to mention hearing music for more than 30 seconds is always nice πŸ˜›

Anyway, onto some 1.3 stuff:
1. You can get up to 30% more experience with experience boosters.
2. Companion increasements (What I’d spend on first) can go up 15%
3. Crafting criting can go up 3% (Second.)
4. It costs 25K to add the best Augment Slot…so I’d need like 14… so 350K.
5. Quicker speeder sooner is an extra 250K…considering this is per character, I really don’t care enough to spend that much.

Anyway, all GTN’s are now neutral. However, they are still set so I’d still like to get the Ship one…but it’s not as high a priority so I’d probably get the mailbox first (after the Repair Droid, of course).

…I really need to earn more credits.

Anyway, I just hope ways are found out about the other 4 pets. v-v And I hope there aren’t more than that. I could do without more surprises. Shall have to check out the PTS on my computer when I get home on Friday. While doing PVP on this laptop to gain as many commendations as possible.

I wish the Group finder could find World Boss groups too. As it is, I’ll probably do Karagga and Lost Island I guess…and still hope people for Gargath. But yes, I need to get pets off my list πŸ™ To think…going from 4 (and people still don’t know how to get the Wondrous Egg v-v Of course, it’s possible it hasn’t dropped for anything yet too) to 10 sucks T__T At least I’ve already at 70 Valor… (71 I believe)

Finally, new Test Server titles: Strike Team Specialist and Strike Team Commander It will most likely not be sent until 1.3 is out on Live which kind of stinks are you won’t know when you earn it. I will probably use Roseria for Group Finding stuff (maybe get her leveled finally) if only because I’d rather not advance anywhere on Marilea (if she gets copied over) and rather just use Marilea to explore and browse for new pets.

And found out the specifics so, quoting the official website:
Strike Team Specialist – In order to get this title, a player will need to complete four pieces of content (meaning Flashpoints, Hard Mode Flashpoints Tier 1/Tier 2 or Story Mode Operations) using the Group Finder tool in its default search setting on a single day OR eight pieces of content (using the Group Finder’s default setting) within seven days.
Strike Team Commander – In order to get this title, a player will need to complete four pieces of content in a single day AND eight pieces of content within seven days. Again, using the Group Finder tool’s default search setting.

So doing 8 in a day should get both…though, I may do 12 (4 on day and 8 another day) just to make sure. ..or possibly 2 days of 8 for 16 total.

As it is, you only have until the 16th :/ and I do not get home until the 8th v-v; so that’s kind of sucky. Still, close cut-off date. Guess 1.3 really isn’t far off.

The Problem with Credits & The Legacy System

The main thing with the Legacy System is it expects you to either to play a lot of Alts or do dailies constantly. If you play lots of alts, you’ll have all the races and etc.

Ignoring that there is 9 races and only 8 slots right now (If you were really focused, you’d be best playing anything but human and then just buying that), most people who play Alts figure out exactly what characters they’d want a specific race.

However, most of those people wouldn’t make a character just to get the race and delete to make the character they want.

Similarly, people who do not have time to make alts are those same people who won’t have time to do dailies. They’ll be helping people out and maybe focused on raids and that is what they do with their brief time on. So, any money they do have will usually go to repairs so they won’t have the 7.5 million for all the ship stuff.

And if someone has alts, while they -might- have the races (see above for why not), they won’t have money for most of the stuff as they used it to get their alts geared.

I probably wouldn’t even be Legacy Level 25 if it wasn’t for my grinding up PVP to hit 65 valor.

But really, I’m just frustrated that the only good ways to make money or either be a jerk and do things like camping the Unusual Eggs to sell, play the market, or suffer through dailies. :/ It sucks.


As most people know by now, we are currently not in a guild. We have, at the time of writing this, received a total of 7 Republic Guild invites and 2 Imperial Guild invites. We have an idea of who we will end up joining, but the reason we’re not in a guild right now is a very simple reason:

We do not want to bring anyone down.

