The Problem with Credits & The Legacy System

The main thing with the Legacy System is it expects you to either to play a lot of Alts or do dailies constantly. If you play lots of alts, you’ll have all the races and etc.

Ignoring that there is 9 races and only 8 slots right now (If you were really focused, you’d be best playing anything but human and then just buying that), most people who play Alts figure out exactly what characters they’d want a specific race.

However, most of those people wouldn’t make a character just to get the race and delete to make the character they want.

Similarly, people who do not have time to make alts are those same people who won’t have time to do dailies. They’ll be helping people out and maybe focused on raids and that is what they do with their brief time on. So, any money they do have will usually go to repairs so they won’t have the 7.5 million for all the ship stuff.

And if someone has alts, while they -might- have the races (see above for why not), they won’t have money for most of the stuff as they used it to get their alts geared.

I probably wouldn’t even be Legacy Level 25 if it wasn’t for my grinding up PVP to hit 65 valor.

But really, I’m just frustrated that the only good ways to make money or either be a jerk and do things like camping the Unusual Eggs to sell, play the market, or suffer through dailies. :/ It sucks.

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