What happened on Thursday, despite the 1.2 awesomeness, really hit us hard and put a very bitter taste in our mouths towards the game. And it’s very hard to try and just shrug it off. And even a simple reminder of it reminds us why we haven’t joined a new guild yet.

However, it’s a catch-22 because right now, a lot of the stuff there is to do kind of needs a guild (seriously) as finding a pick-up group is a pain. The only other thing for us to do is PVP (Which neither of us care for much. Just trying to get our valor up every so often plus the codexes we need for Novare Coast…I think the interruption one is glitched though), dailies (so cruel–but need to start doing them again for the Black Hole Relic plus speeders…and money. I really want the ship stuff .___. Nearly everything can be two-manned except that heroic in a heroic with the Eshkah on Belsavis), and alts (which I have a lot of trouble being in the mood to play).

So it’s like, with so few things to do, it makes it even harder and more depressing about the old guild drama. At the same time, everything we really want to do needs a guild–and I know there won’t be room for us to raid to begin with as we’ll be the new group. We might be able to fill in…but that’s about it. And that’s kind of depressing.

And it’s like, we don’t want to bring people down. Or be unable to help and just taking space because our attitudes are a bit dampened.

and of course, this just makes pets being random drops even more frustrating as well as everywhere they drop also involves needing to be able to get a group together.

And when it comes down to it, I’m just not very good at it. But we don’t want to bother a guild either with stuff unless they would be all for helping and whatever.

Stupid catch-22’s.
Stupid random drops.
Stupid drama.
Stupid ship stuff being 7.5 million credits.


Things are getting done :)

While I definitely won’t be getting the repair droid like I hoped (I only have 140K right now πŸ™ ), I’m in a fairly good mood right now out of getting to wear my Elegant Dress again (where my money went. Costs about 100K per item to get the modifications out which really sucks. :/ Was going to do my PVP set too, but I don’t have the roughly 500K for that, unfortunately) even if only PVE-wise (though, it’s my main focus anyway).

I hope the Mastercraft Magenta schematic drops while we are on Corellia. Would make my day. My boyfriend asked if we could check out the new PVP area first so I told him we’ll do that before heading to Corellia and Voss respectively πŸ™‚

Besides that, everything else (other than affording the Legacy stuff like the things for your ship T~T) is done and ready to go! I have Fawn and Taunta plus the Unusual Egg πŸ™‚ So just need to find those other new pets (it’s too bad we couldn’t before) and get ready to go! Will have to stalk the forum to see if anyone makes a topic…or figure out which forum to post the topic in to begin with.

Just going to log into each character briefly (or well, the ones I’m not remaking…so one) to play with the family tree a little bit now. I hope interfaces cross characters. (Edit: they do :D)

Party Bombs

So, after failing miserably on saving, my boyfriend decided to cheer me up by giving me 500K–400K to get the final bank slot and 100K or the Galactic Party Bomb. I had wanted the Galactic Party Bomb for a while, but didn’t have it high on my priority list. I just constantly saw the people in the PVP with their giant board with the flashing lights and thought it’d be cool to have. Only to find out that apparently the Galactic Party Bomb is a completely different item.

A completely different way more awesome item.

The Galactic Party Bomb can be positioned kind of like Force Quake (Consular AOE) and Salvation (Sage AOE Heal) or like throwing the Hutt Ball. Then, a UFO-like little robot comes out with a disco ball and flashes lights, plays some music, and has pretty lights shining around.

That is pure awesome.

I did find out that the item I thought the Galactic Party Bomb was happens to be called the Party Instigator. It is only 10K and requires Social Level 5, so I stopped by Balmorra (You can buy it on Taris on the Imperial side) and picked it up too.

…Still definitely prefer the Galactic Party Bomb.

Anyway, I have decided that the first Legacy item I will buy is the repair droid for 1 million. Obviously, I will still need to save up as I’ll be about 400K short to buy it right away along with Taunta and the emergency 100K for various things.

After that, I will probably save up for the Neutral Market then go for the Mailbox. Then of course, both dummies. After that? Probably the Rocket Boost. Then various cooldowns and last, but not least, the two races I’d like to get. So still lots of preparing to do.

It’s too bad I couldn’t get the speeders before their prices raised though. At least I got the ones retiring, however.


So, thanks to some help, my level 19 Jedi Sage on the Public Test Server has finished Act 1 and gotten her legacy! I ended up picking “Royal”, which is what I probably would’ve picked for my main legacy if I thought about it instead of Naberrie, and was very happy it was still available. “The Royal Legacy”, indeed.

So, Legacy stuff!:
1. There is a new item that you receive upon completion of Act 1 (I’m sure it’s probably different for anyone besides Consulars and Knights though): A Jedi Academy Pass. It instantly takes you to the Jedi Temple on Tython. Unfortunately, it only has one use and is somewhat associated with your next quest for some odd reason–also, after use if you have it in your toolbar, it has a cooldown timer…despite the fact that you have no more you can use. You also receive (before this item, actually) your first Bound to Legacy Item: “Inheritance Mainhand Weapon Construction Kit” which “Can be used to create a piece of powerful Inheritance equipment.” I have no idea how it works πŸ˜€ Apparently it is used at the Legacy Vendors on Coruscant!

2. Moving on, as most people know, besides species unlocks when you get to level 50 with that species or buy them, there are also class unlocks (which, as far as I can tell, are not buyable). Each class, besides the companion affection buffs, will give you a special emote and their buff on completing Chapter 2 with that class and a special attack on completing Chapter 3.

3. All Species are 1.5 million except Human which is only 500K. As for the point of Human, it gives a +100 Presence Bonus. All Species require Legacy Level 5 to purchase (or just for you to hit level 50 to unlock them).

4. For Other Legacy Stuff… well….

  • While Neutral isn’t available yet, the Dark and Light side attacks are. They require you to be Dark V or Light V respectfully and level 50 OR if you rather just purchase them, it costs 250K and Legacy Level 10.
  • Ship Unlocks, sadly, are purchase and Legacy only. The Repair Droid requires Legacy level 7 and costs 1 million, The Mailbox requires Legacy Level 10 and costs 500K, Both Training Dummies also require Legacy Level 10 and cost 500K each, and finally, the Galactic Market Kiosk costs 5 million (still πŸ™ ) but is down from 35 legacy to only 25 (which I’m only one away from) so yay for that! …now let’s pretend I could afford it in the first place.
  • For the Unarmed Attacks, they require Valor Rank or Legacy Level. Punch requires Valor 5 OR Legacy Level 5 and currently has no price. Jab requires Valor Rank 10 or 30,000 Credits and Legacy Level 8. Uppercut requires Valor Rank 15 or 30,000 Credits and Legacy Level 10, and finally, Bash requires Valor Rank 25 or 30,000 Credits and Legacy Level 15.
  • Convenience runs over the same reign as ship unlocks. Legacy Fleet Pass requires 100K + Legacy Level 5, 200K + Legacy Level 10, and 300K + Legacy Level 15 for each level. Legacy Travel requires, well, the same costs and levels as Legacy Fleet Pass. Rocket Boost, which seems to work somewhat like Force Speed, requires 2 million and Legacy Level 8 to unlock. You can then shorten the cooldown twice–once for 1 million + legacy level 10 and the other for 1.5 million and legacy level 12.
  • Finally, Social which works like Valor and Alignment features special stuff for your social level. Companion Dance requires Social Level 3 OR 25,000 Credits + Legacy Level 3, Tech Emotes requires Social 4 or 50K Credits + Legacy Level 8, Tool Emotes require Social 6 or 100K Credits and Legacy Level 12, and finally, Double Lasers Emote requires Social 10 or 150K and Legacy Level 15.

Besides that, there is a really cool Coming soon section which I haven’t seen spoken about much, so… SPOILERS: Continue reading